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Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)16:39 UTC+1 No.6612474 Report

A way to solve the Riesel, Sierpinski and Brier problems, while having fun.

How it will work:

A board game manufacturer makes a game that works like this:

The Riesel edition will have primes less than 509203 written on cards, the Sierpinski, 78557 and the Brier 143665583045350793098657. The job of the player is to test each of these primes to see if they fit the parameters of being Riesel, Sierpinski or Brier. If the player finds a number that they believe fits the parameters of Riesel, Sirpinski or Brier number then they send their work to an authoritative prime number source where they are immortalized. The only issue with this is the Brier set, I think that this may be for only the most dedicated because of all the primes.
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)17:55 UTC+1 No.6612563 Report

bump need input
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)02:25 UTC+1 No.6613417 Report

cmon, even you stupid biologists are welcome to give your opinion here
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)02:47 UTC+1 No.6613461 Report

sounds incredibly dull.
I take it you've only played board games created before 1990.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)03:09 UTC+1 No.6613506 Report

The point is not really to find an answer to these problems, the point is HOW to find the answer to these problems without brute force.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)16:07 UTC+1 No.6614437 Report

no its not you fool
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