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/tg/ Arts and Crafts Thread
/tg/ Arts and Crafts Thread Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:11 UTC+1 No.32470601 Report

It's time for another arts and crafts thread!

All art and crafting projects that are in some way related to /tg/ go in here.
LARP costumes, dice towers, dicebags, maps, props for gaming, game tables, special tokens, self made board games.
Share ideas, show us what you are working on, show off what you already finished, ask for advice, etc.!

To Keep the thread bumped, I will post the general tips and tricks I post in every of thee thread, but to start it off, I'll show you how to make really simple magic scroll props for under $2.50
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:13 UTC+1 No.32470650 Report

Ok, to start off, age some printer paper.
Not gonna go into how to o that right now, I'll explain after the scroll tutorial is done
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:14 UTC+1 No.32470692 Report

Ok, take some dowels. About 1cm thick works fine.
Cut them slightly longer than the paper is wide
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:15 UTC+1 No.32470733 Report

Find some nice end pieces in your local crafts store. I derped a bit and chose some with way too small of an opening, so I drilled a hole into the dowels to nail them in place
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:17 UTC+1 No.32470767 Report

securely attach the end pieces
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:18 UTC+1 No.32470805 Report

time to paint the wood.
I wanted the scroll to look old and worn so I used a dark wood stain and applied it unevenly and patchy.
If you want a nicer look, either apply a more even coat, or simply paint them
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:20 UTC+1 No.32470843 Report

While the wood stain sinks in, take the dried aged paper and print whatever design you want on it.

Make sure its COMPLETELY dry. Also this only works with ink jets, laser printers dont take aged paper too well.
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:21 UTC+1 No.32470866 Report

Once the stain/paint is done, use some starch based glue to simply glue the paper to the dowels
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:23 UTC+1 No.32470902 Report

Now to the details.
If you want to hang up your scroll, simply hot glue a small leather strip to the top dowel
Anonymous 05/31/14(Sat)04:24 UTC+1 No.32470931 Report

>hot glue
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:24 UTC+1 No.32470943 Report

Now, if you want to use it in a LARP, you probably want to roll it up safely. The simplest way is of course just to take a piece of (leather) lace and tie it up. Effective, but not too pretty
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:26 UTC+1 No.32470989 Report

you can also hide the ends of the lace
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:27 UTC+1 No.32471026 Report

beep boop
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:28 UTC+1 No.32471070 Report

all pretty
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:29 UTC+1 No.32471106 Report

or you can make things OFFICIAL and/or MYSTERIOUS
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:30 UTC+1 No.32471139 Report

Apply a small amount of seal wax (dont use regular paraffin) to close off the gap. Wait till it's dry
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:31 UTC+1 No.32471163 Report

Add a second layer of wax and quickly stamp it.
Make sure not to remove the stamp before the wax cooled completely
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:32 UTC+1 No.32471189 Report


Now, dont make me be the lone poster here... no one got anything to share?
Esh-Esh 05/31/14(Sat)04:40 UTC+1 No.32471392 Report

ok then...
"aged" paper.

Just put regular printer paper into either black tea, or coffee.
Coffe is quicker and gives a more even color, while tea usually takes a few hours, but gives interesting shapes and shades.
If you iron the dried sheets, you can even use them in an inkjet printer.

Personally, I prefer the tea method.
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