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So I live in Arizona and...
Anonymous 02/27/14(Thu)06:04 UTC+1 No.277719 Report

So I live in Arizona and started hiking recently. I don't usually go on trails, I just go straight up the side of a mountain or off somewhere random in the desert. Only problem is, as expected in Arizona, there is cacti EVERYWHERE. Going with tennis shoes is terrible because it goes right through the soft soles and through the sides. Can anyone recommend extremely tough and durable boots to use while hiking?
Anonymous 02/27/14(Thu)06:05 UTC+1 No.277720 Report

Cody does it barefoot

Harden the fuck up
Anonymous 02/27/14(Thu)06:07 UTC+1 No.277721 Report

I don't really plan on throwing out all my shoes and walking barefoot everywhere to harden my feet.
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