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I was thinking of Mount...
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)07:30 UTC+1 No.272421 Report

I was thinking of Mount Everest and other extremely tall mountains on which the chance of a successful rescue is slim to none.

Why don't helicopter manufacturers create specialized helicopters with larger rotary wings that compensate for the thinner air? Is it a money issue? Doesn't pass the cost-benefit analysis for a company like Sikorsky or Eurocopter to make?

Because frankly, the "it can't be done" argument is just plain bullshit. Helicopters can't fly to the summit of eight thousanders because they're designed for use closer to the ground. Equip climbers with a GPS. He gets buried in an avalanche? Breaks his leg? Simply just tires out and can't go further? Just send in the mountain copter, save his ass, and charge him a million bucks!
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)07:37 UTC+1 No.272423 Report

You answered your own question, it doesnt pass cost:benefit. Imagine putting the money into developing this chopper, then only selling one, maybe two. You wont recover your investment, and you have to service these vehicles for the customer(s) as well, so you're losing money there. If you could even find a customer for that.

You're also forgetting that the weather in the himalaya mountains is absolute trash so the thing would hardly be useful anyway. Are you perhaps drunk?
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)15:46 UTC+1 No.273042 Report

It's because of the helicopters torque. Larger wings are heavier to rotate and chop more air, meaning that in the arduous conditions up their the engine simply can't compensate for the loss of the the critical element that makes it work. The physics of designing what we would understand as a "helicopter" just isn't their to make it feasible.

Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)15:54 UTC+1 No.273043 Report

If you allow me to be juvenile for a moment, why not just have lightweight gliders or sleds?
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)16:34 UTC+1 No.273056 Report

Why don't they just send eagles to rescue people?
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)17:13 UTC+1 No.273067 Report


but, but, muh electric helicopters!
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)17:32 UTC+1 No.273077 Report

Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)16:37 UTC+1 No.273732 Report

Oxygen is also a pretty crucial element for a combustion engine.. Just another hurdle I guess
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)18:42 UTC+1 No.273806 Report

>"it can't be done" argument is just plain bullshit
A lot of what traps climbers on high mountains is weather related. No helicopter is going to fly into a blizzard.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)18:48 UTC+1 No.273815 Report

see >>273077

It's more about weather and terrain
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)21:15 UTC+1 No.273856 Report

Even just high winds. A lot of heli rescues from mountains today are aborted because it's too hazardous for the pilot & crew, otherwise you'd have more people to rescue.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)22:30 UTC+1 No.273888 Report

it's bad weather, not thinner air.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)22:35 UTC+1 No.273891 Report

>spending millions of dollars to design a machine that will cost tens of thousands to operate so we can save some rich fuckers who went into a situation knowing full well the risks associated

flawless logic therr.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)22:38 UTC+1 No.273892 Report

don't worry, if someone falls on everest the guy behind him just catches him.

That is, until we can install the handrail.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)22:40 UTC+1 No.273893 Report

Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)23:37 UTC+1 No.273917 Report

Why don't we just make a ski lift up Mount Everest?

Sometimes a big middle finger to Mother Earth is just what she really needs.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)23:40 UTC+1 No.273919 Report

soon it'll be like the Puy Mary and they'll install stairs (yes stairs) up the peak
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)02:14 UTC+1 No.273986 Report

Just looking at the forecast here, tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be 100km/h+ winds at the summit. You can't land a helicopter on a mountain in that.
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)03:01 UTC+1 No.274005 Report

Aerospace Engineer and military pilotfag here. You simply cannot generate enough lift. The size of the rotor blades would have to so enormous and they would have to be spinning so fast that you would run into leading edge stalls and also the vehicle would need such a huge engine that you wouldnt be able to bring enough fuel with you to get up there. Our Chinooks have a problem in Afghanistan at 15000 feet, never mind at 29000 feet.
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)03:08 UTC+1 No.274007 Report

yeah, you can't use a normally aspirated engine much above 14k.

there are turbos that go much higher, but none that has managed to take off from heights like that.

so you could fly a chopper over Everest but that's all you're going to be doing.

Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)03:53 UTC+1 No.274017 Report


see >>273077 they have landed a helicopter on the summit twice, but it's too dangerous to use for rescue.
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)05:26 UTC+1 No.274065 Report

I heard about that. But still thats more or less a one off.
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)06:13 UTC+1 No.274080 Report

they're big guys
Anonymous 02/22/14(Sat)04:02 UTC+1 No.274475 Report

Op, a better idea would be to just give every mountaineer a parachute.

but in all seriousness, what this guy said >>273891

No one should be required to risk their life to save someone who willingly put themselves in harms way.

It is not government's job to save us from ourselves.
Anonymous 02/22/14(Sat)04:03 UTC+1 No.274476 Report

for you
Anonymous 02/23/14(Sun)08:21 UTC+1 No.275047 Report

lrn2jet engine
compressors solve that problem
some piston prop planes even have turbo/superchargers hell both.
iirc NOS was used by the Nazi's in WW2
Anonymous 02/23/14(Sun)08:26 UTC+1 No.275048 Report

flying bannanas
i love those things
when i was an engineering recruiter i interviewed a guy from sikorski. he worked on the transmission that helped to balance the power output of the two turbines

i should have joined the airforce when i was 20. i think my life would have been much better off. now im 29 and injured. fml
good for you anon, im jelly
Anonymous 02/23/14(Sun)15:47 UTC+1 No.275158 Report


Multistage turbines and turbosuperchargers solved the aspiration issue but not the issue of there not being enoungh air to provide lift and engine cooling.
Anonymous 02/23/14(Sun)15:55 UTC+1 No.275162 Report

Thanks dude. we're about the same age, and I commissioned into the Air Force at 23. started my career as a satellite engineer before getting picked up for pilot training this year. I love both the jobs I've had, but there are times I want to quit out of frustration from dealing with unnecessary bullshit. I've had my fair share of injuries, like a torn latimus muscle, a broken ankle and I had mono foe 7 months. Also I have student debt up to my eyeballs, but fljying jets is hard to beat,
Anonymous 02/23/14(Sun)23:30 UTC+1 No.275490 Report

i wasnt talking about lift just the engines.
and those air cooled radial piston engines seemed to keep cool just fine.
yeah, i've always wanted to be a pilot
or at least take a ride in an F15 as it does a verticle climb to altitude. i just want to feel the g's
Anonymous 02/24/14(Mon)01:03 UTC+1 No.275519 Report

yeah radials do fine in an airplane that is moving forward at 140 knots, but a helicopter in hover or at low airspeeds doesn't generate enough air flow around the cylinder heads or the combustion chamber to operate effectively at high density altitudes
Anonymous 02/24/14(Mon)23:49 UTC+1 No.276001 Report

The helicopter was a STOCK model of one the company builds.

It was NOT a modified helicopter.
Anonymous 02/24/14(Mon)23:54 UTC+1 No.276003 Report

Basically it's not worth a team risking their lives and millions of dollars of equipment just so some schmoe can feel good about himself. The fact is that needing to be rescued in the death zone probably means that you've been caught in weather or fallen down a cliff or something and by the time rescue could be bought into action, you'd be dead anyway.

If you don't like risk, don't climb mountains.
Anonymous 02/25/14(Tue)00:17 UTC+1 No.276018 Report


>safety entitlement

Mommy ain't gonna be there to wipe your ass every time you shit your drawers, so HTFU and deal with it.
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