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GoPro for video is pretty good Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)05:11 UTC+1 No.2360809 Report

Honestly not shitposting, just trying to learn.

What is it about GoPros that allow them to get consistently good video?

Is there something special about the sensor?

I mean I know it doesn't compare with a dSLR, but for something that size I don't understand how it gets that kind of video
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)05:27 UTC+1 No.2360810 Report

Because of exposure. Not in the photography sense, but in the fact that in 2014, most amateur video is either shot on a cellphone or with a gopro. And the gopro is superior to the cell phone, amirite?
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)06:05 UTC+1 No.2360834 Report

There's nothing really special about them, and their reliability is very poor. You must be comparing them to trash.
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)06:38 UTC+1 No.2360853 Report

I think most of it is the actual subject - not the camera.

When you're watching gopros strapped to extreme sports guys or skydivers, of course it's going to be amazing if you get half-decent video.

If you point a gopro at some guy giving a speech or try to do real filming with it, its going to completely SUCK.

So yeah, if getting really difficult shots is your thing and money is tight, gopros are cool.

You could also get a waterproof case for a great point and shoot.
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)08:03 UTC+1 No.2360911 Report

the best way to use a go pro is as an intervalometer camera. i haven't had one since the original came out and cost a fuck ton, now you can get a fancy HD model at walmart for like half of what the original one cost.

if they ever make a go pro without a shitty fisheye lens and a sony sensor i'll reconsider. until then i never had a desire to buy one after my first one fell off of my motorcycle jumping railroad tracks and getting some sick air.
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)08:13 UTC+1 No.2360916 Report

>sony sensor
Are there other better options?
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)23:22 UTC+1 No.2361940 Report


My opinion, quality of Go Pro is all about wide angle. The wide angle ensures deep focus / ease of focus. In video, constant tack sharp focus is essential, especially in a run and gun situation.

Their capture format is probably optimized for motion.

The camera's auto features are probably optimized for clear motion too. So things like keeping the frame rate high. With a wide angle lens, you can sacrifice f stop and still get deep focus.

Any shooter could get go pro results with a wide angle lens on a full manual camera if they know what they're doing. The focal length might even be fixed on go pros. I don't know, never shot with one or looked at the specs, only seen the footage.

Most video cameras are optimized for deep focus / auto focus which is why using a still camera to get the same results is difficult if you have no idea how to shoot.
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)23:33 UTC+1 No.2361945 Report

>I think most of it is the actual subject - not the camera.

I largely agree to that.

But the quality itself is also decent even compared to what "serious" cameras offered just a few years back.
Video has come a long way in recent times.

>sony sensor
You know nothing.
Sony makes amazing sensors for video.
Anonymous 07/13/14(Sun)00:36 UTC+1 No.2361975 Report

>Sony makes amazing sensors for video.
Sony makes amazing sensors full stop, Nikon agrees.
Sony's biggest problem is squeezing too many pixels onto small sensors and getting noise issues, but all of their Alpha range are amazing
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