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Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)22:47 UTC+1 No.2361363 Report

>being paid to shoot small random event for some tech company.
>gig is wrapping up decide to go outside and take some random shots of the city at dusk.
>sitting in front of hotel smoking a cigarette.
>random Drunk guy with drunk bitches in tow approach me.
>"Hey, Your a photographer! me and my friends are models, will you take some pictures of us?"
>from the looks of them they're either hand models or amateur internet porn models.
>tell them I'm out of business cards, but I could give them my work number if they want to schedule a shoot.
>"no I mean can you take pictures of us now for free, for our facebook."
>hell no, so I hold up my DSLR and tell them its out of film.
>"its ok I have a camera with me. and if you take our pictures my friend here with blow you."
>don't take the offer seriously, and i'm not into girls anyway.
>i agree just to get them gone.
>"wheres you camera?"
>she hands me her smartphone.
>after i try to get her camera phone working, she get impatient.
>"i thought you were a photographer?" she huffs.
"i thought you had a camera" i reply jokingly
>for some reason this causes her meathead boyfriend to get me tough guy stare.
>i ignore it and finally get her camera app working.
>tell them to gather around and step back so i can frame the shot.
>as i'm trying to get the auto focus to work in low light the camera slips from my hands.
>the camera manages to land face down on the only pebble sitting on the concrete side walk.
>she picks up her phone and flips her shit.
>"its broken" she wails like i just broke her fucking arm.
>"he did that on purpose" her friend yells.
>apologize and start to walk towards the hotel door.
>meathead gets in front of me and tells him i better pay him $500 for a new phone or he's gonna "wreck my shit"
>calmly tell him that i will not pay for his Tramps phone, while i slip the canister of sabre red from my belt and give it a shake behind my back.
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)22:53 UTC+1 No.2361367 Report

Stale pasta
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)23:08 UTC+1 No.2361383 Report


>he grabs my camera and tries to tear it from my neck.
>proceed to release a steady stream of liquid pain directly into his eyes, nose and mouth.
>he collapses and screams.
>his girlfriend screams and jumps on my back hitting me.
>i throw her to the ground and she gets maced.
>her friends run towards the scene and i mace them just for good measure.
>tell everyone to stay on the ground.
>they don't listen and try to get up.
>he gets maced.
>she gets maced
>i'm now out of mace.
>squad cars show up, my gear is set aside and i'm told to wait by the car.
>amberlamps shows up and treats "victims" for they're boo boos. while police listen to their conflicting lies about how i smashed her phone and assaulted them.
>one of the hotel staff comes out and takes an officer inside to show him security footage.
>he comes back and lets me go after i give him my statement.
>meathead and girlfriend get taken away in cuffs for assault.
>two other girls are sent home with pubic intoxication citations.
>hotel apologizes since it was on their property and relocates me to a better room with a bunch of comped shit for the remainder of my stay.
>take the train home 2 days later.
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)23:12 UTC+1 No.2361389 Report

>>he grabs my camera
did he leave any marks?
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)23:18 UTC+1 No.2361391 Report

no, i maced him as soon as he touched it. he did make the built in flash pop up.
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)23:23 UTC+1 No.2361393 Report

>pubic intoxication
i giggled
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)23:26 UTC+1 No.2361397 Report

>and i'm not into girls anyway.
>built in flash
lol fag
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)23:29 UTC+1 No.2361398 Report

but m8, there are nice cameras with popup flash
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)23:33 UTC+1 No.2361400 Report

Name one
KP 07/11/14(Fri)23:41 UTC+1 No.2361403 Report

nikon d800
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)23:44 UTC+1 No.2361404 Report

who the fuck carries mace with them
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)23:47 UTC+1 No.2361406 Report

70D isn't too much of a slouch in the camera body department on the canon side either
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)23:49 UTC+1 No.2361407 Report

lel did you just really saythat?
Anonymous 07/11/14(Fri)23:51 UTC+1 No.2361409 Report

Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)01:30 UTC+1 No.2361431 Report

This whole situation could easily have been avoided if OP had just said 'no, I have work to do inside', and walked back into the hotel.
No drama, no mace, no police, no hassles, no green text.
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)02:34 UTC+1 No.2361450 Report

several hasselblads
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)03:11 UTC+1 No.2361467 Report

YOU broke their phone regardless you little shit, you should've paid for it
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)05:43 UTC+1 No.2361503 Report

not really.

When you hand a phone to a stranger, you are still liable for it. Just like insurance companies and cars.
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)06:40 UTC+1 No.2361514 Report


lel implying it's not true.

7D also has pop up flash. Where is your God now?
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)07:43 UTC+1 No.2361526 Report

Here's an idea for free money:
>lube up a phone
>ask a stranger to take your picture with it
>hand stranger lubed phone
>phone slips out of strangers hands
>stranger giebs monies
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)07:45 UTC+1 No.2361527 Report

>Mfw this wouldn't work for me because dropping my phone from head height onto concrete doesn't do a thing to it

Fucking piece of shit phone but it's invincible
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)08:24 UTC+1 No.2361537 Report

more like
>lube up a phone
>ask a stranger to take your picture with it
>hand stranger lubed phone
>phone slips out of strangers hands
>stranger maces the fuck out of me in muh companions.
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)09:09 UTC+1 No.2361548 Report


you're not a fucking insurance company, if i ask you to keep an eye on my kid while i go to piss and you beat him to dead you're still responsible you fucking idiot, you broke someone elses property without their consent, period


that's easily demonstrable fraud, op was taking a picture with a normal phone under normal circumstances and he broke it, doesn't matter if it was an accident
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)10:14 UTC+1 No.2361559 Report

A kid isn't property for one you fucking moron, and beating someone to death is a bit of a ridiculous analogy. When you hand your property to a stranger, you're taking responsibility for how they may handle/mishandle it, unless there is a record of agreement that the party holding it would be liable for damage.

That's why when you rent equipment you have to sign a bunch of shit that says you're responsible for any misuse, breakage etc.
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)10:14 UTC+1 No.2361560 Report

legit lol'd
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)10:18 UTC+1 No.2361563 Report

Oh and by leaving your kid with a stranger you would be charged with criminal negligence.
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