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Deniable Assets Quest: Fall Guy 10/16/14(Thu)21:45 UTC+1 No.35568035 Report

It is the year 2014 and I’m dropping DAQ.

Again, I’d like to thank all of you for participating in my quest, holding out through the meh-tier characters, rolling with the forgotten upgrades, fighting your way out of debt, waiting for my slow ass posts, everything. It means a lot to me that you were willing to share in this experience. It was a joy to QM for you guys, your participation transformed DAQ from an idle pastime into a real passion project before it got sicced by my ADDish tendencies.

However, I’ve been reflecting on my decision for a while and I think that there might be another alternative to just note dumping. Frankly, there’s a long way to go before I can reach the DAQ endgame, we’re talking maybe another thirty threads, it really is just that big even if I railroaded you guys hard and aimed you right at the ending. I doubt my ability to run Deniable Assets as a quest for that length of time. So I was thinking I could go back to my roots and writefag it.

Writefagging it has several advantages, I can cut out a lot of fat and delays in the story line. The nature of writefaggotry is more relaxed, threads can stay up for days and I can work on the story at my own leisure rather than binding myself to only writing during strict runtimes. There are quite a lot of times when I was sitting in lecture, brimming with story ideas but unable to write them down because the thread wasn't up.

I was writing up my note dump and the damn thing, even as short and concise as it was, summing entire threads into single paragraphs hit an easy five pages in google docs. I think I'd really regret not putting that to a narrative.

Basically, there’s two options here. I can note dump, or maybe I can try writefagging it. The choice is yours.
Anonymous 10/16/14(Thu)21:51 UTC+1 No.35568173 Report

Writefag it. Your writefaggotry has always been good.
Anonymous 10/16/14(Thu)22:00 UTC+1 No.35568384 Report

writefag it
Anonymous 10/16/14(Thu)22:02 UTC+1 No.35568428 Report

Writefag it bro.
Anonymous 10/16/14(Thu)22:02 UTC+1 No.35568442 Report

I'd say writefag it. Note dumps are never all that satisfying.
Anonymous 10/16/14(Thu)22:02 UTC+1 No.35568444 Report

It was a great run.

Writefag it all the way.
and when you're done maybe writefag a bit of Obnoxious Gost Quest too?
Anonymous 10/16/14(Thu)22:02 UTC+1 No.35568448 Report

Fall, I just want you to know that since its very beginning I have had so much fun with this quest. And while I'm sad it's ending, I think that you should be proud of what you've built here. I'm leaning towards the write up option, but ultimately this quest is about having fun, so I think you should pick the option that you'll enjoy doing the most.

Thank you for all the time and effort you've invested in DAQ. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endevours.
Fall Guy 10/16/14(Thu)22:14 UTC+1 No.35568641 Report


Welp, that's pretty damned decisive. I'll start up Writefagging it. Threads will be slower but I may still request input from readers at random intervals. Also, This might be a little jarring for some but I'm abandoning second person narration, at least initially, for third person. We'll see how people feel about it.

From now on, this is Deniable Assets "Quest". Thank you for supporting me in this endeavor.
Fall Guy 10/16/14(Thu)22:23 UTC+1 No.35568857 Report

Ivan takes a few steps back from the hole in the roof he was firing through to watch the helicraft’s smoking descent. “Shit. That’s gonna fuck with their insurance.”

Ivan takes a few steps back, comming in with the rest of the squad channel. Clayton’s voice crackles over the headset. “Alright squad. Helipad is presumably secure. With likely escape routes disabled, we can ingress to Valachi’s central compound. Acerbi, I want you to recon the central complex, how does the opposition look?”

Clanking through the hallways in his pilfered BART, Ivan flicks the safety on the grenade launcher nervously. Elda speaks over the commlink. “Opposition appears to be falling back to central room. Likely an office?”

“Acerbi, try and keep them pinned down. I have a surprise planned for them.”

At this point the three mercs in the complex have assembled near the elevator shaft, Clayton waves you closer. “Alright Kostov. This helipad here is the highest surface in the Valachi compound. The building next to it, that’s where the mafia seem to have assembled for their last stand. Get up there, onto the pad. Tell me if you think you could make the jump.”

“Hold the phone. Are you asking me to jump through a roof and land in the middle of a bunch of hostiles?”

Clayton nods, lips parting in a slow grin. “Yeah, pretty much exactly that mate. We need a distraction. You’re in a giant bulletproof armored exosuit with a high explosive boomstick. Seems pretty perfect.”

