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Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)17:37 UTC+1 No.6616446 Report

Does this guy really portray cream of the crop scientists?
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)17:41 UTC+1 No.6616450 Report

He kinda looks like Robert Oppenheimer.
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)17:46 UTC+1 No.6616459 Report

No. Contrary to popular belief, most top scientists aren't ridiculously autistic.

Physicists and mathematicians, however, do have a tendency to be a bit off- but not by way of autism. More often, they abuse heavy drugs.
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)17:47 UTC+1 No.6616460 Report

No he doesn't and the whole show is horrid. For example, Sheldon was watching t.v and his blonde roommate comes in and asks what he's doing. Shedolm replies he's watching Battle Star Galacta. The laugh track starts playing because he said this. They're audience are suppose to laugh at him merely because he watches the show just because the words sounds funny and he's a sci-fi fan. They're laughing at nerds which is why I hate the show.

I rarely see people with my similar personality who are the main character and in a positive spotlight.. People who like me that are theatrical, analytical, and observant. In the media, they're portrayed as nerdy loser or mad scientist.
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)18:05 UTC+1 No.6616493 Report

Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)18:46 UTC+1 No.6616562 Report

Yes, definitely portrays computer scientists well.
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)18:48 UTC+1 No.6616563 Report

I fucking hate this show.

No. No I'm fucking not. Fuck that show.
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)18:51 UTC+1 No.6616569 Report

The only person portrayed by Sheldon is Anon of 4chan
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)19:18 UTC+1 No.6616622 Report

>People who like me that are theatrical, analytical, and observant
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