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BBEG vs players Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)21:48 UTC+1 No.32106468 Report

Hey /tg/, let's talk shop.
In an upcoming campaign, the DM has asked me to play as the BBEG. Naturally, I will reference the evil overlord list as often and as religiously as possible. But other than that, I don't know where to take it from here. I need ideas on uniform design, tactics, etc. To this end, I have come to you. If you need any information outside of the original post, just ask.
low tech, high magic. Multiple planets are in the campaign, and space travel is a thing. The evil fortress of doom is on space Australia, and my BBEG is a mutli-millionaire with holdings on many planets. I have the DM in the same room, so we can't answer any questions, then we legitimately haven't thought about it.

All ideas in this thread will be considered, and the funnier the better. Dubs get in if possible, Trips will be made possible.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)21:55 UTC+1 No.32106573 Report

Have a posse follow you around to laugh at all your jokes.
Just five slightly higher level mooks that always agree with you and never show any original thought.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)21:57 UTC+1 No.32106604 Report

By the way, basic troops are however they were before they joined. Humans are the only truly intelligent race, but there are other tribal societies (non-human). DM says that shock troops will be "corrupted" and will be somewhat like zombies.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)21:59 UTC+1 No.32106652 Report

Well, if you know who the PC's are I'm sure you could send your highest level mooks at them right away. gg ez
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:05 UTC+1 No.32106753 Report

As the BBEG, I'm going to work mostly through reports, and take control of small-scale operations where combat comes into play. If I lost two operations on two backwater planets, I'd just assume the locals got uppity.
If the players start to really get under my skin, but aren't making it obvious where they are, I can't really do anything about it.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:06 UTC+1 No.32106761 Report

>highest level mooks
>read that as highest level monks
i was about to say that no matter how high-leveled your monks are, they're not going to succeed
now use monks as your primary troop
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:07 UTC+1 No.32106778 Report

But anon, his highest level monk would be Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:08 UTC+1 No.32106801 Report


Be a Kobold legitimate businessman, head of the kobold mafia.

Your main troops are Made Kobolds, armed with whatever the magical equivalent of tommy guns is.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:09 UTC+1 No.32106809 Report

>All troops must know martial arts to some degree.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:11 UTC+1 No.32106839 Report

Link to the Evil Overlord list for those who've never heard of it.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:13 UTC+1 No.32106868 Report

Ok, that's how I assumed it would go. If you don't really know the PC's and are just some evil company head, manage shit until they get annoying. Don't use the evil overlord list, that's mostly common sense stuff. Besides, if you're earnestly trying to kill them from the start you'll probably succeed.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:20 UTC+1 No.32106966 Report

Dm says sure, as long as I'm not a kobold. And apparently, I can't have tommy guns until I make them.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:25 UTC+1 No.32107052 Report

fuck kobolds dude
kobolds are weak
how are you gonna put up an admirable bossfight as a kobold
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:27 UTC+1 No.32107097 Report

Do a few things or actions at random that seem to work against what want to accomplish or have nothing to do with your plan at all, just to confuse and throw off.

Also attached PDF
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:28 UTC+1 No.32107100 Report

Create a monster of the week for each session.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:28 UTC+1 No.32107107 Report

I'm not a kobold, but my employees are.
What if it's kobolds in people suits?
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:30 UTC+1 No.32107130 Report

baseline mooks being kobolds is fine
suits makes no difference, but definitely ups the classiness
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:31 UTC+1 No.32107138 Report

>Naturally, I will reference the evil overlord list as often and as religiously as possible.
Don't do that, you fucking hack.

Only if the players start doing it first. Show some professional pride.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:34 UTC+1 No.32107186 Report

Not suits for people. Suits that make them look like humans.
DM loves it, and so do I.
This is in, too.
>Implying I have any professional pride.
It's just a joke, anyway. If it makes sense, I was probably doing it anyway.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:36 UTC+1 No.32107204 Report

Zombies have the problem of lacking original thoughts. It makes them weak against cunning foes. You should always have your minions by squad of at least three, one of them able of abstract thinking and giving them order
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:37 UTC+1 No.32107215 Report

have wizards hit them with bizarre curses
that kinda stuff really makes it personal
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:39 UTC+1 No.32107237 Report

