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kayaking general Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)19:19 UTC+1 No.336832 Report

going kayaking later today

does anyone have some good ideas for improvised drypacks/cell phone carrying devices?
im thinking about just using a mason jar... anyone got some better ideas?
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)19:29 UTC+1 No.336840 Report

how much did your kayak cost, OP? I was looking at second hand ones today and they seem to range from $250-$1500.

how much do you think a beginner kayaker should spend on one?
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)19:34 UTC+1 No.336843 Report

mason jar would be a great idea if it had a waterprof seal i would still throw it iin a plastic bag or 2 as a backup i keep mine just double or triple bagged
for a first kayak you want to get something somewhat cheap because then you can learn what you like and dont like in a kayak
you have to consider sit on vs sit in and all the other things you want
i wouldnt spend more than $500 on a first kayak and thats if you know exactly what you want
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)19:44 UTC+1 No.336848 Report

Plastic bags in plastic bags. For next time, buy a cheap phone to take /out/, so if it does get ruined, it isn't so bad.
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)20:48 UTC+1 No.336869 Report

what do you want to use your kayak for? Oceans and lakes need bigger kayaks than rivers and rapids.

I spent 400$ on my 12ft ascend on CL. Came with a pretty good paddle, and pfd. I live in south Florida and haven't had any issues paddling in lakes, the ocean, or the everglades.
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)21:23 UTC+1 No.336885 Report

Any opinions on the Raptor SOT kayak? It's lookin' mighty fine, and I haven't seen a bad review yet.

The cargo area is a big sell point for me - I'm a canoe guy and hate the idea of not beimg able to havr much gear in a kayak, but this looks like a good compromise.

Mostly would be used for coastal Florida fishing, but inland stuff as well.

Only potential downside I can conjure is it might pick up some resistance in thebwater due to tge double back, but all reviews have said it does fine, and that it's stable as can be.

Can anybody with more kayak knowledge than me give me some imput? Weighs 65lbs, 350lb load limit. I'm 160lbs, and I'd love to take it along the coast and do some beach camping.
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)21:29 UTC+1 No.336889 Report

One more picture, because boat porn.
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)21:37 UTC+1 No.336896 Report

Double ziplock bags (the freezer bags are better than sandwich bags). You want more than one layer of protection just in case.

I usually keep mine in a Coghlan's waterproof pouch inside a drybag (after learning the hard way that roll top bags aren't 100% waterproof)
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)20:10 UTC+1 No.337880 Report

Does /out/ into WW?

ZET Raptor or no Raptor.
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)00:14 UTC+1 No.337963 Report

how could a carry a large backpack on a kayak?
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)07:41 UTC+1 No.338218 Report


Put it in a garbage bag, strap it down.
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)07:52 UTC+1 No.338221 Report

kayaking is for fags

real men canoe
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)08:14 UTC+1 No.338225 Report

Well OP, I learned the hard way this weekend. Paddling down a twisty river with a lot of debris, I went sideways on a strong current and flipped my kayak over, filling it with water. After I dragged it to shore, drained it with the help of the buddy I was with and realized that my beer was gone, I took a look at my phone. I had it tucked in a water resistant backpack inside two ziploc bags. It got wet. I just turned it on for the first time today after letting it sit in desiccant, and it turns on but the screen does weird shit. You get what you pay for. When it comes to dry boxes/bags, the cheap options will tend to fail when you need them the most. Redundancy is your best friend, whether it be a ziploc bag inside a mason jar or an otterbox inside a drybag. I will be dropping the money some new equipment because a lot of the bodies of water I paddle do not have accessible maps and I've come to rely on my smartphone for navigation when I'm lost. The cheap options served me well for years, but one mistake may cost me a few hundred dollars in a new phone.
Canoeing is my preferred over the two, but I always say that it doesn't matter what kind of craft you're paddling as long as you're paddling
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)09:44 UTC+1 No.338249 Report

That sucks man. I just burned out 2 iPhones packrafting. I didn't have an upgrade to get another one and was low on money so I had to go like a month with no phone. Fuck cheap dry bags.
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)22:20 UTC+1 No.338513 Report

I lucked out as of this morning. I popped the battery in my phone and turned it on it's working just fine now. Going to wait on a replacement for a few days and see how it works. But lesson learned either way. I will100% agree, and my buddy whose phone did not survive would also: fuck cheap dry bags.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)17:48 UTC+1 No.339393 Report

How much is there to learn about kayaking?
I used to do this regularly with my uncle and I think I have a basic idea of launching, paddling, navigating etc.
Now I want to plan my own trip and was wondering.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)19:34 UTC+1 No.339424 Report

There's a lot to learn -- just like any sport. How much you /need/ to learn depends on the trip.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)22:54 UTC+1 No.339470 Report

Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)21:13 UTC+1 No.339875 Report

Beach bump
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)21:18 UTC+1 No.339876 Report

No. my life is literally worth millions of dollars and the company would flip their shit if i did something like that.
/K/ Reporting in sir 06/28/14(Sat)22:39 UTC+1 No.339908 Report


Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)23:18 UTC+1 No.339927 Report

> the Company Man said NO

Dude. Go to the Hobie Forums and check out the Adventure Island sub-forum, we are strong with the yak-force...
Anonymous 07/01/14(Tue)18:40 UTC+1 No.341361 Report

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