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Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)05:20 UTC+1 No.358113 Report

can /out/ recommend me a hammock.
i'm getting tired of using a tent when i go backpacking.
>pic somewhat related
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)20:50 UTC+1 No.358499 Report

Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)21:29 UTC+1 No.358530 Report


I have an eno single nest hammock. Have had it for 5 years. You can buy a bug net and a rain fly for it, too. I just load up with bug spray before I go to sleep and I use the rain fly from my tent because I'm a cheap ass. But yea eno (eagles nest outfitters) makes a good hammock. They make a double nest, too
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)21:50 UTC+1 No.358537 Report

I wanna get a hammock to just sleep innadoors kek
Edward Huguenin 08/01/14(Fri)07:14 UTC+1 No.359958 Report
File: Jungle Hammock.jpg-(125x88)
This what I use and love...
This what I use and love it.

Designed for extreme wet jungle climates. Camouflage waterproof fabric. 100% waterproof, and there is a double bottom layer to slide a foam pad in for snow and winter camping. Longer, stronger and heavier than the Expedition Hammock, so it can handle taller and heavier people. The Diamond shaped Rain Fly Sheet has 4 reinforced attach points and comes with 4 lines. Elastic cords hold the mosquito netting away from your face. This hammock is used by the Foreign Legion in French Guiana, the Italian Marines, the South African Defense Force, the British Special Forces, Irish Guards and Queens Guards. This is our best hammock and should last 5 years of hard use. If you don't need the mosquito netting, then just flip the hammock over and sleep on the other side (with the netting hanging down below). Color: Camouflage or Dark Olive. Stuff Sack: Camouflage or Dark Olive. Material: 244 ripstop Nylon. Hammock Dimensions: 300cm long x 125cm wide (9' 9" long x 4' wide). Comfortable for a person up to 7' 5" and 350 pounds. Rain Sheet Dimensions: Diamond shape - 400cm long x 300cm wide & 250cm along each side (13' long x 10' wide). Stuff Sack Dimensions: 30cm high x `8cm wide. Weight: 1.5kg. (3lbs.) for Hammock & Fly. http://www.mosquitohammock.com/
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