Remember to ridicule and otherwise make the heroes look bad as often as possible. If the heroes make a donation to an orphanage? Have it burned down(by someone with no connection to you, obviously), then make a much BIGGER donation to found a new orphanage(which you can then use as a source of childlabor and recruitment). If the PCs fuck up? Make sure EVERYONE knows about it. If the PCs kill the mayor because he was a shapeshifter? Spread rumours that they killed the actual mayor and are using the shapeshifters as the scapegoat to increase their own influence. You get the idea.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:40 UTC+1 No.32107251 Report

only speak in a foreign alien language
then have a minion translate everything you say for you
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:40 UTC+1 No.32107256 Report

As an established and wealthy individual, you are an avid extreme sports enthusiast.
Not just Shock-surfing and zero-G sexcapology, nuh-uh. You're into big game hunting. You keep a special game reserve world purely to hunt, genetically spliced monstrosities, perhaps mythical monsters.
Former business rivals. Clones of former business rivals, to murder every day of the week. A trillionaire who wants you dead is scary, but a trillionaire who kills laernian hydras on his days off and wants you dead over and over and over again as you run desperately from his flying harpoon-yacht, well.

And for my two cents I'd throw the evil overlord list out of the window. You're the BBEG, in all probability the players are going to murder you eventually, you might as well have fun being the hammiest, scenery-chewingest puppy-kickingest rat bastard in the quadrant doing it.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:43 UTC+1 No.32107292 Report

Fuck if I know, he just said it was similar. I'm assuming it's like giving them super powers.
Funding it/10
>pic related.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:45 UTC+1 No.32107331 Report

I just had an idea. I'll fake a weakness (i.e., can't stand reflective surfaces of any type.)
Then, I'll sell the playersThrough a third party, of courseequipment revolving around this weakness (glass armor), and laugh as it shatters right after they get it.
I'll fund my plans for mass annoyance with the player's own money!
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:54 UTC+1 No.32107480 Report


Monster of the week are fun, but remember: Always reuse something that almost worked. This monster that nearly killed one hero? Improve the design, then mass-product.

Also, you should find a job for the monsters who failed, but survived. Never destroy a henchman because they were innefficient: simply find a task where they're better suited.

Other important point: Have all your officiers carry a device capable of registering the PCs' actions and ways of fighting. Gather data, then exploit it.

Be a nice boss. Have your employees fight along you, not for you. Rewards, employee-of-the-month ceremony, promotions: Show them they matter, because that way they'll want you to stay in charge.

Know your weaknesses, and have people work on improving them. Have also people work on totally unrelated things, so no one know which ones are weaknesses, and it's still good if they have a breakthrough.

Have all magical items your employees carry works only for them.

as >>32106809 said, but more widespread: All employees must take a self-defence course.

Don't do anything illegal. Let the PCs be the criminals.

Give money to orphenages and charities. Have a good PR department and raises funds for good causes.

These are my advice. I may have more.
>Some questions:
-What are your character's goals?
-What are his capacities/skilles/abilities?
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:58 UTC+1 No.32107548 Report

Don't burn the orphenage. Makes plenty of donation to other orphenages to show the PCs you're way better at this game.

Good idea!

Also, always makes at least two schemes take place at the same time. That way, if the PCs are somewhere to foil it, there is (at least ) another one going on just fine.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:00 UTC+1 No.32107586 Report

I was planning on having the best healthcare/dental/benefits program for all of my henchmen, from my trusted lieutenant to my towel boy.
>My goals
Bring about the end of the galaxy for the dark entity encroaching on the system.
I was planning on rolling that up after this thread, so I can roll it to suit the idea of the person.

Funding the two schemes idea.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:02 UTC+1 No.32107616 Report

>Other important point: Have all your officiers carry a device capable of registering the PCs' actions and ways of fighting. Gather data, then exploit it.
They already have one of those, it's called a brain. If you're going for one of those bullshit tech devices, it's low tech setting.

>Be a nice boss. Have your employees fight along you, not for you. Rewards, employee-of-the-month ceremony, promotions: Show them they matter, because that way they'll want you to stay in charge.
No. He's a BBEG, what the fuck are you doing. Rule by fear motherfucker! A henchman might get killed by the PC's, but that's infinitely preferable to what the boss will do to that minion if he finds out the minion failed.

