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Same Hobbies Guy 07/24/14(Thu)19:25 UTC+1 No.6662537 Report

What music do you hear while studying?

Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)19:30 UTC+1 No.6662541 Report

classical or liquid dnb

Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)19:30 UTC+1 No.6662542 Report

Hobbies Guy 07/24/14(Thu)20:07 UTC+1 No.6662581 Report

Oh hai Same Hobbies Guy.

Right now I listen to the House Of Cards OST.
Isn't distracting, calming, beautiful yet sets the right mood to "come out on top" I guess.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:07 UTC+1 No.6662582 Report


Only thing that doesn't distract me and blocks out the sounds of others.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:08 UTC+1 No.6662583 Report

Ambient electronic. same stuff I used to get high to in college.

Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:14 UTC+1 No.6662600 Report

Instrumental music! Singing is distracting.
Either classical or post rock, post metal, shoegaze....
Black metal works too because the voices sound like noise, you don't subconsciously identify words while you're listening...
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:22 UTC+1 No.6662614 Report

Minimalism is perfect for studying.

Hobbies Guy 07/24/14(Thu)20:24 UTC+1 No.6662616 Report

I also like to just chose one of these playlists and let it run in the background.

They have cool music.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:27 UTC+1 No.6662617 Report

Have you heard his opera?
Nixon in China is entertaining as fuck.

Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:28 UTC+1 No.6662618 Report

6m27s is "News".
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:42 UTC+1 No.6662636 Report

Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:44 UTC+1 No.6662638 Report

Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:52 UTC+1 No.6662645 Report


What else can you listen to?
Same Hobbies Guy 07/24/14(Thu)20:54 UTC+1 No.6662648 Report

nice to see you

will hear dat
Anonymous 07/25/14(Fri)11:23 UTC+1 No.6663607 Report

I listen to ambient sounds while studying.

I go to these websites; they're amazing!:





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