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So the good people of /k/ have...
Necromancer 02/15/14(Sat)21:11 UTC+1 No.270945 Report

So the good people of /k/ have suggested that I use deer antler for my knife handle.

Problem is... I can't find a good list of where there are deer in South Wales; there are some apparently in Abergavenny but I just want to see if there is anywhere closer to home (Caerphilly).

Any Welshies on here who can point me in the right direction? Will Bucks be dropping their antlers this time of year, or recently (Meaning I might find antler lying around)?

Lastly, would anybody be up for a potential day-hike some time soon in South Wales (Though this would be a very big maybe).
Necromancer 02/15/14(Sat)21:13 UTC+1 No.270947 Report

Oh, and I don't want to kill the deer. Just scavenge for their antlers.
Anonymous 02/15/14(Sat)21:21 UTC+1 No.270952 Report
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Ask any local gamekeepers or...
Ask any local gamekeepers or game butchers for any odds or scraps they have or just for some advice, I'm sure they'd help you out. I saw the /k/ thread, wouldn't necessarily have gone for antler myself but the Helle blank is a nice choice. Let us know how you get on!
Necromancer 02/15/14(Sat)21:23 UTC+1 No.270953 Report


I'll post it both here and on /k/ because... Well, I enjoy that sort of thing.

I don't know any game-keepers or -butchers.
Anonymous 02/15/14(Sat)22:31 UTC+1 No.270979 Report


Try googling to see if there are any shooting estates or the like near you. They'll have an office of some sort, call them up and see if you can get a number for their head stalker or keeper.
Anonymous 02/16/14(Sun)04:46 UTC+1 No.271129 Report

Google and look for any game farms in your area, here in the US there are quite a few elk/white tail deer farms, and they collect the antlers and sell them. I can even go to my local store and get pieces for the dogs to chew on.
Anonymous 02/16/14(Sun)05:18 UTC+1 No.271139 Report

Local butchers in your town. Usually they will know someone who knows someone. Make sure it's a small place, not some big company.

also, post pics of knife blade?

To conclude, I would be interested in a dayhike. Based in NW England, near Liverpool.
Necromancer 02/16/14(Sun)13:32 UTC+1 No.271272 Report

I live in a village with a small independent butchers (Which does quite well) so I might go ask in there.

The main point of this is to keep costs LOW for this knife and going out and finding the antler myself sounds infinitely more sentimental than "So I bought these antlers".

My girlfriend was in Namibia in July and she found a Kudu skull but wasn't allowed to bring it back with her. Can you imagine if she'd gotten some Kudu horns back and I made a knife handle from that?


Nearest is Abergavenny from what I found; there's something about them being in Maesteg and the rest are all West Wales or North Wales.

Could bone be used to make a knife handle? I appreciate that I'd likely be looking for a shoulder blade or something.
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