>Also, you should find a job for the monsters who failed, but survived. Never destroy a henchman because they were innefficient: simply find a task where they're better suited.
Destroy them slowly. Destroy their families and friends first, and the destroy the minion in front of the other minions to show them the price of failure.

>Don't do anything illegal. Let the PCs be the criminals.
You're dumb. How the hell is he supposed to get ahead easily if he doesn't cheat? He's bringing about the end of the galaxy! This is a BBEG, not a Big Good Nice Guy.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:02 UTC+1 No.32107633 Report


You have to hollow out a planet and fill the inside with a giant cannon and some engines, then cruise the universe blowing up planets.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:04 UTC+1 No.32107665 Report

>Linking TV Tropes
>Not linking either of the two sources, found on TV Tropes, directly
>Not linking the better of the two
C'mon, mate, don't half ass it.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:05 UTC+1 No.32107685 Report

There are other ways of being BBEG than Chaotic Stupid, anon.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:07 UTC+1 No.32107714 Report

But ruling by fear makes the henchfolks resent me. Ruling through a damn good benefits program is better. And being needlessly antagonistic to my own people seems stupid.
Thanks, I dropped the ball on linking.
This is going to take a little while to convince the DM, I'll let you know how it goes.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:07 UTC+1 No.32107722 Report

Try listing some.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:09 UTC+1 No.32107760 Report

>Bring about the end of the galaxy for the dark entity encroaching on the system.

So...complete nihilism?

Okay, if you like it. I always found that the problem with nihilism was that everything was pointless, and so hardly a motivation. But that's as good an evil goal as any.

Remember to always have multiple versions of your doomsdays devices. at least two at hands, and more in secure locations.

Don't trust anything that can't be done twice. You want reliability over potential.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:09 UTC+1 No.32107769 Report

Just about everything suggested in this thread except yours?
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:09 UTC+1 No.32107777 Report

Does your benefits program motivate your minions to do life or death battles with the PC's? No? Damn, that's some weak shit you got there. Hope you don't mind your minions just surrendering to the PC's every time, cause it turns out good healthcare really has nothing on not getting hurt in the first place.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:10 UTC+1 No.32107796 Report

Nope. Try again.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:12 UTC+1 No.32107817 Report

Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:12 UTC+1 No.32107819 Report

It sure does that a LOT better than fear. Fear doesn't promote loyalty at all, merely obedience until they think they can get away from you. It also makes it more difficult to recruit new minions.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:13 UTC+1 No.32107837 Report

Then give them insurence guarantissing their families will be well-off if they get hurt on duty.

also, try listening to what >>32107685 said.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:13 UTC+1 No.32107841 Report

But that's wrong and you're retarded.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:13 UTC+1 No.32107847 Report

That's not me.
Besides, just because the galaxy ends doesn't mean it's destroyed. I'm assuming it's just a change in management.
But thanks for being supportive anyway.
Quads confirm, minions live in pig troughs. Just kidding.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:14 UTC+1 No.32107858 Report

So... you maintain that the only way to BBEG is to be Chaotic Stupid?
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:19 UTC+1 No.32107940 Report

Well now you're just plain incorrect. Try using your brain for a second. What's better motivation to risk injury/death, the knowledge that if you survive you will get good medical care, or the knowledge that you will be tortured to death, after watching everyone you know and love tortured to death. That's rhetorical, the answer is obviously the second option.

Not very motivating if you're already paying them well. Either their families are well off and they're healthy, or their families are well off and they're injured/maimed/sick/dead. Once again, easy choice.

Nice argument. There's a saying about throwing stones from glass houses? Might wanna look that one up.

Do you know how to read? Sheesh, you're even worse than >>32107841
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:21 UTC+1 No.32107985 Report

Fukkin this. You're a champion of kobolds, helping them get jobs in the city, pushing for kobold rights and for them not to be classified as shoot on site vermin. In retunr for all this, you just ask the kobolds for some favors. After all, they are ever so grateful to be more accepted and get in on city work. And you're traveling the countryside, setting up kobolds ibn town and cities and kobold unions for helping the kobolds take care of themselves.

Kobolds don't question your motives, since you're a half dragon and clearly family.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:21 UTC+1 No.32108003 Report

OP here; not rolling a chaotic stupid BBEG. Get over yourself.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:25 UTC+1 No.32108074 Report

>Nice argument. There's a saying about throwing stones from glass houses? Might wanna look that one up.

