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Photoshop help Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)16:33 UTC+1 No.2372119 Report

Hello! Im asking for advice here since google aint of much help. I want to increase the resolution of my phograph to use for my visa card but cant find a way to do it. Any takers?
shiro 07/26/14(Sat)16:39 UTC+1 No.2372120 Report

Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)16:40 UTC+1 No.2372121 Report

Google isn't much help and neither is /p/ because you can't increase the resolution of a photo.

Either find a different one with a higher resolution and use that or deal with it.
shiro 07/26/14(Sat)16:50 UTC+1 No.2372123 Report

1050x670 is enough to print on a visa card. He probably wants to scale it up for application, not actually increase the resolution
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)16:55 UTC+1 No.2372125 Report

So he doesn't actually need to do anything to do the photo to make it usable.
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