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ken rockwell 06/22/14(Sun)19:04 UTC+1 No.2346465 Report

Hey /p/

I've got my first wedding coming up this weekend. I'm a bit worried with regards to framing and finding the right angles. It's only a budget wedding.

I normally do studio stuff and its quite relaxed etc. I've done a few (2-3) relatively large gig's, so I'm used to being on my feet etc, just as above, I'm worried about the angles etc.

I've got a second shooter to help me with the group stuff (600D, kit 18-55), I'm focusing more on candids and stuff with a 5D3, 70-200/50 1.4 I like to shoot available light when possible although I do have a TTL strobe if I end up needing it.

I absolutely hate the cheap looking and forced poses with the B&G, do good things end up happening?

Any pointers or tips?
>Pic semi related, I love the colours.
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)20:22 UTC+1 No.2346517 Report

If you don't like cheap poses, learn how to properly pose them.

Marriage is usually a formal event, so posing is expected. Candids are good, but grandma like to see from head to toe, and that's it.

Roberto Valenzuela has a great course on creative live about wedding, I'm pretty sure you can find it (legally or not)
ken rockwell 06/23/14(Mon)00:40 UTC+1 No.2346733 Report

I've seen some of Sue Bryce and Joe buissink stuff on CL but not Roberto. I'll give that him a look. (From what I've seen already I do like)

I know the basics of posing, i.e have the ladies cross their legs + turn to the side to "flatten" their body as opposed to being front on etc. And the positioning of people in group shots. I.e important people in the middle and gradually spanning out to the more distant relatives. But when it comes to creative posing etc. I don't really have much of an idea.
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