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Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)11:20 UTC+1 No.2356216 Report

Fujifilm X-T1 or Sony a7?
Which one has the best video options?
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)11:29 UTC+1 No.2356218 Report

A camcorder.
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)14:28 UTC+1 No.2356275 Report

No doubt the Sony and this is coming from someone who owns a lot of the current Fuji gear.

If you want a good mix between good stills and good video Canon, Sony and the GH line are all pretty good.
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)14:36 UTC+1 No.2356276 Report

Just get a GH4 and call it a day.
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)15:40 UTC+1 No.2356317 Report

Neither, but a camcorder should suit your needs.

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