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Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)21:22 UTC+1 No.6612821 Report

Pyrotechnics is/are my favorite application of chemistry, but is also one of the least socially acceptable and more regulated. Anyone here do anything with fireworks?

Pic related: controlled explosions are fun
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)22:28 UTC+1 No.6612965 Report

explosions were the main reason chemistry got invented in the first place. The reason to why people hate chemistry is because this whole reason has been pulled away. Everybody love big explosions.

its the main reason it exists. It was made so that people would kill each other.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)11:59 UTC+1 No.6614106 Report

I would like to, but It's almost impossible to buy any of the needed chemicals, especially oxidizers. They have been removed from all OTC products, and no company sells lab chems to individuals.

The usual sources, i.e fertilizers, cold packs, stump removers, weed killers etc. All of them have been re-formulated to contain something else. Same thing is also happening for other useful chemicals like mineral acids and solvents.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)12:55 UTC+1 No.6614167 Report

So I need the ingredients (OTC preferable) to create a large "puff of smoke" for a special effect (the appearance of a character in a sketch). Any suggestions?
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)13:44 UTC+1 No.6614232 Report


Just use black gunpowder if all you want is smoke.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)14:12 UTC+1 No.6614295 Report

Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)15:51 UTC+1 No.6614409 Report

What I would like to know is how these chemicals need to to extracted from the natural environment. Where can I find information on that?
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)16:27 UTC+1 No.6616348 Report

Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)18:32 UTC+1 No.6616545 Report


Use potassium nitrate + sugar + sodium bicarbonate.
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