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File: Bobcat%2Bby%2BTom%2BOsborne[1].jpg-(391 KB, 1600x1234)
Two questions /out/1) Best...
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)00:33 UTC+1 No.271579 Report

Two questions /out/

1) Best survival guide/general outdoor guide
2) Craziest animal you've seen in the wild

1, I don't know, that's why I am asking.
2, a lynx, I was out hiking and we made eye contact and we watched each other until I passed out of sight.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)00:39 UTC+1 No.271583 Report

i pet a wild black bear once while up in northern ontario. i assume it was a male but i didnt check as i was too caught up in the moment.

best outdoor guide? someone who grew up outdoors, away from the cities. someone who really knows their shit and didnt get it from a book or have to rely on scouts.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)00:50 UTC+1 No.271587 Report

Dunno about #1 o'pea but I too saa lynx (bobcat to be exact) recently.

Heard my cat losing her shit out on the porch, so I went out and she was about to throwdown with a goddamn bobcat 3x her size. And the thing wasn't even afraid of me, I walked toward it and it paid me no mind... meanwhile my cat was rearing back like Bruce Lee. I though she was gonna get shredded.

I pelted it with a snowball and it took off. But the thing was fucking scary... mountain lion head and yellow nasty eyes
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)01:10 UTC+1 No.271590 Report

1) Don't know.
2) Saw a porcupine walking across the road, the other day. Moose are the "craziest," I suppose, just because of the damage they can cause. Have chased black-bears a few times while backpacking (wake up in the night, see bears trying to reach packs, yell and wave sticks while charging to chase them off). Bobcats are pretty, although I've never seen one nearly as big as the guy above me. Never seen a mountain lion--that'd be neat, at a distance.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)01:13 UTC+1 No.271592 Report

moose in the rutt are the worst, they dont let you go until youre out of their area
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)01:14 UTC+1 No.271593 Report

1) Don't know
2) A really fucking crazy rabid racoon
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)01:28 UTC+1 No.271602 Report
File: P4040098.jpg-(125x93)
I don't think anything...
I don't think anything I've seen in my 500 or so dives compares with this cuttlefish I saw in Sydney, AU. I barely even knew these things existed let alone are actually quite large - like the size of a large dog.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)01:33 UTC+1 No.271606 Report

If I had a dollar for every brain you don't have, I'd have one dollar.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)02:05 UTC+1 No.271631 Report

1) Get the fuck /out/ and stop reading books, you'll learn with experience.
2) Define "crazy". Seeing a wild sea otter in the coast near Monterey, Big Sur or Carmel (I forget) was definitely one of those "holy shit, this is so cool" moments. I'm a southern quebecfag, so I don't get to see many animals other than beavers, deer and small game often, sadly.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)02:12 UTC+1 No.271633 Report

The SAS survival guide is really good, I would recommend reading that cover to cover and applying all the relevant knowledge.
Elk are very impressive in person.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)09:52 UTC+1 No.271834 Report

Bobcats can still fuck your shit up.
I love hunting black bears, just to watch them, they're like gigantic five year olds.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)12:09 UTC+1 No.271848 Report

Doom Survival Guide I found a little better. Condensed down the useful stuff from SASSG and a couple of others. Good for both emergencies and long term. Free to download and print off:
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)15:59 UTC+1 No.271903 Report

Oh this is great, thanks!
Everyone is telling me I need hands on experience or to know someone who has hands on experience, but I don't know anyone like that and I'd like a little know how that I can apply later on to get that hands on experience.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)16:16 UTC+1 No.271912 Report

What's the best weapon for dealing with a bobcat attack?
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)16:33 UTC+1 No.271922 Report
File: IMG_20131019_112049.jpg-(125x93)
>>271912A bar...
A bar stool.

Google "bobcat, Chapparal Saloon".

Hell I geuss I'm lucky (but I knew that).

Moose in backyard, AK
Black bear in front yard, NM
150 elk herd, CO
Sea lions, CA
Elk 15 feet away, AZ
Couger, AZ
Pelican, AZ (that's still crazy to me!)

Pic related, Mill Ave bridge for those that don't recognize.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)16:41 UTC+1 No.271930 Report

>A bar stool.
Bull shit, those things are dangerous? I'm talking caliber. I know 9mm probably isn't enough. Would .45 acp be enough or would you have to get into like .357 for bobcats?
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)16:46 UTC+1 No.271932 Report

Did you google the video?

> no


12 ga shotgun is standard for close in fur bearing predators. When I call coyotes I bring my .22-250 and a 12 ga. I have yet to take a bobcat, but did see one.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)16:49 UTC+1 No.271934 Report

I don't always want to lug around a 12 ga though. Especially when I'm taking my dog for walks. I don't want to get mauled by a bobcat and I don't want my dog to get mauled either. I'm not just gonna go run around all the time with a long gun strapped to my back.

For time spent outdoors/bobcats should I just get a 10mm?
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)17:17 UTC+1 No.271952 Report

> no gunz protip

> a can of wasp spray

I keep one by my front door for the Jehova's Witnesses, too.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)17:46 UTC+1 No.271970 Report
File: 1387157386883.jpg-(125x113)
>>271952>I keep one...
>I keep one by my front door for the Jehova's Witnesses, too.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)17:59 UTC+1 No.271980 Report

#1 Don't know
#2 Got between a black bear and its cub once. I thought it was pretty crazy.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)07:28 UTC+1 No.272937 Report


1) some what to do if you get lost in the woods book I had as a kid. years and years later the ray mears rocky mountain episode basically followed the book. This was a book for 10 years old or less but really to the point.

2. been snuck up on by a few grizzlies. saw a cougar walking down a bike path near downtown coming home the same night I almost hit a grizzlie up in the mountains.
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