The same slow grin spreads to Ivan’s face, his lips curling up into something closely resembling a predatory snarl. “Does seem pretty perfect. I’ll get in position.”

A few minutes and some awkward shuffling up a hole in the roof later and Ivan is looking down at a long and lovely dull-red tiled roof, some vines sneaking up along the corners providing a nice bit of green. “In position. Think I can make the jump.”
Anonymous 10/16/14(Thu)22:24 UTC+1 No.35568881 Report

Thanks for running Fall Guy. You write fun action and interesting characters. I'm sorry to see this quest go.

Sidenote: From what I remember of Shadowrun StoryTime, if a thread consists of just one person posting It'll autosage early. You might encourage some sort of conversation while you textdump
Fall Guy 10/16/14(Thu)22:25 UTC+1 No.35568939 Report

Alright, so, felt weird trying to write things in a present tense, third person perspective. What are your collective thoughts? Maybe go back to the old second person, present tense?

That does match up with some of my observations.

All we really need to do is keep off of page ten and be careful about autosage.
Anonymous 10/16/14(Thu)22:30 UTC+1 No.35569030 Report

Write in whatever way is most comfortable for. I'm fine with either.
Anonymous 10/16/14(Thu)22:33 UTC+1 No.35569100 Report

Either way works for me man.
Anonymous 10/16/14(Thu)22:35 UTC+1 No.35569141 Report

Somehow I can feel your discomfort through your writing.

Still, you should try to keep using the third person perspective.
Anonymous 10/16/14(Thu)23:04 UTC+1 No.35569739 Report

I wonder what horror stories look like the far future of DAQ
Anonymous 10/16/14(Thu)23:18 UTC+1 No.35569975 Report

That felt uncomfortable, if that's the right word. I think it was better in second person, but in the end its your quest. I would rather get a writefag then have the quest die like so many others.
Fall Guy 10/16/14(Thu)23:22 UTC+1 No.35570055 Report

“Excellent. Marlena and I are in position to burst in once you’ve made an appearance. Acerbi, cover Kostov.”

The chorus of affirmatives provide a strange sort of background music for Ivan as he walks back to the far end of the helipad. Elda opens fire in the distance, her shots echoing the thudding of Ivan’s foot steps as he sprints towards the edge of the helipad. His foot smashes into the concrete, launching his bulk into the air.


Ugh yeah, third person is not jiving with me. Going back to second from here on out.
Fall Guy 10/16/14(Thu)23:23 UTC+1 No.35570069 Report

You land in a cloud of red tile dust and obliterated masonry, you glance around the area, trying to get your bearings as a bit of red tile slides off of an armored shoulder and onto the floor. The water features involving an uncomfortable number of little boys pissing appear at random intervals. Behind these water features several mafioso peek out at you, jaws slack with surprise.

You hoist the grenade launcher and sneer. “I’ve got a delivery of high explosive meatballs for you fucke-”

Your voice is suddenly cut off as every single electrical system in the BART is overloaded. Trapped inside the paralyzed suit you squirm impotently, the artificial muscles refusing to budge from their locked position. A few seconds later, light floods your vision as someone pulls of the BART’s helmet. You find yourself looking up into the face of a man with round purple glasses on. He grins, the shit eating little expression framed perfectly by an unkempt growth of facial fluff.

“Don’t taze me bro.”

His breath blows up your nose, removing all doubt about his shit eating past times. “That’s my line.”

The man stands up straight and walks away, fro bobbing on his head. “Yeah, but I’ve been dying to use it, so please excuse me for stealing your thunder sempai.”

You paw around in the BART a little, trying to find the emergency release. “You don’t look mafiosi. Least, I thought they had a thing against afros.”

“They do,” replies the man, suddenly squatting next you once more. “No appreciation for alternative hair care techniques. Nope, only excessive hair gel and grease for these squ- hey do I know you?”
Fall Guy 10/16/14(Thu)23:38 UTC+1 No.35570367 Report

The man leans in closer, squinting at you through his ridiculous purple sunglasses. He’s a little too far away to headbutt. “No. Who the fuck are you?”

The man sighs. “That’s a deep question man. Does anyone really know themselves? I think life… life is all about a journey of self discovery, I don’t think I’m far along the path enough to give you an answer to that.”

What a bunch of weird drugged out bullsh- A thought occurs to you. “You one of those martians I heard the Valachi hang around with?”

The man grins. “Yeah dude! Although you make it sound like we’re the bad guys here. If anything, these suits are supplying us with psychotropics so really they’re enabling us.”

