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Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)21:44 UTC+1 No.333913 Report

Ok, so went through my old tackle box today.

I'm guessing ten year old me though I was going to catch MONSTER bass. Nothing but bass worms, spoons, crappie artificial baits of all kinds, and some 15 year old lure of the moment kit that was supposed to imitate using live shad. Oh yeah, it was a fucking banjo kit marketed in the late 90s/early oughts.

tl;dr I have nothing useful, no good hooks, weights, or swivels.

What should be a basic list of things to purchase for

* catfishing using punch bait or live shad/minnows

* trout from a stocked lake using a spinning reel

* crappie, sunfish, bass, and other general fish that aren't the above
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)21:47 UTC+1 No.333914 Report

Here's my tentative list so far:

* Treble hooks
* Some kind of general purpose small hook for crappie/sunfish/bass
* Circle hooks I've heard can be useful for catfish
* Split shot weights
* Swivels

I've got an ok selection of small artificial lures to keep around just in case, and still have at least 200+ bass worms, mostly berkley.
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)22:11 UTC+1 No.333922 Report

This is what I always have with me. I've got WAY more stuff but I use these most often and keep going back to these.

The Berkeley worms aren't as good as live bait but are always in my bag and work well enough.

Any questions about what things are of why lemme know and I'll try to help.
noko 06/16/14(Mon)22:12 UTC+1 No.333923 Report

Circle hooks are pretty useful for catfish the right brand is damn near unbreakable and great for live bait, I usually use liver hooks though not as durable but they do a fantastic job of keeping bait on the hook . I've had really good luck with using a 3 way rig when fishing creeks and rivers. Use a steel leader, you can never go wrong with a steel leader catfishing.
> Liver hooks for worms and bait
> Circle hooks for live bait
> use a steel leader
> 3 point rig for fast water
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)00:08 UTC+1 No.333973 Report

What kind of hooks should I look for, for worms and crappie/sunfish lures? Just little J hooks?
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)01:31 UTC+1 No.334007 Report

I'm not a fan of circle hooks for catfish at all.... I get a lot more hookups on j hooks. And if they swallow a circle hook (and it doesn't do what it's supposed to) it's so much harder to get out.

But besides my opinion on that - get a few different sized diving crankbaits.

Get a few topwater lures (floating stickbaits, topwater cranks). They'll save you a lot of trouble in weedy/shallow water. I have a lot of luck with them as the sun's setting.

As somebody else said, wire leaders. They'll save you a lot of lures if you have pike or other toothy fish in the area.

Snap swivels so you can switch lures easy. But keep in mind wire leaders and swivels will mess up some topwater lures, making them sink if they aren't super boyant.

Can't go wrong with spinners - my personal favorite is a white Mepps Aglia... they've been my lucky lure for years.

Maybe a few bobbers - nothing beats a small baitfish under a bobber when the bass aren't taking lures.

Your choice in weights. Splitshots are always good to have, but 1oz pyramid weights are good for keeping stuff on the bottom.

I like to have a pair of hemostats on hand, and wire cutters for if you need to cut a hook.. and of course needle nose pliers.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)01:35 UTC+1 No.334009 Report

Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)01:40 UTC+1 No.334010 Report

Mind if i piggyback off of this thread?

looking to put together a saltwater tacklebox for anything to fluke and flounder to porgy and stripers and blues

Could someone put together a basic list of what i should get? i already have a few rods and reels ect
i have like $200 to basspro to spend and another 75 to cabellas
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)01:44 UTC+1 No.334012 Report

OP here, as a kid I never caught shit with lures besides sunfish/crappie/some bass, always live shit that caught me shit. However, this time, I think I'll take a heavier rod/reel to try to catch cats with, and have my light/cheap rod/reel to fuck around with lures and see what works.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)03:52 UTC+1 No.334048 Report

Top/bottom rigs./ other leaders of your choice

Lots of different hooks/sizes.

Weights. I like 1oz, if you need more weight just add another.

Gulp/Fishbites artificial baits - I've caught everything from spot to sharks and on that stuff.

a few different sized spoons

small + medium/large Gotcha lures

Large crankbaits

Always have some money on hand for bait... Squid/bloodworms/minnows/etc. is some pricey shit, especially in peak season.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)03:59 UTC+1 No.334050 Report

I think I'm going to buy a sieve or a net and just catch baitfish, I always see schools of them in the local lakes.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)06:10 UTC+1 No.334122 Report

That's always a good bet. Learn to use a throw net and you'll be set. Once you get past the learning curb it's a great thing to have.
Kaliope 06/17/14(Tue)07:01 UTC+1 No.334135 Report

I'm kind of a minimalist. I have a couple sunfish hooks, a single larger hook, and two big hooks. One spoon with a treble, one treble catfish dipbait jig, and one single-hook dipbait jig.
Some swivels, various simple (split-shot and swivel) sinkers, and a couple of bobbers. I keep all of this in a couple of Mosin-Nagant ammunition pouches on a belt.

I use a spinning reel on a longish pole. It's served me well for catfish, bluegill, bass, suckers. If it lives in a creek, I can catch it with what I've got.

