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Alternate Mediterranean herobuilder quest adventure campaign Ash 05/25/14(Sun)05:38 UTC+1 No.32342687 Report

Hello, and welcome to installment #2 of Mediterranean herobuilder thing
Please fill this out:
Roll 3d100 for actions

I will take the first Six people to post their character sheet and all.
Bazrael 05/25/14(Sun)05:41 UTC+1 No.32342716 Report

Ash 05/25/14(Sun)05:41 UTC+1 No.32342722 Report

Here was the first thread.

no reserving, read the OP
EarthGuy 05/25/14(Sun)05:41 UTC+1 No.32342728 Report

Name: AxeCop
Race: Human
Age: 28
Fluff: When a (Roman?) cop found the perfect axe at the scene of a fire, he became AXECOP!
Grand Architect 05/25/14(Sun)05:45 UTC+1 No.32342794 Report

Rolled 71, 8, 35 = 114

>Name: Fredric Merasuchi
>Titles: Knight
>Race: Human
>Age: 20
>Location: Capital in Italy
Sword&Board, Horseback Riding
Steel Longsword,Kite Shield, Horse, Steel Halfplate
10 Peasants
1 Manor House
>Fluff: A few years before he turned 18 he was a squire for a now defunct Knights Order. Shortly after he was knighted his order fell into financial and political ruin. Learning from their mistakes he has set out to create his own order and expand their chapter houses, and subsequently his own ring of power throughout the land.

Its old.. I had heard of houses like this from the order that the nobles of old had let go.. I suppose it will do for now, Set up a barracks as best we can and outfit the flags of the order.

1: Set up a barracks within the house.
2: Train these peasants in the ways of combat.
3: Reach out to any merchants/nobles that could use some mercenary work, we need money for equipment.
Bazrael 05/25/14(Sun)05:46 UTC+1 No.32342797 Report

Name: Jarmali Akub
Race: Human
Age: 28
Location: Suez
Fluff: Jarmali Akub is a pirate, hailing from Somalia, who recently moved north in hopes of better gains. Crossing the old Suez Canal with his little boat, he barely manages to reach the Mediterranean.
Jagreen Lern 05/25/14(Sun)05:46 UTC+1 No.32342800 Report

>Name: Algann, son of Rastag
>Titles: The Mound King, Algann the Bold
>Race: Wight (Undead Human)
>Age: Indeterminate
>Location: The black dot in France
[Expert Swordsman]
[Basic Necromancy]
[Basic Thrown Weapons]
[The Sword of Rastag (wounds caused by the Sword of Rastag will not heal naturally)]
[Rusted Iron Scale Armor]
[Rusted Round Iron Shield]
[Rusted Iron Javelins]x3
[Ancient Bronze Coins]
[Wight Lords]x5
[Wight Warriors]x25
[Poor Village]
>Fluff: Algann the Bold, Son of Rastag, was born to the family of a minor tribal chieftain, his first legitimate son. When Algann was a young man, his father perished in battle with a rival tribe, leaving Algann as ruler of his tribe. After ordering the assassinations of his older bastard step-brothers to secure his rule, Algann embarked on a series of successful military campaigns against the neighboring tribes, avenging the death of his father, and making himself the king of a large confederation of tribes. As he was preparing to launch another campaign expand his realm, he fell to an assassin's blade, while praying to his gods in a sacred grove. Algann's people mourned the loss of their king, and laid him to rest in a great burial mound. As time passed, his tribe was conquered, and Algann was forgotten. A city sprang up in his former realm, eventually expanding over his burial mound. Algann has recently awoken after a group of tomb robbers attempted to pry his father's sword from his rotten hands. After taking their heads to punish their desecration, he has emerged from his grave to reclaim the realm that was once his.

>Bonus:[The Mound King] Your reign as king and your great kingdom has been passed down through legends. Some might flock to you once they learn of your true identity, [Wight] Most animals will run away from you and you're going to have a bit of trouble with mortal races -5 Diplomacy, +5 to Combat rolls
Dewwop 05/25/14(Sun)05:46 UTC+1 No.32342807 Report

Rolled 11, 63, 40 = 114

Name: Martellus
Title: Blacksmith
Race: Roman
Location: Rome
Skills: Blacksmithing, Bartering, Diplomacy,
Equipment: Hammer,Blacksmithing clothing,Tool kit,pouch of money.
Fluff: Martellus is the second oldest son of his family and has taken the family tradition of blacksmithing onto himself after his older brother, Quinteus, went into the military. In order to support his family Martellus has spent most of his time in the forge, robbing him of any opportunity to seek a wife, much to the chagrin of his mother. Known for his finely crated works and his honest attitude with prices and haggling has earned him a reputation as a honest and hardworking man around rome.
Jagreen Lern 05/25/14(Sun)05:53 UTC+1 No.32342931 Report

Rolled 44, 45, 45 = 134

1: Raise the corpses of any villagers killed by my undead servants

2: Order the villagers to build a palisade surrounding the village

3: Ask the village leader or leaders if they know of any talented armorers in the area.
Bazrael 05/25/14(Sun)05:54 UTC+1 No.32342943 Report

Titles: 'Boss'
Skills: 'looting' 'swords' 'burning shit'
Equipment: 1 Boat, 8 Loyal Crew, 2 Female Slaves
EarthGuy 05/25/14(Sun)05:56 UTC+1 No.32342970 Report

Title: Cop
Location: Anywhere
Skills: Master Axe Combat
Equipment: The Perfect Axe
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