“What’re you doing down here?”

“I could ask you the same, dude.”

At this point one of the mafiosi walks forward, you can barely see him at the edge of your vision. He’s a middle aged guy, hair slicked back. “What are you doing still talking to this coglione, finish him off you degenerate marti-”

The martian stares dully at the space where the mafiosi’s head used to occupy, before twirling a massive revolver and sliding it back into his belt. “Listen man, I feel like me and this merc, we’re jiving on a pretty basic level right now. So if anyone else has any intention of interrupting this meeting of two souls…”

The mafiosi presumably stand down, based on the muttered italian response. You check your neuroware, communications still down. The martian snorts and pulls out some sort of joint, he is on the verge of lighting it when suddenly his face lights up in recognition.

“Yeah dude! Holy shit I DO know you! You’re that guy who,” the martian snaps his fingers thrice in rapid succession. “Blew up Dreads! Yeah that’s it!”
Anonymous 10/16/14(Thu)23:44 UTC+1 No.35570469 Report

>“Yeah dude! Holy shit I DO know you! You’re that guy who,” the martian snaps his fingers thrice in rapid succession. “Blew up Dreads! Yeah that’s it!”
Oh, we're finally getting some recognition.
Anonymous 10/16/14(Thu)23:49 UTC+1 No.35570562 Report


I bet Dreads was his second cousin twice removed from Space Jamaica.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)00:01 UTC+1 No.35570778 Report

I've had a difficult time finding the words to say after the initial announcement.

On one hand, it really seemed to me that the main plot progressed too slowly to ever finish. On the other, I was actually fine with that because this was a merc living the merc life: completely ignoring the over-arching plot was fine, too.

I get that you hadn't planned on getting Ivan to tier up anytime soon, if ever. Tinman was proof enough that you wanted to write about super high tech stuff, just not from Ivan's perspective. On that end, I simply lament that we won't get much of a chance to DO that kind of scifi stuff, which is a lot of what interested me back when you were pitching the idea on qtg.

Maybe, maybe there was just a tad too much attention on the short-term funny stuff? Perhaps the Valk sequences, Svenja female gazes, AND shower was too much.

I'll say this, though: among quests, DAQ has done the least wrong in anything and everything. Feel free to talk about what you did and didn't like writing the quest.
Fall Guy 10/17/14(Fri)00:02 UTC+1 No.35570819 Report

Suddenly the martian’s excitement drains away from his face. “Man, Dreads was like a personal icon to me man. He’s like the king of Martian special operations, a friggin legend in the community. That’s some seriously depressing shit you inflicted man,” suddenly that revolver is pointed at your skull, the tip of the barrel nestled against your temple. “I was really hoping Dreads-sempai would notice me, but you killed that dream dude. You’re a dream killer dude.”

You wriggle in your suit. You cannot believe this. Killed by some vengeful martain while trapped in a downed BART. You just got out of debt, you just got the Hercules pack, all over because of stupid designers not properly EM proofing. Paralyzed and silent…

Your eyes reflexively close to the sound of the gunshot. You can feel the air separate as the bullet whistles towards you.

Then a loud clattering noises. The martian leaps up into the air, gripping his wrist and moaning in pain. “Ahhhhhhhh.... ahhhh fuck ouch. There’s more of them. Fuck me. Gaiadamn it.”

You look around in confusion. Then you hear another bang, and a wet splattering noise. The man looks around. “Oh man. That’s scary.”

Suddenly two more loud explosions, and crackles of gunfire. You squirm around, more or less irritated that you can’t even sit up when you presume a lot of cool shit is undoubtedly going on. A few minutes of really loud shooting noises later and Clayton and Marlena both appear in your vision.

“You all right Kostov?”

“Yea,” you grunt. “Kinda pissed though. Help me out of this shit.”

A few minutes later and you’re out of the BART, gear in hand. You kick the exo-suit resentfully. “Damn thing is totally junked.”
Fall Guy 10/17/14(Fri)00:29 UTC+1 No.35571431 Report

Yeah, I'm going to pick up some groceries. Be back in a bit.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)01:07 UTC+1 No.35572192 Report

It reads kinda weird in the third person present tbh.

