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Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)12:20 UTC+1 No.2356918 Report

I just moved back to Windows after using Linux editing applications for the last few years.

What are the best plugins to use with Lightroom/Photoshop.
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)12:25 UTC+1 No.2356919 Report

>I just moved back to wearing pants after using skirts for the last few years.
>What are the best pants?
You have to at least give us some context on what you want to do. And do your own damn research on fucking Google before that.

>inb4 oh you know, just general photo editing
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)12:45 UTC+1 No.2356929 Report


Black and White film emulation.
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)12:50 UTC+1 No.2356934 Report

What do you need plugins for?

LR and PS can do pretty much everything you need out of the box.
If anything they have too many features.
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)12:52 UTC+1 No.2356936 Report

You can still get black and white film. No need to emulate what already exists
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)12:53 UTC+1 No.2356938 Report

You're a cunt, m8.
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)12:54 UTC+1 No.2356942 Report

Nik Collection
VSCO (/p/ trashes it but clients love it)

That's about it really, you don't really need plugins at all though.
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)12:55 UTC+1 No.2356945 Report


I know. I have a fridge full of the stuff but I also take digital photos.
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)16:05 UTC+1 No.2357050 Report

I really like vsco film for Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro for photoshop.
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)16:13 UTC+1 No.2357053 Report

>film emulation
All the emulation plugins are shit.
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)16:50 UTC+1 No.2357073 Report


I forgot about NIK colection. I actually bought it years ago. I'll just pirate it now because Google owns them.
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)16:53 UTC+1 No.2357075 Report

>>I just moved back to wearing pants after using skirts for the last few years.
>>What are the best pants?

he said Linux, not OSX

>Just moved back to wearing pants after using KILTS for the last few years
>what are good things to carry in your pocket?
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