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/out/ - Outdoors - Nagging Injuries Thread

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Nagging Injuries Thread
Nagging Injuries Thread Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)23:42 UTC+1 No.273243 Report

All those old injuries that complicate your /out/doors experience... I'll start:
>auto accident, 10 years ago
>have deep muscle whiplash, affects trapezius and splenius capitis (deep muscles under shoulder and extending to neck up to base of skull)
>deep, recurring ache once or twice a year, lasting for 3+ weeks
This sucks, and hampers my capacity to enjoy the rigors of being /out/.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who deals with this shit, there's probably hundreds of wounded veterans that lurk or post here.
What do you have? How do you deal with / alleviate your obstacles?
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)23:44 UTC+1 No.273244 Report

Opie again... should mention that this injury is manifesting itself now and I'm fucking pissed.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)23:49 UTC+1 No.273246 Report
File: chicago-electric-4-and-a-half-inch-heavy-duty-angle-grinder.jpg-(125x93)
>>273243I broke the...
I broke the little toe in an unfortunate kickboxing mishap when I was like 13. Being a little toe they don't really "do" anything for it, so it hurt constantly for about a year, and now that it's healed there is no knuckle anymore, it's just a boney little nub like a marble stuck to my foot and it's basically sideways (lists inward close to 90ยบ). No big deal until I'm hiking several miles, then it hurts like alldick and because of all the stress on the nail I want to just file the whole damn toe down to nothing.

Also rolled my left ankle really bad a few years back... on a daily basis i don't notice anything wrong, but if I so much as stand on a pebble juuuust the wrong way my leg gives out. So yeah, that's always a ticking timebomb
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)23:59 UTC+1 No.273254 Report
File: doing it wrong.jpg-(125x125)
>>273246Fucking little...
Fucking little toe... I broke mine years ago, with a full step into a nightstand holy fuck the pain.
It still aches in wet weather, but ne'er a more accurate barometer you'll ever finding fuck, or fucking find for that matter.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)00:06 UTC+1 No.273257 Report

the two of us should make a thread on /b/ where we remove our defective little toes. i'll go for the angle grinder for myself
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)00:13 UTC+1 No.273260 Report


have you ever seen an orthopedist? maybe they could do something for it

if you can hang on like 20 years theyll probably have great medicine for all kinds of injuries
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)00:33 UTC+1 No.273265 Report

no I never saw anyone for it. I talked to an MD who I just happeend to know right when it first happened, but never went in for treatment.

Either way the cost of little toe reconstruction and calibration could probably buy me a gransfors bruks and the mora variety pack
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)00:37 UTC+1 No.273267 Report

yah, you first.
I'm not a fan of the shit on /b/ although that's what first attracted me to this chan.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)00:38 UTC+1 No.273268 Report

Slight arthritis from shoulder joint dislocation a year ago. Although the symptoms aren't too bad yet.

And my knees (especially the left one) are just in a generally bad shape.

On some days I have serious pain in my left knee when descending. Ascending is fine, but when I get down from the mountain the whole weight has to be on my right leg and my trekking poles.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)01:14 UTC+1 No.273291 Report

>Ascending is fine, but when I get down from the mountain the whole weight has to be on my right leg and my trekking poles.
Yup. Whoever says, "Genesis 1:26" is an ass-hole, because your god fucked up bigtime when designing the knee.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)02:20 UTC+1 No.273332 Report

healthy as fuck here. i gues
except a hairline facture in my right arm. but unless i load my full body weight on it i never feel it.
i sometimes i get ingrown nails on my feet but i watch out for it before trips.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)02:40 UTC+1 No.273345 Report

It's not really an injury but my tinnitus is so bad that I can no longer enjoy going /out/, it fucking sucks
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)02:42 UTC+1 No.273347 Report
File: Cities_Rainy_city_036934_16.jpg-(125x78)
>>273332Looky here,...
Looky here, ass-wipe: this is a cripple-only thread. Go post your wellness elsewhere.
>pic unrelated
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)02:43 UTC+1 No.273348 Report

oh you again... gosh man that sucks. it's really that bad huh?
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)02:54 UTC+1 No.273358 Report

Goddammit! Look at
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)02:57 UTC+1 No.273361 Report

Chronic fatigue syndrome. The closest I can get to out is my backyard.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)03:07 UTC+1 No.273365 Report

Bursitis turning into arthritis in dominant knee. Injured on the job back in 2007. Knee feels like it can give out sometimes but I got a kick ass brace that helps a good amount.
also -
Hurt on job June of 2011. Shoulder made a pop. Workers comp doc said it was a bone bruise. 7 months later I get a reevaluation. Labrum torn and cartilage wedged in the joint. Surgery with titanium screws and Kevlar thread. Still having issues, hard to weight bear on it when extended overhead. And the arm is slipping slightly out of the shoulder.

