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Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)22:34 UTC+1 No.6735684 Report

Hey /sci/,

Does someone have this as a .pdf?

Also general discussion about the book: was it easy to understand and what fraction is the proof/biographical?
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)10:21 UTC+1 No.6736748 Report

Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)10:24 UTC+1 No.6736751 Report

Just watch the documentary on it, I'm sure they're largely similar. The documentary is very easy to understand and doesn't mention anything a layman couldn't understand.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)10:30 UTC+1 No.6736758 Report

I read it about a month ago in Italian, so I can't help with the pdf. It has almost no math actually, it's more like a biography of the problem. It talks from ancient Greece to the present how the math needed to describe the problem was created and developed, how the problem was born and the various attempts at solving it, concluding with the difficulties Wiles encountered writing his proof. I myself learned about various math concepts that I didn't know of, but the book isn't apt to "understand" them. I enjoyed it, but it's more an historical book than a math book. I recommend reading it, but if you want to actually understand Wiles' Proof (or just some of the concepts used in it) this isn't the right book.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)10:31 UTC+1 No.6736759 Report

Well I saw the mobi link and said no, I'll take the pdf - and then it wasn't a pdf, or I didn't pay enough attention.

Either way, there are at least 2 links for that text in English on libgen, beware the format.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)10:31 UTC+1 No.6736763 Report

I've read the book and I agree that the documentary is better.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)10:35 UTC+1 No.6736773 Report

Link to documentary?
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)10:41 UTC+1 No.6736781 Report

Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)10:43 UTC+1 No.6736782 Report

This isn't the actual documentary, but it's basically the same.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)10:50 UTC+1 No.6736786 Report

A 10 year old could understand it fine.
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