Compared to you, I'm living in a goddamn medieval castle.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:26 UTC+1 No.32108094 Report

This is in.
This is also in.
This gives me a great reason to carry a cane.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:27 UTC+1 No.32108097 Report

Not that anon and I don't think it's the only way to BBEG at all, but I think it's the most fun.

Killing a minion for not meeting your expectations isn't an RP opportunity that comes along all that often; there's no party cohesion to worry about, no toes to step on. The whole point is that you're an asshole ultimately willing to push every human alive into a meatgrinder to keep the champagne flowing, so why not enjoy the ride?

Complexity is obviously desirable in any character, and calculated Just As Planned moments can be truly delicious (if you deem "chaotic evil" to somehow completely exclude them), but I do get sick of the self-righteous "villains" /tg/ seems so fond of who all have 15 minute "BUT WHO'S THE REAL MONSTER" speeches ready to let fly at any opportunity.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:27 UTC+1 No.32108108 Report

Alright, I was just trying to keep you away from stupid shit. Guess the quality of my arguments lost out to the quantity of retards.

If you're gonna go with the lawful stupid BGNG, better make sure your DM isn't keeping track of money in any realistic manner. Cause you know, good wages add up. Doing everything legally adds up.

I guess some kind of Divine luck blessing could work out too. You're welcome for that one.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:28 UTC+1 No.32108132 Report

>no counterarguments, just ad hominems and buzzwords
no anon, you are the retards
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:29 UTC+1 No.32108160 Report

>Preaches that I should murder everybody.
>Trying to keep me away from stupid shit.
If it's not okay when a player does it, it's not okay when a BBEG does it.
Besides, I'm not just floating in a void making no money. Megacorporations tend to rake in a fair amount.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:32 UTC+1 No.32108226 Report

You never provided an argument to counter in the first place, hence this is the only level of discourse you deserve.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:32 UTC+1 No.32108228 Report

Bonus points if it's the big game planet as mentioned here>>32107256

That way, not only would they have to invade a planet, they'd have to invade a planet that has bloodthirsty monsters and Ex-CEOs
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:36 UTC+1 No.32108286 Report

>Always reuse something that almost worked
>Also, you should find a job for the monsters who failed, but survived
What part of monster of the week don't you get?

>be a nice guy
I guess you won't be an entertaining villain then
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:37 UTC+1 No.32108307 Report


That's my next campaign.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:39 UTC+1 No.32108331 Report

>Preaches that I should murder everybody.
You and >>32107858 really should learn to read, jesus. Is the American public school system really this bad? Quote where I said that. Protip: you can't, because I didn't. Although, while we're on the subject of killing everyone, you stated in >>32107586 that the goal of your character was to "Bring about the end of the galaxy for the dark entity encroaching on the system." Little hypocritical there, aren't we? Looks like I'm not the one who deserves this flak.

>Megacorporations tend to rake in a fair amount.
They also tend to spend a fair amount. Far more than a fair amount if they pay their workers well and do everything legally. Hope you start off with deep pockets or one hell of a slush fund.

....Damn, did I really fall for that? Nice one man. 5-6/10. You got me pretty rustled.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:39 UTC+1 No.32108348 Report

>If it's not okay when a player does it, it's not okay when a BBEG does it
The whole point of the bad guy is to do the things that the players are too nice to do. That's why evil campaigns never really work.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:42 UTC+1 No.32108391 Report

It's just an end to the galaxy as we know it. Sure, people are bound to die from it, but not everyone. My guy is out to change who's managing, whether he knows what happens after that or not is metagaming.
He's more neutral than evil, really.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:43 UTC+1 No.32108409 Report

>If it's not okay when a player does it, it's not okay when a BBEG does it.
Are you serious? Why are you even playing a BBEG with this attitude? Just roll up another player character and join the party. You're not cut out for this.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:44 UTC+1 No.32108433 Report

>Xanatos/Johnny Marcone
Set up schemes that don't implicate you or implicate you in was that cannot be proven. Make sure all schemes have secondary goals that can be achieved even if the scheme fails. Be affable and more than willing to work with the heroes against Chaotic Stupid evils, this makes them hesitant to take you out.

