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Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)18:15 UTC+1 No.336809 Report

Hi /out/. I normally just browse /b/ but believe it or not, i am a sporty and quite socially capable person. Soon, i will be going hiking for 3-8 days with a friend of mine who is way more experienced at this than i am. I know the very basics (Setting up tent,making fire etc etc) as i was a boy scout as a kid and afterwards just had a tendency to do shit around nature.
Im not here to ask for advice, really. Just hyping about i guess.
We are two old friends who both share the thrill for slight amounts of adventure and i suppose this will be the starting point for many journeys with him.
Picture not really related, i just dont save em normally.
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)18:17 UTC+1 No.336811 Report

welcome /bro

whereabouts are you guys hiking? If you do need any advice just let us know! hope you have a good time man
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)18:20 UTC+1 No.336812 Report

Fenno scandinavia, eastern finland. It's been a strangely cold summer and loads (more than normally) of rain so im packing up prepearing for it.
I just can't wait to go into the fucking woods and listen to the sounds of nature and all that.
Strangely enough, although my friend has experience with this, he said he'll only leave out on a day when it isn't rainning. Now, i personally enjoy rain so i dont know what the fuck his problem is but idc.
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