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I need to come up with an...
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)08:22 UTC+1 No.6734807 Report

I need to come up with an independent project idea for physics credit. 300-level. Background being calc-based physics, classical mechanics, plenty of math (as that's my major, I just dig physics too).

More specifically, a thermodynamics/statistical mechanics project. Lab components. It's only 2 credit, and we'll be doing a number of projects, so nothing crazy big/difficult.
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)08:44 UTC+1 No.6734820 Report

Pressure-based alarm block.

You have this block, attached to a pressure-based receptor.

Based on the type of receptor attachment area, and force pressed (manipulated, x shit), the noise made from the alarm will go up/down. (the y shit)

There's a simple project. I hope you guys know how to arduino. This is basically a piece of cube that makes noise, depending on how strong you hit it, and what kind of plates you used to capture the hits.
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)09:07 UTC+1 No.6734836 Report

Interesting thanks! Is there much analysis to be made on this system? It seems like a fairly basic data collection thing from my half-drunk skim.

I'm interested also in Control Theory, so perhaps adding a feedback element might make the experiment more robust.
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)09:21 UTC+1 No.6734844 Report

I don't fucking know

I'm actually Chem Eng.
Just had this idea while looking through shitty Kickstarters, and though "well I can come up with my own".

...And I actually came up with the idea.
"Imagine if you want a tripwire...all inside a CUBE!"
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)09:23 UTC+1 No.6734845 Report

So basically step on the wrong glyphed block and then a boulder rolls over you. ie thwarting Indiana Jones.

I can dig that, I hate do-gooders stealing my treasures. What about heat activation.
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)09:25 UTC+1 No.6734846 Report

Also, this shit is pretty much the basis behind the technology of electronic drums, in case you haven't noticed.

But you can downscale the project by eliminating the "type/area of impact space" part. Only focus on the strength of hitting as the manipulated variable.
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)09:27 UTC+1 No.6734847 Report

Except the boulder in this case is just a loud as fuck noise that is impact-activated.

The tripwire thing was just the marketing aspect of it, since it was an idea "exclusive for Kickstarter :^)"
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)09:29 UTC+1 No.6734848 Report

>what about heat activation

Add a thermistor. Add the change in circuit resistance that is affected from the thermistor as an extra variable, i.e. temperature.

Now we're getting somewhere.
I really feel like jewing them crowdfunding folks with this now.
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)09:40 UTC+1 No.6734855 Report

> this shit is pretty much the basis behind the technology of electronic drums, in case you haven't noticed.

I haven't, I'm a little drunk, spell it out because my original intent was EE/synthesisers but went to straight math and always kinda miss the application shit.
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)09:42 UTC+1 No.6734856 Report

Try to find out what happens if a sun made of ice collides with a sun made of lava
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)09:47 UTC+1 No.6734861 Report

he might need to do triple integrals to do that, maybe when he does his post-doc work?
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)09:54 UTC+1 No.6734873 Report

Maybe there's a very simple engine that I could build. That's very thermo/stats-mech right?
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)09:57 UTC+1 No.6734875 Report

Gonna cross into a bit of EE for that. Might be nice project to learn about something new.
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)10:16 UTC+1 No.6734887 Report

Crossing into EE is okay. My prof is crazy driving, for the small university I'm at. And he's essentially the head of the dept. So there's plenty of wiggle room. I'm lucky to find him, actually, given my love of when/where math and physics coincide.

We have some sonar capability to take readings too, which I think would help me in regards to "I'm able to take readings and export them to some data format and utilize them however I want"
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)11:00 UTC+1 No.6734920 Report

Other stats mech / thermo labs you can think of, fair reader?
Anonymous 09/04/14(Thu)11:13 UTC+1 No.6734928 Report

Generic Project Idea #17: What is Air?
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