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Anonymous 02/15/14(Sat)17:15 UTC+1 No.270805 Report


that's how you hunt
Necromancer 02/15/14(Sat)17:54 UTC+1 No.270821 Report


I'm not anti-hunting, but did he really need to kill that many boar? How long does boar meat keep when frozen and how long would that much meat last for, say, a family of five?
Anonymous 02/15/14(Sat)17:56 UTC+1 No.270822 Report

Boars are officially a pest in many places. They breed like crazy and tear up farmland and stuff.

Some places have contests for the largest amount of wild boars you can bring in.
Necromancer 02/15/14(Sat)17:57 UTC+1 No.270823 Report


Fair enough, presuming they were a pest there as well but I have no idea.

In that case, it does look like a lot of fun and like it takes a huge degree of skill to hit that many moving targets in such quick succession.
Anonymous 02/16/14(Sun)04:51 UTC+1 No.271130 Report

More people need to go out and slaughter hogs.
Anonymous 02/16/14(Sun)06:24 UTC+1 No.271161 Report

Boars are pests, overpopulate, overrun other wildlife, and cause lots of damage.

This video is about wolves but can put it into perspective. http://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/how-wolves-change-rivers/#.Uv-drGkE67W.facebook
Anonymous 02/16/14(Sun)08:52 UTC+1 No.271202 Report

Fuckin krauts slap shit down.
Anonymous 02/16/14(Sun)12:33 UTC+1 No.271259 Report

archery is fun too
Anonymous 02/16/14(Sun)13:48 UTC+1 No.271274 Report
File: tumblr_lz6uft0UPf1qzwmss-1024x768.jpg-(125x93)
>>270805thx op nice...
thx op nice video! i also watched the whole interview with Franz-Albrecht Oettingen.
Also thx again. beacuse of the videos i now know there is a 300m indoor range and 100m shoot cinema a bit less then 30 min from my home
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)18:21 UTC+1 No.273793 Report

And here we have the american hunter at work.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)18:33 UTC+1 No.273797 Report


That was pathetic. I think i could do better and i've never shot a rifle before.
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)09:16 UTC+1 No.274111 Report

Love hunting with lighted nocks.
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