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I was looking for cheap online...
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)05:32 UTC+1 No.271736 Report

I was looking for cheap online supplies and found out that rei has an outlet store I didn't know about. Anyways I found some stuff you guys might find useful and thought I'd share

$3 pocket stove with fuel

$5 kitchen kit:

$0.70 telescope spoon

they have some other useful supplies but past the $5 it pretty much starts to get overpriced
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)05:45 UTC+1 No.271742 Report


nvm, the first stove is shit. Its not liquid fuel and it doesn't come with the metal cup
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)21:49 UTC+1 No.272085 Report

anything over 5 is over priced? I'm a dummy then spending what I do on /out/ gear
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)21:57 UTC+1 No.272088 Report
File: 1388632736480.jpg-(124x113)
>>271742How can you...

How can you seriously be retarded enough to see a little hexi stove like that and think it's liquid fuel? There are tabs NEXT TO IT. Check the box, did you honestly think that cup was in there? Seriously, did somebody drop you?
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)22:34 UTC+1 No.272113 Report

dude. the fuel is inside the mug. open your eyes.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)22:45 UTC+1 No.272121 Report

I dunno if I'd trust one of them little folding stoves to lock at that angle, but wide open they've always worked fine when I used them. I don't liek the tablet fuel things generally so not for me.

I honestly see absolutely no point in the other two items... except the salt & pepper shaker. I don't have a really nice way to carry those right now. Using two separate slide-sort-of-closed shakers from some kind of picnic set atm.

... maybe I'll give it a browse.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)23:12 UTC+1 No.272149 Report

Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)23:29 UTC+1 No.272162 Report



Just make a stove.
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)13:57 UTC+1 No.272500 Report
File: hqdefault.jpg-(125x93)
Probably the right thread to...
Probably the right thread to ask about this:
What should I take to cook on when plane-camping?
I don't think you're allowed to take alcohol or gas on a plane.
Just make a pic related and try to buy some alcohol on arrival?
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)14:13 UTC+1 No.272506 Report


Why not do OP's fuel-cell type burner?
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)14:42 UTC+1 No.272521 Report

I was thinking about that and it was what spiked my interest to read the thread, but then OP said:
> the first stove is shit. Its not liquid fuel

And frankly, I haven't heard much positive things about tabs.

What are the pros and cons? Are they reliable? Are they efficient?
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)15:57 UTC+1 No.272536 Report

>What are the pros and cons? Are they reliable? Are they efficient?

I can't speak for the tabs, but I'd take my soda can stove over my MSR any day of the week if I'm solo camping. It has no moving parts, so it never fails unless I'm a fucktard and spill my fuel. I have to bring along a spares kit with my MSR every time in case I blow out an o-ring.
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)16:04 UTC+1 No.272539 Report

>light & compact
>efficient (1/3 of a tab is enough to heat food, a whole to boil water)
>can't spill any fuel
>airplane legal
>6 tabs can be carried inside the stove when folded
>fuel is light & leaves no empty cartridges etc

>can't shut off, i.e. once it's burning it'll burn until the tab is used up
>can't be regulated, i.e. always burns at max
>non-critical, but gets dirty while in use
>slightly suspectible to wind moving the flame and heating point around, although this is easily solved

I'd recommend it.
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)16:26 UTC+1 No.272547 Report

Hexamine stoves are hot shit dude. I live off them for at least a week every year. Dont let the hexy get wet(hydroscopic) and dont breathe the fumes. Other than that, theyre brilliant
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)16:39 UTC+1 No.272551 Report

Esbit stoves are THE shit, I have one for my cold-weather and lightweight camping gear and I love it to death.

here's my uhpinion on tabs and tab stoves:
>easy to pack
>can use any tab fuel in a tab stove (i use trioxane and esbit, sometimes at the same time)
>easy to supplement with twigs
>stoves are hardy, you can drop them off a cliff and use it afterwards
>have to put in a new tablet every once and a while if you're cooking something big
>not as consistent heat-wise as liquid/gas fuels

I love my little stove though, as you can guess. To each his own tho
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)16:42 UTC+1 No.272553 Report


MSR whisperlite anyone?

Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)16:47 UTC+1 No.272555 Report
File: boil.jpg-(125x93)
>can't shut off
Put it on the ground then cover it to deprive it from oxygen would do. Or just try blow it very hard.
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)18:05 UTC+1 No.272574 Report

how can you not know that rei has an outlet store, it's starting you right in the face when you open up the page
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)18:37 UTC+1 No.272585 Report
File: P1010454 (1280x960).jpg-(125x93)
>>272555You can...

