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Hey, guys, my first time...
Cookie Monster 03/22/14(Sat)19:22 UTC+1 No.290781 Report

Hey, guys, my first time posting on this board.
I need some help with my bearings for my longboard, specifically, I need help installing a new bunch of bearings.
TL;DR I don't know how to apply new bearings.
This is the first time I've done so, and I've removed the old bearings, now I just need to apply the new ones, but don't quite know how.
The new ones are similar to the pic, except they're blue.
What am I supposed to do with those metal tubes?
What parts do I have to lube?
The bearings came with lube, but I also bought my own, which should I apply?
Thanks in advance, guys!
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)19:45 UTC+1 No.290790 Report

This is probably more a question for /diy/ but I'll take a shot at it.

Use the lube that came with the bearings. Might void a warranty if you don't.

Metal tubes- do they fit the spindles on your trucks? They might be some type of adapter. I can't really tell from the pic. The center tube on your bearings- is it metal or plastic? If plastic, the metal tube goes there, plastic comes out because it's just some kind of shipping retainer. Did your bearings come with any instructions at all? Also check their website. You need better direction than you're gonna get here.
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)20:18 UTC+1 No.290805 Report

alternative sports is the correct place for this
But i used to longboard so ill help.
for one, the metal tube goes inbetween the bearings. very important, dont forget to do this.

Dont lube either, especially if its oil based.
Water based lube is OK, but all lube does is gather dust and dirt, gunking you up and slowing you down.
Lube isnt needed in skateboard bearings, unless you just ride them for years and years without changing them. if thats the case, remove sheilds, wash and lube, let dry, re sheild, and repeat next month or buy new bearings.
Cookie Monster 03/23/14(Sun)00:04 UTC+1 No.290899 Report

It came with the lube in the picture, that's the exact set, just a different color.
Do I just pop the metal thing between the wheel after I put the bearings in?
Anonymous 03/23/14(Sun)00:36 UTC+1 No.290915 Report

Pop one in, turn over, insert metal bushing, insert other bearing.

If the are difficult to push in find a socket that is the same diameter as the outside ring and gently tap it in with a hammer.
Anonymous 03/23/14(Sun)14:52 UTC+1 No.291229 Report
File: IMAG0076.jpg-(125x74)
>>290781do your self a...
do your self a favor and trash the spacers (small metal tubes) along with any washers they only create drag on your bearings
all you need is truck spindle bearings wheel and nut
to reinstall the bearings just put them back into the spaces you took the old ones out of and either tap them in till there snug with a medium sized ball peen hammer or stick a tapir in the middle of the bearing and tap it with a hammer or on the ground try not to dent the side shields it will drag on your bearings
when the bearings are snug put the wheels on your trucks and tighten the nut down until you have about 1/8 inch of wiggle room for your wheel to slide side to side on the trucks spindle (don't tighten the nut down all the way on your wheels let your wheels wiggle a tiny bit for less drag)
as for the oil don't worry about your bearings getting dust or dirt in them it will work its way out when you ride try to oil them once a week depending on how much you ride or whenever you feel them start to slow down(unless there sealed barrings which most skateboard bearings aren't you will need to oil them occasionally)
Anonymous 03/24/14(Mon)03:49 UTC+1 No.291674 Report

i work in a skate shop and i just use the trucks
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