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File: Boat plans.png-(46 KB, 819x460)
Tips for building a fishing...
Anonymous 03/09/14(Sun)05:33 UTC+1 No.283414 Report

Tips for building a fishing boat from home depot?
I drew out this design ive been day dreaming about at work. Ive checked out youtube videos, using their ideas and basing mine off them. You tube "homemade fishing boats" ive watched almost all of them, if you wanna know my inspiration.
My goal is to build a boat under 100$ initial investment, with addons later (pvc bumpers, motors, etc)

- x2 4x8 sheets of 3/8 inch thick smooth plywood (recommendations on wood?)
- silicon caulk to seal up joints, 2 or 3 coats
-various sized pvc tubes for fishing rod holders,
-bolted down milk crate for gear behind chair
-room for ice chest also, bucket tied up by the front of something.
-big aluminum canoe ore

I have the money to go buy the stuff asap. i have all the equipment to do it, and i have handyman skills.
its just whether or not my design is sea worthy, of calm reservoirs in central texas.
maybe even a river or two?
Ill always have a PFD handy.
try my hardest to keep it in calm waters.

Will start building soon if i get feedback and help. Will keep pictures updated from the moment i cut the wood and start putting it together. Will go to home depot tomorrow if idea is finalized somehow. id just like someone to tell me if my design seems alright or if i should start over. i would like to keep it simple, and be done in 2 weeks. get some bass fishing in ,

i hope my picture explains enough.
I want pvc because i feel a sealed up tube would help keep buoyant, and stable at that.
also keep the wood corners from being damaged.

The whole goal of the project is to fit in the back of the truck, be cheap, have room for addons.
one man fishing dingy,
ms paint your own boat designs, whatever.

itt: boat building
Anonymous 03/09/14(Sun)05:58 UTC+1 No.283428 Report

if its not apparant, its flat bottomed.
should it be v shaped, and same with the front? or is this shape alright as long as i dont mind driving a tank
Anonymous 03/09/14(Sun)07:06 UTC+1 No.283452 Report

>Step 1: learn to draw
Anonymous 03/09/14(Sun)07:13 UTC+1 No.283454 Report

how about you draw a boat faggot
with materials and dimensions included
Anonymous 03/09/14(Sun)07:24 UTC+1 No.283460 Report

As an engineer it makes me physically ill to see those drawings.


Anonymous 03/09/14(Sun)07:30 UTC+1 No.283462 Report


I made something similar in the 6th grade and it was fun, but really not something I'd feel comfortable in as an adult. Do some research on boat building forums, look into stitch and glue boat building, save a few more pennies and build yourself something nice that you can be proud of.

And learn to fuckin' draw, man. That shit's just embarrassing.
Anonymous 03/09/14(Sun)07:47 UTC+1 No.283469 Report

Hope you can swim OP.

Anonymous 03/09/14(Sun)16:05 UTC+1 No.283561 Report


>After seeing that picture
>My fucking sides

OP, if someone presented that to me and didn't say "Boat" I would be extremely confused.

Either way, make REAL plans, and multiple copies of them so you can have different information (1 that shows the general picture, and then various angles and zooms on the specific bits of the craft, you can never have a single, all encompassing plan.....)

2- Learn some carpentry style shit. If you don't know how to work with wood and a hammer, don't even bother with this.

3- Don't let anyone else shoot you down, they'll laugh and say you'll sink etc etc- but this is your boat. You'll know what'll make it work and how to make it go, not them. Then, when you're out cruising the waves they'll be crying.
But yeah...... as someone who has spent years fucking around trying to modify his canoes, I can tell you that DIY seamanship is not as easy task. And I always start with the hard part (The actual boat itself) manufactured........
Anonymous 03/13/14(Thu)00:59 UTC+1 No.285540 Report

A fucking box that only turns on itself, brilliant.
Do it Op.
Anonymous 03/13/14(Thu)01:18 UTC+1 No.285551 Report

lmao fuck you im not gonna draw your stupid ass boat for you. go buy one you if you cant even draw a straight line or use the box tool on MS paint you you cheap ass nigger.
Anonymous 03/13/14(Thu)02:51 UTC+1 No.285578 Report

read a book about stability, and make sure that your M value is high enough.
Anonymous 03/13/14(Thu)06:10 UTC+1 No.285712 Report

this is either the greatest most elaborate troll i have seen in ages, or you are super autistic.

either way good luck
Anonymous 03/13/14(Thu)06:21 UTC+1 No.285714 Report


I'm surprised some variation of one of these hasn't already been posted. I think they cost about sixty bucks to build, don't do the one with the stupid leaky window on the bottom. Based on your spelling and drawing I think one of these would be best, follow the instructions strictly and if it comes out nicely then try one of your ms paint doodles on your second boat.
Anonymous 03/13/14(Thu)06:22 UTC+1 No.285716 Report


>Screen door
>Flex seal

OP you even trying?
Anonymous 03/13/14(Thu)07:52 UTC+1 No.285736 Report

Look up and build a Wackless Lassie. My son and I put a modified version (longer and wider, big enough for an adult and two kids) together two years ago when his sister was born and I was on FMLA using up all my comp time. Great little boat, better than that thing you posted or the one sheet boat in >>285714. Go ahead and use the 1/4" ply for the sides, but put 1/2" in the bottom. And put on a bit of a keel, it'll track better that way. You can lift it and car top it yourself, too. It's only about 40 pounds.

Pick thoroughly related, the maiden voyage.
Anonymous 03/13/14(Thu)08:57 UTC+1 No.285763 Report

I've been thinking of making a small outrigger canoe out of pvc and duct tape. My thrusters made a big one this way that stayed afloat on the open ocean for several hours.

To make it more permanent I was planning to coat the thing with something. Flex Seal seems like a decent choice considering it cheap and easy to find, but I'm open to better suggestions.
Anonymous 03/13/14(Thu)09:27 UTC+1 No.285768 Report

Make the outside out of cotton canvas and paint it with oil based paint.
Anonymous 03/15/14(Sat)18:19 UTC+1 No.286803 Report

If you really want something cheap but useful, go skin on frame
Anonymous 03/15/14(Sat)18:22 UTC+1 No.286806 Report

>Flex Seal seems like a decent choice considering it cheap and easy to find, but I'm open to better suggestions.
No. Use paint. Latex works too. Or silicone sealant thinned with paint thinner.

(tl;dw: "flex seal ruined my boat")
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