You can definitely blow them out. Esbits tabs do this weird crystallization thing when you do it too.
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)18:54 UTC+1 No.272588 Report

the only real reason to justify a liquid fuel stove is for winter conditions or high altitudes. in those cnditions it's pretty much the only thing that works, but otherwise isn't better than gas canister stoves.

gas canister stoves are gnerally lighter, and easier to get fuel for, and in non-winter conditions pump out higher BTUs
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)21:40 UTC+1 No.272670 Report

idk if you can bring fuel in it, but most liquids you can have in those little bottles as long as its only so much. but soda can stoves can burn so much. as long as your not going to like, africa, you can burn yellow heet, it has to be yellow, or just pick up something when you get there. also you can burn the esbit tabs from the OPic in them. i have two soda can stoves, a penny can stove, and the typical one with the large open area above the fuel reservoirs, i prefer the open one just because its easier. just a tip, make it out of an arizona can or similarly sized larger can.
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)21:44 UTC+1 No.272674 Report

Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)23:08 UTC+1 No.272716 Report


legitimately shit. Avoid. Make a alcohol cat food stove.

AKnative 02/19/14(Wed)02:08 UTC+1 No.272798 Report

>can't be regulated, i.e. always burns at max
This stove claims a "simmer mode"
Every other stove IS UNregulated, like you stated.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)02:23 UTC+1 No.272804 Report
File: ma-nigga.jpg-(125x105)
>>272716Finally someone...

Finally someone else with common sense.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)07:41 UTC+1 No.272940 Report


anything on that site, meaning you can get it for else at other places


lol this faggot still thinks /out/ is here to one up other anons and make your own faggot ass feel better


yeah thats why I advised against it; liquid or gel would be cheaper than those tabs and the base has holes so thats impossible


they just seem so cheap though, like you'd be left making a new one every other week

if you're going somewhere that doesn't allow it, its a major airport and you can just buy it when you land; if not they wont give a shit, just tell the pilot beforehand


tabs cost more and if you're in a situation where you're out of them, you're shit out of luck because they purposely cut holes in the base so you're forced to buy them (its only like $1 per tab but thats still x10 what other fuels cost.

first con applies to those bottle can ones as well, just a heads up. and not only that but you're sol if you have to get packed because kicking over the tab leaves a small flaming 2x2 inch tab while kicking the alcohol filled can leads to burning in a 100 meter radius

pretty much this.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)07:42 UTC+1 No.272941 Report


>anything on that site, meaning you can get it for else at other places

the fuck was I typing, jesus. I meant anything on that site that's listed above $5 can be found elsewhere for much cheaper
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)08:47 UTC+1 No.272962 Report

what do you guys think of trangia stoves?
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)08:48 UTC+1 No.272963 Report

Save your $9 and get a mug with a long handle, non meltable spoon from home, and a ferrocerium/magnesium fire starter.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)09:36 UTC+1 No.272975 Report
File: Trangia_cooking.jpg-(93x125)
>>272962Trangia stoves...

Trangia stoves are awesome, i use a steel one bought in the 80s. Only downside i would say is that weight, if trekking alone a 2-3kg for a stove is a bit much especially if you can have a fire going.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)09:53 UTC+1 No.272978 Report


If you look on amazon, the esbit stoves cost around 10 bucks with 6 tablets. BTW those esbit stoves are awesome, very portable and you can store the tablets inside.

$3 is pretty dope but $6 shipping is not that cool even if I buy a couple things. Have to spend 50$ to get free shipping...meh. I have amazon money from coinstar (loose change jar into amazon bux).
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)09:56 UTC+1 No.272979 Report


yeah see I didn't even consider shipping

I want to make a website/business that just sells decent, solid made outdoor supplies for as cheap as humanly possible, like fuck it, non for profit cheap just reselling it for what I buy it + operational costs like hosting
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)09:58 UTC+1 No.272980 Report


>can't shut off
as other people said, u can blow it out or deprive it of oxygen and it will go out
>gets dirty
a good trick is to use aluminum foil and carry it with you in the stove (cut square pieces the size of stove or the area that burns), burn the tablets on the aluminum foil
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)13:12 UTC+1 No.273020 Report


So comfy. ':3
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)14:48 UTC+1 No.273031 Report

Why is /out/ all about bringing home luxuries into the wild?
Being outdoors is all about wiping your ass with grass and watching the kettle fall over in a bonfire.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)16:52 UTC+1 No.273060 Report

wow you bring a kettle in the woods? you fucking bourgeoisie scum, you capitalist pig. i fucking boil water IN MY HANDS. because no fucking luxuries in the wild. you boil that shit yourself if you want water.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)17:14 UTC+1 No.273068 Report

>What should I take to cook on when plane-camping?
>I don't think you're allowed to take alcohol or gas on a plane.