Almost caught a spotted gar on Saturday, but I didn't have a leader and it cut my line as I hauled it out of the water. I was pissed. Almost shot the fucker.

Picture is of my tackle belt, for high-speed, low-drag fishing.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)14:20 UTC+1 No.334210 Report

i can use a throw net alright the only issue is where i have access to salt water its very rocky ect and i dont want to tear up my net
I figured im going to try my hand at digging for sandworms ect
I figure il have a few rods set up
my 7 ft 6 st croix with whatever reel i can find rigged with 12-17lb test with a 20-25 lb shock leader
and a 8-9 ft ugly stick with whatever reel rigged up with 25 lb test and a 30-35 lb shock leader
sounds good?

isnt even me
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)14:32 UTC+1 No.334212 Report

Nope, was me, OP.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)14:37 UTC+1 No.334213 Report

trying to steal my identity
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)14:53 UTC+1 No.334219 Report

Nah, was on mobile and didn't realize he responded to you, twas my thread and all
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)17:04 UTC+1 No.334268 Report

>st croix
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)17:19 UTC+1 No.334275 Report

its cool
i actuially saved it from being thrown away ;-; someone i knew broke pic related off and was going to get rid of it
its an older one and a fucking fabulous rod but a bit long for most of my freshwater applications so i figured it could be great for blues and flounder ect
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)17:21 UTC+1 No.334277 Report

fug forgot pic because was posting on another board
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)17:26 UTC+1 No.334281 Report

you're kidding me
apologies for my autisim
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)18:15 UTC+1 No.334293 Report

Op here, gonna post a pic of what I bought here in a minute.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)19:21 UTC+1 No.334335 Report


* 20 Treble
* 10 aberdeen
* 3 way swivels
* barrel swivels
* detachable swivels
* Metal leaders
* bobbers
* weights, both sink hole and split shot

Filled the rest of it up with old crappie baits, j hooks, worm hooks, banjo hooks, random weights, and may throw a few artificial worms/crankbaits in there.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)21:22 UTC+1 No.334444 Report

Good start on terminal tackle. Some other things you might want are some needle nose pliers for removing hooks, a stringer to keep your catch, something to measure fish to make sure you're legal, and a pair of fingernail clippers for trimming line.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)21:24 UTC+1 No.334445 Report

I've got 2 stringers, plenty of pliers, a tape measure, and that's a pro tip on the line, I think I'll just toss in some of my tiny wire cutters though.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)21:33 UTC+1 No.334451 Report

Yea the fingernail clippers are nice because they are small and cheap so losing them is no big deal.

Sun screen and bug spray is also a must for me.

I carry a filet knife in my larger bag but a lot of people just clean fish when they get back home rather than in the field.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)21:41 UTC+1 No.334456 Report

Nice shit, I've got this which is full of worms, spincasters, and the smaller box is full of crappie lures. I used to have another normal tackle box, you know, the double decker kind that had my terminal tackle in it, but I think it was lost in a move a long time ago.

Do crankbaits ever work for you? I guess they most, since you and everyone buy them. I never had shit luck with them, but I also mostly fished in shitty little ponds at state parks with my dad who hated fishing.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)21:44 UTC+1 No.334459 Report

How would you clean a fish if you didn't have access to a water hose? My apartment complex doesn't have them, and I only know of one fish cleaning station in the entire county but it's 20 minutes away from where I live, and at a terrible lake to fish in.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)22:02 UTC+1 No.334471 Report

They work at times. I really don't use them that much though. My gramps passed away and he had a shitload of them from knowing a bomber rep back in the day. That's where I got all mine from. If you aren't fishing from a boat I don't think they are that effective.

Typically where you fish you are surrounded by water.lol. I fish mainly at private farm ponds. All I do is throw on some nitrile gloves, clean the fish, throw waste back into pond, put meat into a ziplock, then wipe my knife off with a rag. I just clean it when I get home an also sharpen. I really don't need water for cleaning.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)22:25 UTC+1 No.334486 Report

Do you usually clean the guts out first? I always did that growing up, but every youtube video the fuckers are cutting without removing the guts, even sometimes cutting into them and getting actual shit on the meat.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)22:31 UTC+1 No.334489 Report

I need a rig for fishing for catfish and trout, but im new to fishing and dont know what i should get.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)22:38 UTC+1 No.334496 Report

Just read the thread fumbass
Anonymous 06/18/14(Wed)03:18 UTC+1 No.334693 Report

Catfish/large bass I don't gut. Just filet. The catfish are actually de-skinned as well using pliers before I filet. Smaller bass/bluegill I de-scale then gut.

I see why you mean about the poo but I don't really see it happen that much. I just don't see the risks as bad as dealing with mammals and puncturing gut contents. I do run into farm pond catfish that have a lot of chewed feed pellets when the stomach is punctured.
Anonymous 06/18/14(Wed)03:39 UTC+1 No.334701 Report

So just don't go crazy with your fucking electric knives and slice right through the rib cage and you will be fine?
Anonymous 06/18/14(Wed)03:59 UTC+1 No.334712 Report

I don't use electric knives but I follow the spine breaking through te ribs. After it's removed I trim the rib section from the filet.
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