I think second person the same way you've been QMing it works best, since you can do it like normal, but without the option/quest choice delays

Your writefagging dump though
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)02:00 UTC+1 No.35573361 Report

>I can try writefagging it.
this all the way
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)02:11 UTC+1 No.35573593 Report

Don't worry, we'll keep the thread warm for you FG.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)03:02 UTC+1 No.35574594 Report

bump, boards moving fast today
Fall Guy 10/17/14(Fri)03:03 UTC+1 No.35574603 Report

“Just be grateful Dustsea didn’t kill you,” responds Marlena, a worrisome note in her voice.

“Dustsea? You knew that fro’d asshole?”

“Yeah. Yeah. Talk later, we still need to get to the local boss if we want to do this mission proper.”

The three of you jog forward towards the large double doors leading to what you presume is the main office. You are surrounded by the carnage of dead mafiosi, ripped to shreds by absurd amounts of gunfire. Clayton slams himself against one of the side walls, you join him, priate gun drawn, loaded with a GROG. No point killing Elda’s dad when you can just knock him out. Clayton waves Marlena on, and she takes a few steps back before firing, not at the doors, but at the wall next to them. You lead the charge into the office, storming through the cloud of stone dust, GROG flying free of your pirate gun.

Then.... a horrendous roaring noise the force of the jet exhausts knock you to the ground as a VTOL not dissimilar to the ones employed by StrikeOut rises up into the air. Dustsea hangs out of the back, his hand gripping the back of Elda’s father’s neck. “HEY IVAN,” he bellows over the roar of the turbines. “I GOTTA DROP THIS GUY OFF FOR A MEETING WITH MY COMRADES. BUT LET’S MEET UP AGAIN SOON, YEAH?”

The man waves one final time before walking into the VTOL, dragging Elda’s father inside with him. A few sparks as Elda tries to take some shots on the wavering target.

You open a private channel to Elda. “Look at the bright side. At least we can blow the base without worrying about collateral.”

“I suppose. But…. But this is absolutely not what I had in mind. I expected babboo to escape by himself, not accosted by Martians.”

“Take what you can get,” you mutter, “better this Dustsea guy than Marlena… probably.”

Elda doesn’t say anything for the rest of the mission. Not even deigning to compliment your and Marlena’s work as the Valachi base explodes into tower of molten rock, arching hundreds of feet into the sky.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)03:03 UTC+1 No.35574618 Report

And nothing of value was lost.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)03:07 UTC+1 No.35574688 Report

Well hopefully they just wanted to chat with babbo and he gets out fine
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)03:12 UTC+1 No.35574817 Report

They probably wanted his tomato sauce recipe.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)03:16 UTC+1 No.35574889 Report

I imagine theres some kind of test for being in the spess mafia about how you have to make an awesome pizza from scratch

Though I do hope he gets out fine
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)04:06 UTC+1 No.35575910 Report

bump, this anons got to leave for a couple hours, can my fellow anons please keep the thread alive for FG
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)04:26 UTC+1 No.35576297 Report

Will do.
Fall Guy 10/17/14(Fri)04:26 UTC+1 No.35576298 Report

“Seriously Marlena,” you say, leaning over one of the incredibly shitty faux beers on tap in the Tipsy Constructionbot, “I’m just having a hard time that you went to school with this guy.”

“Not school,” corrects the martian, swishing her own tankard of brew around, “Adolescent Development Guidance Center. They were life counsellors, not teachers.”

“Potato, Potatoh,” you snort, waving her semantics away. “It’s all basically the same.”

“No, not at all,” cries Marlena a little drunkenly. “No, these bastards aren’t teaching you anything… well I mean they are, but there’s the entire indoctrination thing, telling kids to report their parents to vibration readjusters if they anything seditious to the Martian state. You can’t just overlook that.”

“Fine, fine goddamn. But school is easier to say.”

“Fine, whatever. So we were in the same year at school. He was always a golden boy of Martian education. I think he even ended up reporting his uncle for reeducation, I’m sorry self reactualization therapy. The point is, I’m not too terribly surprised to see that he’s gotten into an organization as elite as the Sand Children.”

“So like what, Martian StrikeOut?”
Fall Guy 10/17/14(Fri)04:27 UTC+1 No.35576316 Report

“Dammit Kostov,” says Marlena as she slams down her fourth brew, “pay some goddamn attention. Wait, hang on that was mostly right. They do a lot of espionage work and political bullshit too, but yeah, that’s actually pretty close to accurate.”

“Great. So Dustsea is some operator operating opertionally?”

“Well he probably smokes more double danks than StrikeOut would be okay with, but yeah pretty much.”

You choke down the rest of your own shittastic faux beer and raise a finger for another. “So fascist was already handing people over to the gulags-”

“Attitude Readjustment Clinics.”

