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How do I get the motivation to...
Anonymous 02/28/14(Fri)23:16 UTC+1 No.278756 Report

How do I get the motivation to go outside by myself?
Anonymous 02/28/14(Fri)23:19 UTC+1 No.278760 Report

this isn't /b or /fit... take your bullshit cry baby shit somewhere else and man the fuck up.
Necromancer 02/28/14(Fri)23:36 UTC+1 No.278782 Report


You shouldn't need to ask for motivation.

Get /out/.
Anonymous 02/28/14(Fri)23:44 UTC+1 No.278792 Report

>tfw all these /out/ trips including overnight to week-long hikes planned w/ qtp2t gf that havent yet come to fruition yet
>tfw she breaks up with me for no reason three weeks ago and now they'll never happen
>tfw no real motivation to get out of bed, let alone get proper /out/
I dunno OP, I cant really help you
Anonymous 02/28/14(Fri)23:59 UTC+1 No.278795 Report

Dress yourself, put your shoes, go for a walk, be curious and dont restrain yourself. Thats how i started doing it. It helps to live in a rural/ forest area, but if you live in the city you can do the exact same process and have a good time
Anonymous 03/01/14(Sat)14:39 UTC+1 No.279011 Report

For me; escitalopram and a past love of walking and cycling
Being /out/ and exercise are both very therapeutic. If you're feeling shy, there's less people about when it's rainy. Get an umbrella and just wander around some trees
Anonymous 03/01/14(Sat)15:02 UTC+1 No.279015 Report

clean the environment.
Anonymous 03/01/14(Sat)18:02 UTC+1 No.279045 Report

The old adage is true: fake it 'til you make it. Something you want to be motivated to do? Do it until you are. This is how all activities requiring effort are accomplished.
Anonymous 03/01/14(Sat)19:29 UTC+1 No.279087 Report

I know your feel OP. Going outside for myself is something that I have just started to actually do once in a while just recently.
It really startet one evening where I had been bored and browsing /out/ on and off for most of the day. Suddenly I just mustered motivation to say "screw it, Im going out". I put on the soundtrack for Into the Wild while packed my bag and got dressed for the outside. Also checked the weather forecast. While I have been on hiking trips a million times before this kind of spontaneous solo thing was a bit new to me.
I got on Google Maps the look for the best/largest/most undisturped forest near me (I live in Denmark, so civilization everywhere) and found one I hadnt been in about 4km from where I live.
Since it was already getting dark before I got out the door I knew that I really needed some kind of plan to keep my motivation and not just staying home. It really helps to have something that you must do. Mine was to walk the few kilometers to the forest, venture away from the trails so that I could make a fire, cook and sleep undisturbed. Then get a small fire going - a small fire is simply a must for me if Im out alone even though its illegal to light one other than on designated spots in DK. I ended up finding a nice spot next to a fallen pine tree which provided me with both dry firewood and an improvised bed to lay on. The latter was really gold since I had only brought my thin mat to sleep on and the temperatures where about freezing.
The first couple of times you are in a alone in a forest at night it is easy to get spooked by any freaking sound you here - or just the darkness itself. But anyways I ended up waking up the next morning having the best feeling ever. Not that what I had acomplished was anything special, but because I did it un-planned and solo. It just felt right when I sat there with my things packed and a hot cup of tea, ready to walk home again. Been doing this many times since.
Hope you'll get out OP
Anonymous 03/01/14(Sat)19:39 UTC+1 No.279090 Report

you could burn your house down
Anonymous 03/01/14(Sat)19:41 UTC+1 No.279092 Report

>Do it until you are.
where is the fun?
Anonymous 03/01/14(Sat)23:08 UTC+1 No.279149 Report

The fun usually starts as soon as I get to the bottom of my front steps, no matter how much I think I don't want to go out when I'm indoors.
Mule 03/03/14(Mon)09:38 UTC+1 No.280058 Report

Buy a snowmobile/dirt bike.
I found it hard to motivate myself to go hiking, even just for a walk around the neighborhood, before I bought toys.

Now today? I just spent all weekend with two buddies out at a sno-x race.

Pic kinda related, rider lost control in a rough spot on the track and bailed... damn near took me out in the process. I shot from a different location for the 800 and 1000 classes.
Anonymous 03/03/14(Mon)10:36 UTC+1 No.280074 Report

On Saturday I went and hiked alone in the pouring rain. Only did like 6 miles there and back.
Did it because storms bring out the kamikaze surfers. Just the fucking crazies that head out via a cove then fan out into these two rock reefs. Saturday had 12ft holds give or take a couple feet. Sure enough there were two whack jobs out on their boards. It's really a good spot since the waves hold so long but the place is a death trap since the waves are so thick and the water so shallow.
I watched that one guy in the pouring rain and wisping wind for 2 hours. He got up but crested over 5 times and had caught nothing while I was watching. Mostly all paddling for him. Was rooting for him though and 2 minutes before sunset he finally caught one. I counted off 12 seconds for his ride. He was totally stoked and immediately turned around to paddle back out but his brain kicked in and he paddled back around the reef and into the cove.
My point for OP is don't underestimate the fun of people watching when /out/.
Anonymous 03/03/14(Mon)17:03 UTC+1 No.280138 Report

get a dog, my old buddy died at the age of 19.5 years and i was every day inna woods with him.
Anonymous 03/05/14(Wed)09:32 UTC+1 No.281276 Report

NETFLIX: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0758758/

try to not die
Anonymous 03/05/14(Wed)10:00 UTC+1 No.281281 Report


I did 20km in the rain on the weekend. It's good because the bugs fuck off in the rain, and the plants smell nice.
Anonymous 03/05/14(Wed)10:44 UTC+1 No.281304 Report

Definitely, when I was little me and my brother would take our snow machines out everywhere, made ice fishing much less work, getting firewood, and of course just riding around.
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