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Shawnee National Forest Anonymous 06/18/14(Wed)22:16 UTC+1 No.335113 Report

So a few friends and I are planning to go camping for a weekend down in the Shawnee Forest (southern Illinois) in the near future. We've gone a couple times before and had good times at a couple locations (even a spokee encounter we want to look into more). I'm curious what everybody's favorite areas of the Forest are down there. I'd like to get a fair bit away from the roads/civilization and really be "out there", as much as you can in Illinois.I'd also love to see some really neat natural formations and a good adventure. Even better would be something like some abandoned/historic buildings out there we could 'urban' explore at.

tl;dr: Favorite place in Shawnee National Forest far-ish away from other people?
Anonymous 06/18/14(Wed)23:45 UTC+1 No.335147 Report

Goddamn it, OP, I've been stuck in Mt. Vernon for 4 days after hitting a deer on my way to Arizona, and I seriously considered putting an /out/ Southern Illinois meetup post up here. Figured nobody's bite.

I just got my truck out of the shop and am gonna hit the road either tonight or first thing in the AM. For days I've been thinking about renting a car or trying to hitch a ride to the Shawnee with somebody, but been too lazy/cheap to do so.

Been watching porn and nature documentaries instead, smoking too many cigarettes, and flirting with half-decent chain waitresses.

I wish you had posted this days ago.

tl;dr I have no useful answer to your question, but I'd like to check out the Shawnee at some point.
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)01:19 UTC+1 No.335183 Report

Well by soon, we're looking at a month timetable, so meeting up wouldn't have been in the cards anyways. Good luck on your roadtrip! One of these days I'm going to do Rt. 66.
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)01:56 UTC+1 No.335198 Report

Chicago guy here, always complaining about nothing to do... Is it worth the trip or should I look into Wisconsin areas? I kind of want to overnight backpack and am tired of campsites that are really no more than abandoned lots declared as the outdoors.
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