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Hunting Hiking Trip
Hunting Hiking Trip Anonymous 09/15/14(Mon)18:47 UTC+1 No.386386 Report

Hello /out/doorsmen. In a few weeks, I'll be heading up north for a 5-night/6-day hunting trip. We will be hiking and camping on ~25k acres.

Fortunately, we have someone meeting us about half way through so we can resupply.

My only concern is this: What firearms to bring? Do I sacrifice defense power (from people to black bear) on my long gun to bring a .22? Do I carry 2 long guns (i.e. pack a small .22 rifle)?

Might be more suitable to /k/, but I figured I'd try here first. Oh, obviously weight is an issue. My "pack" is a modular frankenstein built around an enhanced load bearing vest. Currently weighs 18 lbs. without water.

Thanks in advance!

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