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Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)17:34 UTC+1 No.33084732 Report

Hey guys, massive rule lawyer DM here, running a pathfinder campaign, and I have a question that I can't find the answer to.

How many encounters should I send at my players before I give them time to rest? I remember that it was 4 in 3ed I think.

Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)17:40 UTC+1 No.33084791 Report

one bump.

come on I can't be the only person that demands to follow the rules pretty much 100% of the time
Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)17:46 UTC+1 No.33084846 Report

>massive rule lawyer DM here

I cast John Wick's curse.
Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)17:52 UTC+1 No.33084914 Report

Hey man, I have a team of 6-8 player's, all stoned off there ass half the time and pretty much demand to try to break everything everywhere.

We all agreed a while ago that everyone, sticks to the rules to try to limit the constant Player/DM/pvp fucking going on
Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)19:10 UTC+1 No.33085717 Report

Fourth encounter a day against a group of four people is potentially lethal. That depends on party composition and optimization though. You can try to use this d20srd.org/extras/d20encountercalculator/ tool.
Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)19:14 UTC+1 No.33085759 Report

Then run the game they enjoy. Have them get the attention of the Thieves Guild, if they were good, bring them in. If they were bad, have the guild trying to rub them out.
Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)19:39 UTC+1 No.33086049 Report

group of 8 all level 2.
but the 4 = cr per day might kill em eh, ill drop it to 3
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