You can take an MSR style stove (multi fuel) with an empty bottle (wash it with alcohol on the inside and let it dry to avoid problems). When you get off the plane, you stop at a gas station an buy some gas.
I've a chinesse one that works wonders, its a CAMPSOR-9, works with liquid and gas fuels, and for like 2$ I bought an adapter on ebay to use the more cheap gas canisters too. You ALWAYS find fuel with one of those.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)17:31 UTC+1 No.273076 Report

There is ebay, I buy everithing there. (I'm not in the US btw). Cheapest place I've found with lots of things. Don't overlook some chinesse products, they do make some very good stuff, and usually offer freeshiping worldwide.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)18:25 UTC+1 No.273097 Report

>Don't overlook some chinesse products, they do make some very good stuff, and usually offer freeshiping worldwide.
no, and yes. if you want to wait 5 weeks for it
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)18:30 UTC+1 No.273103 Report

It's a downside, but you can't beat the price. If you want it fast, all sellers offer express shiping for like 20 bucks on average.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)18:53 UTC+1 No.273109 Report

Wow! Boil water in your hands? That is luxury. You're getting to warm your hands? You truly are bourgeoisie scum.

I make cup from own poo poo and boil water in that. True proletariat doesn't have time to sit by the fire to warm precious hands. While you sit enjoying self, I must go kick down trees for building shelter.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)19:01 UTC+1 No.273111 Report

i don't drink water when i'm /out/ and i wipe my ass with the instep of my boot you plebian bourgeoisie philistine
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)08:57 UTC+1 No.273623 Report


>not just drinking your own piss for a refreshing warm drink
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)09:26 UTC+1 No.273639 Report

>implying i'm some kind of spoiled kulak
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)09:52 UTC+1 No.273646 Report

Made a few of those for fun. They actually work pretty well. Didn't get fancy, just two can bottoms with holes in the upside-down one and a penny on top. A bit of fiberglass insulation on the inside is a good idea, too.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)16:47 UTC+1 No.273739 Report
File: image.jpg-(125x93)
>>272716Gonna need a bit...
Gonna need a bit more than just 'They're shit'. I use an XGK EX without problems, sturdy as fuck, works at altitude and great for melting snow etc.

It's a little heavy but the fuel can be shared by the whole team in little 400ml fuel bottles. Plus the fuel bottles are generally easier to reuse.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)17:22 UTC+1 No.273769 Report


Okay bud! The seal from the stove to the bottle leaked like a sieve as did the pump and I got covered in white gas.

"Sturdy as fuck" is not going to cut it when you take a fall onto your pack or have to toss it down a short cliff before climbing down after it.

I'm not going to say it would be impossible to build a GOOD pressurized white gas stove for backpacking (read as: not a Coleman car camper) but it wouldn't use terribad plastic components and would use AN fittings or an equivalent threaded metal pressure line.

Honestly not worth the weight and complication compared to a tin can with holes in. Bend that shit taking a tumble? Bend it back in seconds.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)18:17 UTC+1 No.273789 Report

Do you store your fuel bottle with the fuel pump attached or something? I can't envisage what you describe.

My fuel bottle with a fully tight expedition cap on it ain't leaking short of something puncturing through the metal itself.

The actual stove can handle a good beating no problem, it's made out of metal. Hard to imagine what you'd do to break it, and what of the rest of your stuff? Your tent pole etc are gonna be smashed to bits.

Admittedly the pump is a bit weak, plastic an all, I store it immoble in the cooking pot (with the stove as it goes) and is thust protected from all but what must be the most brutal fall or a bag flying out over a thousand foot drop.

I've used an alcohol stove before and found it woefully inadequate for anything other than boiling a modest amount of water (no ice).
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)18:37 UTC+1 No.273800 Report

are you fucking trolling are are you just retarded?

There is a reason why whisperlites, xgks and omnifuels are used on mountaineering expeditions around the world. I have a primus omnifuel and it's pretty much the most bombproof piece of kit that I own. It's also the very best stove I own (I have several.) If you seriously think that white gas stoves are junk, you're a fucking idiot.

This guy has it right. The MSR pumps aren't the best, but I keep my primus' pump attached all the time and I've never had a problem. Know why? It's made of metal, bitch. Fuck your pissant alcohol stove.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)18:43 UTC+1 No.273808 Report


Thanks for all the info.

>Cat can

These are neat but not a true replacement for a stove.... please before the DIY crowd goes nuts on me I've got nothing against making your own shit, I'd just prefer a small stove with a fuel control and not a tin can with a bunch of gas soaked rags, sharp edges, and no surface area for a pan (So I have to carry a stand, which means I may as well get a stove......) Just saying, for my personal preference they aren't what fits the bill.

Also, I feel like your leaky experience had to do with the o-rings between the fittings. Even steel threaded fittings on hard lines have o-rings, and they all wear out. Not many systems operate without them, and when they fail- you leak.

I only asked because I saw one for cheap as dicks (like 50 bucks lightly used) and wanted to know what the world thought of them.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)21:19 UTC+1 No.273860 Report
File: b09ea2eb-96de-4606-bb5b-9e5900c9797f_720x720.jpg-(125x125)
>>273808If you can get...
If you can get one cheap go for it. I got my XGK off ebay second hand and it worked great, plus you can strip the entire stove and pump (with the expedition kit) to service it.
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