I miss being able to shit I did only a few years ago. Wearing a 2 strap pack is almost unbearable and even holding a camera to take a picture is a goddamn hassle.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)03:08 UTC+1 No.273366 Report

>Nagging Injuries Thread
>posts syndrome
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)03:14 UTC+1 No.273368 Report

Sounds like non-union (not trying to /pol/ this thread).
I hope you got some compensation for your injuries
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)03:32 UTC+1 No.273382 Report

I tripped a bit coming down a "trail" and my knee made a really bad noise. Hobbled out and didn't have it looked at. Youth! Seemed OK after a couple of weeks. Now I wear the tread off all my left shoes long before the right.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)03:44 UTC+1 No.273392 Report

It's probably lupus
>Inb4 it's never lupus
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)03:46 UTC+1 No.273394 Report

>lift op at ski park
>my last day of the season
>start out day by shoveling fresh overnight snow out from under the canopy
>griping in my head about having to shovel all day on my last day
>suddenly WHAM
>I'm on the ground
>the ski lift hit me
>someone turned it on
>didn't say anything
>knee buckles, dislocates, relocates
>get carried to the medical room
>Drive to doctors, still on the clock
>docs give me a cvheap leg straightener and some crutches
>only use leg straightener 2 out of 4 reccomended weeks

>3 years later
>knee still gets sore sometimes
>not too bad tho
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)03:46 UTC+1 No.273395 Report

Yeah non union. Got some $$$ but it didn't matter when I was only working 2-4 days a week. Fuckers released me from treatment after 90 days, was in therapy for 3 weeks before I was thrown back into work. That's why I'm getting it reopened. I want that shit fixed right.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)03:53 UTC+1 No.273397 Report

Fuck. I hope you get repaired the right way.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)04:13 UTC+1 No.273410 Report

>torn ACL from high school lacrosse

It was replaced but my knee still aches on long hikes and I don't feel comfortable doing any sport, even stickball, without my brace.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)04:29 UTC+1 No.273420 Report

Bursitis in my left knee 22 years ago when my oldest son was in diapers. Removed fluid due to swelling, not enough after the infection ended. Hurts after a mile or two.

OTOH, my wife has MS. I got the better end of that deal.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)04:33 UTC+1 No.273425 Report

Your wife's maiden name is Morin?
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)04:44 UTC+1 No.273436 Report
File: CAT.jpg-(83x125)
>>273420>my wife has...
>my wife has MS
That's manageable to some degree.
My mother was diagnosed with MS in 1983, and she's still having a good time, got no problems walking but can't drive at night due to eyesight. She'll be 70 in May so it's all a giant coin toss.
Wish you and your wife all the best from the innernetz.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)05:49 UTC+1 No.273482 Report


MS isn't what it used to be because there are much better treatments now, but my wife has suffered in the endurance department. More than three miles in a day doesn't happen any more. And best wishes to your mom as well.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)05:57 UTC+1 No.273496 Report

jesus...I never knew there were this many pussies on /out/
Check your skirts at the door and suck it up faggots!
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)14:06 UTC+1 No.273672 Report
File: he_man_said_hey_by_cottommy-d48epne.jpg-(125x78)
>>273496No u
No u
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)14:24 UTC+1 No.273678 Report

51 yp, most of the above. No MS, big toe for little toe.

Ankle, knees hips, sholder. I pace myself slow and steady and will out backpack the youngers.

I try to keep it light. I've done 6 nights/7 days, 84 mi over elevation change with 43#s.

Oddly, I fare better up hill than down.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)14:57 UTC+1 No.273690 Report

Knee pain, mainly in the left and after around 20km of hiking, used to be after even a short walk but been doing a lot of squats.

Apparently due to misaligned patella, carry knee braces just in case cause it can get pretty painful to the point of having to limp, which obviously makes it worse for the other knee.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)15:08 UTC+1 No.273694 Report
File: Quarry2-22.jpg-(125x83)
Not even a fucking injury...
Not even a fucking injury but,

When I was born, the outside tendons of my legs were too long, and the inside too short, so my feet turned in. Not exactly clubfoot, though.

So they had to give my both legs braces for like my first year.

Even if I've been in shape, the tendons near my ankles can feel weak-ish, and maybe a little puffy. Kinda iffy doing balance-related stuff after hiking 20+ miles. Anyone know of specific outter-inner ankle exercises that might help?
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)15:52 UTC+1 No.273707 Report

>51 year old on 4chan
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)18:33 UTC+1 No.273798 Report

watch out he gets really pissy if you bring it up and calls you a troll
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)18:59 UTC+1 No.273817 Report

yeah they'll do that
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)19:49 UTC+1 No.273827 Report

Not a big deal on an interest board like out or cooking or diy. Definitely creepy on /b/.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)19:57 UTC+1 No.273830 Report

> Try /cgl/
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)20:19 UTC+1 No.273839 Report

> activate butthurt detector

Pussy whiner on 4chan?

Who'da thunk?
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)20:36 UTC+1 No.273842 Report


> Various stress fractures from running too many marathons.
> Lots of tendonitis from climbing and weightlifting too much.

Let the pain speak to you.
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)12:06 UTC+1 No.274140 Report

Car accident couple years back, heart crushed by seatbelt,atrial fibrilation, now short of breath,always feel shit from meds. Have had to have ablation and cardioversion, did'nt work. Have real trouble doing long distance footpaths now,
Britfag obviously, and 57 , been on 4chan for years,suck on it kiddies
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)12:44 UTC+1 No.274150 Report

I jumped off a three story building when I was 11 as a stunt to hide my crippling fear of heights from my then friends. I injured my left ankle and still feel the pain to this day when I put pressure on it. I also get back aches from when I fell off a motorcycle at 180 mph, once again I was trying to prove how brave I was.

Peer pressure is a bitch.
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