>Mr. Freeze/That clock guy from wakfu/The Punisher
You have a single overriding goal. This doesn't even need to be something bad - make the kingdom a better place and punish the wicked sound like heroic goals. Now turn up your commitment to these goals to 11. Yes, it's fine that that orphanage is burning, we're going to kill the corrupt fireman now. Kill the entire village, we need the farmland now and they'll put up too much fuss in court.

>The alien
Maybe you just have completely different priorities. You're a god that need to assert it's control over some segment of the planes. So what if some mortals get squashed in the process, they're just mortals and were going to die anyway. You're a bunch of aliens that want to preserve unique civilizations, and your horrifying aura causes people to go into complete catatonia when you get near them. Then you kidnap them and take them to your nature preserve.

You know The Prince was satire, right? It's harder to instill love than fear but it's FAR better to be loved than feared.

You don't need to go into full blown Chaotic Stupid to be a BBEG. Sure, punishment for mooks that fuck up. Don't randomly kill mooks, don't kill mooks who are outsmarted by the heroes unless it was egregious stupidity. Grand Admiral Thrawn, not Darth Vader. Don't be soft, but neither is there any need to dive into straight up cruelty or overzealous punishment to be the BBEG.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:45 UTC+1 No.32108449 Report

I'm willing to admit that I poorly worded that sentence.
Yeah, the BBEG should have a lot more freedom, but just murdering the shit out of everything that moves is shitty storytelling.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:48 UTC+1 No.32108499 Report

> but just murdering the shit out of everything that moves
you keep saying this, why? It's not like someone told you to do it. If they did, quote the post and words. Otherwise, I'm gonna keep assuming you don't know how to read. Which is probably something you should work on before playing games.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:49 UTC+1 No.32108515 Report

>"I want to be a bad guy, what do I do"
>"Hurr, if you want to be the bad guy you have to be practical"
>"And how do I do that?"
>"Be the good guy"
This shit gets me mad as hell everytime. The cutebold mafia garbage suggested only makes it worse.

I want to throw up, thanks /tg/
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:50 UTC+1 No.32108522 Report


>There are other ways of being BBEG than Chaotic Stupid, anon.

>Try listing some.

We provided plenty of answers, and your reaction was :

>Nope. Try again. (>>32107796)

Implying that for you, the only way to play a BBEG was to be Chaotic Stupid.

Unless you can provide a way for a BBEG to not be Chaotic Stupid, in which case you'd prove me wrong.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:53 UTC+1 No.32108572 Report

> Quote where I said that. Protip: you can't, because I didn't

"Rule by fear motherfucker! A henchman might get killed by the PC's, but that's infinitely preferable to what the boss will do to that minion if he finds out the minion failed."

"Destroy them slowly. Destroy their families and friends first, and the destroy the minion in front of the other minions to show them the price of failure"

(both quotes from this post>>32107616
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:54 UTC+1 No.32108616 Report


>Be careful not to cut yourself on that edge, sweetie.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:55 UTC+1 No.32108633 Report

see >>32108572
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:56 UTC+1 No.32108645 Report


>BBEG shows up first thing in our new game
>whatever, could be good.
>fast forward after the first session
>no one had fun
>entire thing was pointless as everyone was one shot and his AC is too high to hit

what's the point? to establish his power? of course the BBEG has power, that's the whole point

this feels exactly like unbeatable bosses in videogames and i can't figure out a reason why anyone would want to do this
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:58 UTC+1 No.32108681 Report

the only one who provided answers was >>32108433
Nice examples, btw. I don't have any major disagreements with your post. you're an alright guy.

You, though. You're not alright. The only reply to that post I got before >>32108433 was >>32107769, which was incorrect for several reasons. Let's point those out:
First, he suggested that every post in the thread except mine was a way to play a BBEG without being chaotic stupid. This is false, many of those posts are ways to play a benevolent overlord, not a BBEG.

Second, he suggested that every post in the thread except mine was a way to play a BBEG without being chaotic stupid. This implies that my methods were chaotic stupid, which they were not. Anyone who belives they were should probably look up chaotic in the dictionary. Stupid too, for good measure.

So, killing minions for failure is the same thing as murdering everybody. That is what you are claiming. You sure ain't doing a good job of convincing me you can read here, big guy. Once again, you might wanna learn yourself some of that before playing games.

