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Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)13:22 UTC+1 No.358246 Report

Do you think that all you really need for camping
is a
>steel cup

Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)13:31 UTC+1 No.358249 Report

>mosquito netting
>fire starting kit
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)13:32 UTC+1 No.358251 Report

doesnt bug spray work?
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)13:42 UTC+1 No.358258 Report

Not always. Depends how hardcore the bugs are.

Also, no, that is what you might need to survive in da wild, but I like some comfort when camping.
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)13:45 UTC+1 No.358260 Report

What comforts?
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)13:52 UTC+1 No.358261 Report


I have been out lots with far less, but over time I found there is no substitute for;
Good food,
good booze
good tent
good sleeping bag
good pillow
good headlamp/torch
good cooking equipment.

Good times.

Really depends what you are doing, though, but I take all of that stuff every time I go out camping.
packs down very light, if you buy good stuff.

However, I sometimes swap the tent for a hammock and tarp if I am going somewhere it can be used effectively and the conditions are not too bad.
Necromancer 07/29/14(Tue)14:00 UTC+1 No.358266 Report



Tried it once. Went home and bought a sleeping bag.
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)14:13 UTC+1 No.358271 Report

>>steel cup

>not boiling your water in a paper cup
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)14:21 UTC+1 No.358275 Report


I agree with everything except
>good pillow

I just use my clothes; I find rolling rather than folding my clothes gives my "pillow" more bounce
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)14:28 UTC+1 No.358283 Report
File: sbbpillowc17__32109__71124.1347787068.1280.1280.jpg-(125x125)
>>358275I do that...
I do that sometimes, but vango half moon pillows are brilliant.


>Dat last night when all your clothes are wet and stink.
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)14:42 UTC+1 No.358291 Report

no. no it doesn't.
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)14:44 UTC+1 No.358296 Report

a rain jacket or poncho which can be used as a pillow in good weather
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)15:31 UTC+1 No.358313 Report

I have a Nemo fillo and I like it a lot.
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