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Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)20:03 UTC+1 No.346220 Report

Hey /out/

found this old stove (possibly incomplete?) at a garage sale a couple years back, If you could help me get it working I would be grateful beyond expression. The tricky part is that I think it hooks up to a presurized gas (alcohol or whitegas/kerosene? possibly propane!?) canister that is not with it any more. Next post will be the thread that I need to match. If anyone knows anything about these stoves or can find an online resource that would be great (I've looked and failed). the "patent applied for" makes me think it's almost a prototype? there arn't any other markings...
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)20:05 UTC+1 No.346221 Report
File: 20140709_125244.jpg-(125x93)
Here is a close up of the tank...
Here is a close up of the tank thread. I'm going out camping this tomorrow and need to go sort out somethings but will check back regularly until I leave, Thanks again!
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)20:25 UTC+1 No.346234 Report

I would guess chaffing dish but most of the ones I've seen use gel fuel cannisters. They could be from side-burners on a propane gas grill but I'm not sure how the control knobs would have interfaced with them.
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)21:51 UTC+1 No.346282 Report

Take it to a LP gas reseller with a bottle of Coleman propane and tell him you want to connect them. Might as well grab some grommets while your there and pick up some diver's silicone on your way home.
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)22:37 UTC+1 No.346308 Report


How would I know what fuel it takes? propane would be best but I imagine the burners are distinct for the different fuel types?
Anonymous 07/10/14(Thu)21:48 UTC+1 No.346973 Report

Upon further examination I'd guess it is intended to be used with either butane, or blended butane. Also, I'd look into replacing that hose with metal braided hose if you're actually going to use it.
Anonymous 07/13/14(Sun)23:36 UTC+1 No.348483 Report

Getting flashbacks to that scene in Catch-22 where Orr keeps reassembling the stove...
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