Look up a little bit. In this very post. The learning to read shit applies to you too.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:00 UTC+1 No.32108724 Report

The best bad guys are the harmless goofy ones that want to do something mean.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:00 UTC+1 No.32108727 Report

Fuck it. OP, your mission now is to be the nicest BBEG ever. Be the smiling, employee-focused CEO that wants to make every one of your minions, from your lowest and most expendable kobold, to your right-hand lich, feel appreciated.

Be the Sam Walton of BBEGs.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:01 UTC+1 No.32108733 Report


a different player was playing this BBEG, not the GM.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:01 UTC+1 No.32108742 Report

As a plan, why not aim to be Space President? Or fund a guy to be Space President and use him as a puppet.

Maybe once the party becomes a threat, you buy out the planet to be mined the fuck out of, or blown up to make it easier for people to travel between A and B (even though there is no need for that, since everyone goes via C anyway).

Play as Lex Luthor or Kingpin, and as you said, follow the Overlord guide so you don't become to difficult. Pride is your major sin.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:03 UTC+1 No.32108784 Report

He already has his goals, he's asking how to go about achieving them.

Also you should probably find out what the overlord list is before recommending it.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:04 UTC+1 No.32108793 Report


Honestly, in rpgs with leveling systems, this is what an intelligent BBEG would do. He's seen villains through mooks at heroes, and he knows that they just make the heroes stronger. He'd just pop in, punch the PCS in the nuts so hard that they explode, then go wash his hands of this bullshit.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:04 UTC+1 No.32108801 Report

no, killing minions for failure isn't "murdering everybody". It's "murdering everybody" when you suggest to kill the minions family and friends to punish them for their failure.

Also, "murdering everybody" is a hyperbol used to show how much we disagree with your proposal, not a literal critic of it.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:06 UTC+1 No.32108825 Report

The way this looks to me is it's a campaign where the BBEG's ultimate goal is evil. Straight up bad shit. The party knows this and opposes him for the sake of good.

What it seems like is happening is the BBEG player wants to look like the ultimate good guy, make people revere him to the point that they'll die for his cause. He wants to dick the other players over and paint them as the villains, piss them off and drag their names through the mud. That's an entirely valid strategy for a villain to beat the good guys while keeping the freedom to send waves of monsters and goons at them like a traditional BBEG would.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:06 UTC+1 No.32108836 Report


Overlord list makes the overlord stupid, but at least entertaining (if cliched).

Sorry for not reading through the thread though.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:08 UTC+1 No.32108867 Report


Sounds brilliant!
Sort of like pic, but more general evil?
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:09 UTC+1 No.32108885 Report

I feel like you're trying your hand at genre-savvy deconstruction but not realizing that your deconstruction basically requires the "intelligent" BBEG to break the 4th wall and realize that an abstract system is in place for his universe which dictates that killing more dudes makes you stronger
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:09 UTC+1 No.32108888 Report

Not stupid, simply overly paranoid.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:09 UTC+1 No.32108897 Report


i wouldn't really care if we could maybe possibly have a tiny chance of doing anything rather than being slaughtered instantly because his stats are retardedly high

even if we rolled crits it wouldn't have done anything
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:09 UTC+1 No.32108898 Report

Alright, every friend and family member is an exaggeration. One or two would suffice. Maybe even none if the minion is terrified of torture. That's a pretty insecure method though. They could be faking their fear. Always helps to have at least a single loved one at your mercy.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:10 UTC+1 No.32108913 Report


I don't think a BBEG would have knowledge of "levels". Plot twist. The tutorial character kills you halfway in the tutorial because he is the BBEG.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:12 UTC+1 No.32108965 Report


Yeah, avoid always having an ace up the hand every time, go for paranoia like >>32108888. Being overly paranoid actually leaves him more vulnerable, using fake attacks to drive him toward specific areas (which the party has rigged in their favour). Check out any epsiode of the classic series of Mission Impossible where they had to deal with a dictator.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:15 UTC+1 No.32109018 Report

These are pretty much what I'm going for. Every BBEG our DM has thrown at us thus far has been clean and cut evil. I'm trying to shake things up a bit.
Is a daughter/son adopted from an orphange at a young age going too far, or not far enough?
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:16 UTC+1 No.32109047 Report


I feel like the kind of BBEG who could figure out how to destroy the universe could probably also notice, oh hey, in all of these ancient tales, the heroes got new powers the more they faced off against opponents. Sure, it makes sense for the fighter and the rogue and the cleric, but the wizards learn spells just whenever, like, they fight enough monsters.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:17 UTC+1 No.32109055 Report


My representatives are so fortuitous to be working under my androititude! Why would I ever wish to cause harmage to any living soul?