“Yeah, when he was just a little fascist. And now he’s your opposite number in the martian military. Sounds lovely.”

“Yeah well Kostov,” says Marlena as she stands up, pushing her tankard away. “I’ve been trying to track this bastard’s activities for a few years now. By the sands, don’t fuck with him. I think he might have had a hand in Bitter Prophet.”

And with that, Marlena leaves the bar. You sit in silence staring down at your mug. This rat bastard has got a lot of blood on his hands. You raise your finger for something a bit stronger.
Fall Guy 10/17/14(Fri)04:40 UTC+1 No.35576558 Report

Alright, I gotta sign off. Keep the thread bumped and I'll be back to writing a bit tomorrow.

Stay based anons.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)05:38 UTC+1 No.35577743 Report

keep trucking, fall guy
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)05:53 UTC+1 No.35578005 Report

Thanks for the thread so far FG, cya tomorrow
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)06:23 UTC+1 No.35578471 Report

Yeah, thanks for writing Fall Guy. I'm glad well see more of the story unfold.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)08:22 UTC+1 No.35579767 Report

Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)09:04 UTC+1 No.35580098 Report

A bump just to say how sad I am to see this all ending. At least we get to go along for the last ride instead of having you simply give up and disappear, leaving us to check the archives every month just out of pure hope that one day you'll come back and say "sorry guys, I was really sick, but I'm back!"
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)10:00 UTC+1 No.35580620 Report

Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)10:09 UTC+1 No.35580694 Report

Well that's depressing. I read through all the archived threads in a day. I checked /tg/ every other day hoping to find the next one, even though I don't frequent it otherwise. And now this happens.
Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. Keep trucking Fall bro.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)14:00 UTC+1 No.35582525 Report

Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)16:46 UTC+1 No.35584452 Report

>By the sands
Has Marlena always been saying that?
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)16:49 UTC+1 No.35584493 Report

First time I can think of seeing it.
Fall Guy 10/17/14(Fri)17:44 UTC+1 No.35585271 Report

It's been a while since I seriously wrote for Marlena, I've forgotten what her martianisms were.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)17:48 UTC+1 No.35585326 Report

Haha, yeah I could see that being a problem. Writing a new culture can be fun, but its hard to keep it consistent. When I run at table top I always try to write down their unique speech patterns or ticks so I can use it next time.

It's also fun for if it's a bag guy or adversary to use it as a tell that gives away their presence or something like that.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)17:57 UTC+1 No.35585463 Report

It actually sounds like something she'd say, though we've not really socialized much with Martian enough to get a grasp on her nuances
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)18:03 UTC+1 No.35585563 Report

And so dies the only good ques on /tg/.

Twas a beautiful run, FallGuy. I'll miss it.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)18:14 UTC+1 No.35585752 Report

>Twas a beautiful run
Indeed it was, make sure you don't miss the write-ups
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)18:17 UTC+1 No.35585802 Report

Loved this quest, only got to participate in a couple of threads but loved it regardless.
It's sad that playing it won't be possible, but it's great that you're keeping it up as a story instead.
Thanks for your work, Fall guy, best of luck!
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)18:18 UTC+1 No.35585833 Report

This anons heading to sleep, please keep this thread bumped for FG fellow anons.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)18:19 UTC+1 No.35585839 Report

Well shit. This was the only quest I've ever liked.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)19:38 UTC+1 No.35587100 Report

Not letting this thread die.
Fall Guy 10/17/14(Fri)22:12 UTC+1 No.35589807 Report

Self bump because I love dicks.
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)22:15 UTC+1 No.35589862 Report

Spirit-sempai, please, that's lewd!
Fall Guy 10/17/14(Fri)22:17 UTC+1 No.35589910 Report

You are the lewd, anon
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)22:18 UTC+1 No.35589932 Report

I know the perfect remedy...
Anonymous 10/17/14(Fri)23:56 UTC+1 No.35592080 Report

Live damnit!
Anonymous 10/18/14(Sat)00:07 UTC+1 No.35592343 Report

Welcome to the elite fraternity of QMs who saw the light and ascended to a higher plane of existence. /tg/ is a time-consuming crutch.
Fall Guy 10/18/14(Sat)00:16 UTC+1 No.35592564 Report

Allow the thread to die, don't bother archiving. I need to rework that section in third person back into the second person, and I can always repost writefaggotry in a later thread. I've got some midterms on monday, so I won't be able to accomplish much for a while.
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