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Anonymous 06/11/14(Wed)19:31 UTC+1 No.331293 Report

Well /out/ buddy and myself are into week 1 of our cross country backpacking trip here. We've changed our initial plans and are going to be doing a stretch of the Appalachian trail vs following the Mississippi to the south from Michigan. Any pro tips for staying warm at nights in our tarp tents? Also chaffing is a pretty big problem now any preventative measures?
Anonymous 06/11/14(Wed)20:05 UTC+1 No.331310 Report

re:chaffing you can either get some baby powder or rub some vaseline on your inner thighs.

staying warm at night innatarp? i dunno, sleep together i guess.
Anonymous 06/11/14(Wed)21:03 UTC+1 No.331334 Report

while rubbing your cocks
Anonymous 06/11/14(Wed)22:06 UTC+1 No.331380 Report

Anonymous 06/11/14(Wed)22:11 UTC+1 No.331382 Report

to stay warm
Anonymous 06/11/14(Wed)22:17 UTC+1 No.331390 Report

I think that would be a bit gay.
Anonymous 06/11/14(Wed)22:32 UTC+1 No.331407 Report

its not, you say no homo and its all good
Anonymous 06/11/14(Wed)23:02 UTC+1 No.331422 Report

Use a sleeping bag
Yesrod85 06/12/14(Thu)00:51 UTC+1 No.331467 Report

As far as staying warm in the tarp, use a 0 or 20 degree down bag. An air mattress (featherlite) or foam pad can do wonders too, as well as liner sheet for bag. Obviously you want to stay as light as possible.
Chaffing sucks. Did around 500 miles last summer on Colorado Trail and the best measure I found against chaffing was proper fitting, syntheitic/moisture wicking clothing that fit snuggly. Terramar/Exofficio boxer briefs did me wonders teamed with gym/running shorts.
Cheers on your trek!
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)02:06 UTC+1 No.331492 Report

Re:warmth. Sleeping bag+pad. Be sure to rig the tarp in such a way that the wind blows against the back, not into the front. If you're still to cold, lay down a six inch deep layer of leaf matter to further insulate you from the ground.

RE: chaffing. Wear proper underwear. Bring Corn starch or talk.
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)06:46 UTC+1 No.331618 Report

I've hiked over 900 miles of the AT this year, with a tarptent. For the last few weeks, I had no trouble at all with staying warm. Just take any foam or inflatable sleeping pad. I've seen people get away with two sleeping bag liners and no bag, and I myself have slept on top of my bag on a few occasions. At this time of the year, almost any sleeping bag is OK.

About the chafing: Bodyglide is the more expensive and less messy alternative to vaseline.
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)15:14 UTC+1 No.331735 Report

Tip to the wise: going north to south is not a "cross-country" trip. You need to go east to west, or west to east.
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)16:14 UTC+1 No.331752 Report

or Weast to East. I said Weast
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