Seems fine. Happend to Kaiba.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:18 UTC+1 No.32109083 Report

>snarky self aware bad guy who isn't a bad guy even though he apparently wants to destroy the universe
Go back to reddit.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:21 UTC+1 No.32109134 Report


Let's just say we're sorry for getting angry for no reason.

Sorry, anon.

My question is: why would a BBEG who isn't stupid kill the people that work under him? If anything, he'd force them to undergo dangerous transformations or to do a job they have little chance to survive, but would still be useful (front lines, bait for trap, etc).
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:25 UTC+1 No.32109205 Report

>>he'd force them to undergo dangerous transformations
>give them superpowers
>>or to do a job they have little chance to survive
>trust them with something that may turn out to be important
>>fight on the frontlines
>let them surrender and give away information
Sometimes you just need to get rid of people. You can't fire them, they know too much. Keeping them around is just as stupid, because it's risky. What are you going to do with them? Your suggestions didn't seem to work.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:27 UTC+1 No.32109238 Report

If he wanted to motivate all his minions to fight to the death against PC's he'd need to gruesomely kill at least one in front of the rest. Otherwise the mercenary types will be the only real opposition for the PC's. Any other minion, including those with sensitive information, would give it up to the PC's rather than die. People who would have qualms about trying to poison/kill others conveniently drop those when their life is on the line.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:33 UTC+1 No.32109344 Report

>What are redundant desk jobs.
Probably going to go "crazy cultist" with followers. DM recently suggested that my fortress of doom drives people insane, but my character is blissfully unaware of what's going on around him.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:34 UTC+1 No.32109366 Report

Always have a personal, bored-looking female assistant carrying a cake around, wherever you go.

Say "SPLENDID!" and "MAGNIFICENT!", and be obsessed with birthdays even if they're not physical birthdays (i.e HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR PARTNERSHIP WITH WHORES'N'WINE INDUSTRIES! Make sure they receive this cake I've just finished baking.)
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:36 UTC+1 No.32109378 Report

Nobody will get your reference, they'll just think you're trying too hard to be quirky.

Or worse, they'll love it and think you're some sort of genius.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:37 UTC+1 No.32109399 Report

>DM recently suggested that my fortress of doom drives people insane, but my character is blissfully unaware of what's going on around him
Oh yeah? Why's he trying to end the universe then?
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:37 UTC+1 No.32109401 Report

But cakeboss is awesome.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:41 UTC+1 No.32109455 Report

End is such a harsh word, thinking on it. He is trying to end the universe as people know it, but only so they can get to know the new universe under the darkness.
In short; he thinks the big evil amorphous blob of evil in space is a better option for leader of the galaxy than anyone else, and he's very supportive of this.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:41 UTC+1 No.32109457 Report


Overly friendly boss who knows a lot about his employees sounds good.

"Hey, Clarence, check your inbox, I bought you a new car after what happend! Hope it helps- Jonathan, I know money's tight, tell your kid he starts work here Monday. Olivia, I heard about your gran-mama, don't worry: I'm covering it! Frankie, I love what you do, so I'm promoting you to the Vectum sector (make sure he's the doofus carrying the bomb) you're gonna turn heads their Frankie-boy!
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:42 UTC+1 No.32109475 Report


Sounds pretty cooky to me. But leaving it ambiguous as whether he's enamoured, mad, or both sounds great.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:44 UTC+1 No.32109497 Report

Thanks.I rather like it myself, and I appreciate the amount of freedom I'm getting with making the BBEG.

