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Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)22:08 UTC+1 No.6615014 Report

>tfw my aunt suddenly started to read Conspiracy theories
>tfw she believes all of it
>tfw whenever she comes over, she preaches in the neighbors, my parents, and just a fuckton of people about "transhumans, GMOs, and that the government is teaching the military to fight zombies
>tfw she doesn't listen to a word I say.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)22:18 UTC+1 No.6615034 Report

tell her that the goverment is creating a massive amount of conspiracy theories to take attention away from real problems so that they can manipulate the world to stay in power.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)22:26 UTC+1 No.6615051 Report

Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)23:01 UTC+1 No.6615129 Report

That's the best conspiracy theory I've ever heard. It seems so plausible.

>I want to believe.
Anonymous 06/27/14(Fri)23:04 UTC+1 No.6615133 Report

It's the South Park conspiracy theory.
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