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>it started raining pretty...
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)17:01 UTC+1 No.277186 Report

>it started raining pretty heavily while I was out
>rain for hours and hours non stop
>at 5:00 pm sun started coming down and sky cleared a bit while still raining
>mfw the rain shining in the warm sun
>mfw the pine trees where sparkling like they were covered in gold
>mfw the drizzling rain in the woods made rainbows all around me

Fucking magic, I wish I was a better photograper to share what I saw with you.
But I'm not, so yeah... sorry.
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)17:28 UTC+1 No.277193 Report

Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)18:28 UTC+1 No.277216 Report

Don't make me fukng gob your cunt m8
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)18:47 UTC+1 No.277229 Report


I had this experience in the mountains. it was pretty scary while it was happening as there was a thunderstorm, I was in a hammock with a tarp over it, and I was in a valley, but when the rain broke it was beautiful
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)18:53 UTC+1 No.277238 Report


I know that feel opius pecar
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)19:50 UTC+1 No.277261 Report

confirmed redneck pleb
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)20:51 UTC+1 No.277320 Report

Wow, sounds beautiful OP!

Where are you from? I live in the pine barrens/coastal plains east coast so we have plenty of pines.

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen is the marshlands reflecting sun from west in the evening while a heavy blue sky develops in the east. Gold and blue; royal colors.
Anonymous 02/27/14(Thu)01:47 UTC+1 No.277579 Report

So since this thread was doomed to begin with. Can someone tell me what that picture means? I've seen it everywhere in all sorts of different outfits and such, and I have no idea what it means.
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