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Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)22:15 UTC+1 No.6735640 Report

How does one decide what field to focus on? I am interested in computer science, electrical engineering, math, physics, material science, chemistry, nanotechnology, biology, biochemestry, neurology and psychology. But one only lives once and has a limited time on earth so it's not possible to become versed at all fields. So how does one choose if everything seems equally interesting?
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)22:23 UTC+1 No.6735655 Report

It's easy to be interested in all fields because it all IS interesting. You've really just got to hone in on your own skill set and see what matches the best. Do what comes natural and what you're good at. I understand this is a difficult thing to figure out, but it really does just take a bit of trial and error.
The biggest issue is that simple classes in all of these subjects are quite mundane so you don't really know how cool it can be until you're doing higher level work, which of course requires proficiency in it (and you can't afford to learn it all). My advice would be to learn the common cores of it all (scientific reasoning, history, and especially mathematics) and slowly find interesting applications you can diverge your attention into, and just immerse yourself in it when you've found something particularly piquing your interest.
You've really got to ask yourself: are you the type of person that is really interested in learning the foundation of something, and do you tend to see the importance of structure? Learn mathematics, or philosophy, or theoretical work. Or are you more interested in applying novel new ideas to scenarios, and hopefully good at keeping yourself up when you fail multiple times over? Try engineering, computer science, etc. Do you enjoy figuring out in depth how the world works? Try physics, chemistry, bio. Etc.
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)22:51 UTC+1 No.6735735 Report

What you like > what you're good at > what makes the most money/ allows for your preferred lifestyle

In that order. As far as determining these answers do your research, take some classes, shadow people in the industry. I flipped from business major (didn't know what to do) to biotech because it held for me a combination of all three points above.
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)23:01 UTC+1 No.6735759 Report

Chances are you're not interested in any of those, but you think you are since you equate them with fancy-sounding so-sciency futuristic i-love-science buzzwords.

Seriously study each of them one by one and you'll be lucky if you come out being interested in even one of them.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)04:22 UTC+1 No.6736318 Report

>computer science
algorithms, computers and math, understanding this will make you understand how computers affect our world!! It's facinating

>electrical engineering
It's about all things electrical, how do they work, why, and understanding them, it's fascinating

It's derived from logic itself, and has many practical uses! It has many interesting fields.

It's the study of how everything works, space, mass, time, it attempts to answer how the universe behaves

It's the study of the mass, and how it reacts.

It's the study of all living things and it's enviroment

The study of how brains work, it's interesting

wat, psychology is just statistics, it's fucking bullshit
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)04:27 UTC+1 No.6736331 Report

Talk to profs who do the research you're interested in.

Know their papers before you talk to them.

Show that you are capable and willing to work long hours for a potentially vague, basic cause.

Repeat until you find something you enjoy and excel in.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)04:32 UTC+1 No.6736340 Report

>The study of how brains work, it's interesting
>wat, psychology is just statistics, it's fucking bullshit

same kek different degree
neurologists are MDs who work on nerve related medical problems

psychologists are PhDs. Their specialties include neuroscience, cognitive science, machine learning, sensory integration, behavioral analysis, etc.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)04:54 UTC+1 No.6736361 Report

>machine learning
>not being statistics
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)05:15 UTC+1 No.6736384 Report

you in high school or just plain stupid
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)05:29 UTC+1 No.6736410 Report

Sorry to ask this but I'm kinda new on 4chan. Is this the correct board to ask about psychological issues?
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)05:31 UTC+1 No.6736415 Report

not really, but a good place to talk to people with them.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)05:56 UTC+1 No.6736457 Report

Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)05:57 UTC+1 No.6736458 Report

no u
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)05:59 UTC+1 No.6736461 Report


Dude throw a dice.

Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)05:59 UTC+1 No.6736465 Report

If someone held a gun to your held and ask which major you're interested in and if you blurt out the wrong one you want, he'll shoot you, which major would you say?
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)06:00 UTC+1 No.6736466 Report

Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)06:00 UTC+1 No.6736467 Report

Your only chance is to make the singularity happen before you die so it can give you immortality

so math and comp sci it is. anything else is a waste
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)06:01 UTC+1 No.6736471 Report


Are you good at Math? Can you get to Calculus III and Physics III? No? There goes 99% of those fields.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)06:03 UTC+1 No.6736473 Report

tfw the only you see yourself good at is killing, but the military won't accept anyone that doesn't have 15 credits of above 101 classes. That feel when 26.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)06:14 UTC+1 No.6736505 Report

maybe you can try with yourself
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)16:36 UTC+1 No.6737037 Report

I'm interested in pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering, since it seems to be overlooked. Good idea, bad idea?
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