Funding this, at least partially.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:57 UTC+1 No.32109700 Report

I know this isn't a fanstasy setting, but I'd love to see what would happen if a lich embedded his phylactery unknowingly into an adventurer.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:01 UTC+1 No.32109778 Report

The Game Planet/Reserve
Why not just send Minions who fail their task (to such an abysmal level) and somehow survive, there instead. and clone them with their memories so you get the opportunity to kill them but they can still serve you,
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:04 UTC+1 No.32109847 Report

because cloning is expensive as fuck?
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:06 UTC+1 No.32109873 Report

Depends on the setting and the availiability of cloning
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:08 UTC+1 No.32109902 Report

Cloning is generally worth far more than a single generic minion will ever earn you. In the settings where it's even possible.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:17 UTC+1 No.32110052 Report

Put AI cores in all of your bases. Each AI core controls the corrupted mooks you have ,and gives them tactical orders so they aren't all fucked up. That way, they're stronger, and that way the players have a target they can destroy. Let them destroy one core, and then trap the rest.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:22 UTC+1 No.32110138 Report

Low-tech setting, but it's possible to find someone who can direct the corrupted. Thanks for the idea.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:25 UTC+1 No.32110182 Report

In that case, make it magic! Just sitting brains that use magic to give directions. Then you give them huge steampunk power suits, and then you have a bossfight for the DM to run.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:26 UTC+1 No.32110211 Report

>Capture a PC
>Have him tied up on your private company golf coarse
>Leave him on the green
>Have a nice, friendly chat with your board of trustees while you practice your golf swings
>Start sending golf balls into the PC until he gives up information or a lucky shot cracks his skull open
>All the while you are discussing plans with your board

Seriously, its not hard to be a sociopathic ultra rich BBEG without going full chaotic stupid. Your a company man, act like it. Your employees are not cannon fodder, they are expensive investments in manpower.

PR is important. Don't throw bad employees in wood chippers while cackling manically and post the video on the company space twitter. I like what someone said earlier; if the heros donate to an orphanage, secretly burn it down and build an even nicer one. Always spin the media in your favor.

When combat starts, don't throw hordes of mooks at them while you talk about how your going to destroy the universe or some shit. Pull some strings and get local law enforcement to actually help you in the fight. Give no reason for law enforcement NOT to help you. Make THEM kill cops. Make THEM kill your security guards, and be sure to focus on how those people were just doing their job to feed their families.

People should not be afraid of you. People should be afraid of how much they love you. Fear breeds contempt, so be a good boss or NOBODY WILL FUCKING WORK FOR YOU! You could offer 300k a year salaries for everyone and still nobody would work for you if you sent people out airlocks every time you got angry.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:34 UTC+1 No.32110337 Report

Misogi Kumogawa from Medaka Box was a pretty good bad guy for the minus 13 class arc
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:36 UTC+1 No.32110388 Report

I like the idea of golf practice. Casual just seems... right.
I also like this.

I was thinking about having helmets that leave people's faces open standard, but can easily be closed/environmentally sealed. Go for a "he's not oppressive, he's your friendly neighborhood guard." vibe.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:38 UTC+1 No.32110426 Report

You could be the nice boss unless somebody Majorly fucks up, or if they keep fucking up multiple times. After that then the wood chipper. That way you can have happy workers that know they should seek to improve themselves! Or else.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:43 UTC+1 No.32110511 Report

>low tech, high magic
>space travel is a thing
So actually it's magitech, which makes it rather high tech.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:46 UTC+1 No.32110583 Report

not really
you can have portals/teleportation between planets
and magic bubbles that safely carry their occupants at near lightspeed
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:53 UTC+1 No.32110703 Report

I honestly have no idea. DM didn't explain how space travel worked, just that it did. If he didn't always have everything ready in time, I'd be worried. But I trust him on it.
That's not to say that I'll be pushing for him to figure it out, and/or passing on ideas.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:56 UTC+1 No.32110771 Report


>I know you have it in you, but you've let me down, Grojnar.

If hearing this isn't the most nightmarish scenario imaginable for a minion, then either you're not doing your job right, or that minion is better off being fired politely, and with several weeks notice, instead of waiting for an excuse to abruptly fire them, which might leave them with a bad impression of your splendid company.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)01:59 UTC+1 No.32110826 Report

wasn't he there with you?
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)02:23 UTC+1 No.32111194 Report

He left earlier. I'll be able to ask him tomorrow, but it's been a few hours.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)02:27 UTC+1 No.32111256 Report

well, perhaps I'm wrong in assuming this, but I figure he has internet access to check this thread, as well as at least one method of contacting you. Hell, he could just post in here with the answer.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)02:41 UTC+1 No.32111490 Report

Can't get ahold of him right now, but if this thread is still up tomorrow I'll get him in here.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)06:02 UTC+1 No.32114805 Report


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