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Is four the optimal size for...
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)16:15 UTC+1 No.34251549 Report

Is four the optimal size for adventuring party?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)16:32 UTC+1 No.34251785 Report

Or five?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)16:34 UTC+1 No.34251798 Report

Because you get the same exp from encounter if you were four, but you're one dude more.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)16:54 UTC+1 No.34252127 Report


Because it's the number of death.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)16:56 UTC+1 No.34252151 Report

Its hard to optimize without being told the setting or system.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)16:59 UTC+1 No.34252200 Report

Yes, because it means every character (and their opinion) is valued.

Five is a crowd and usually results in one person being the red-headed stepchild of the group.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)17:00 UTC+1 No.34252226 Report
File: image.jpg-(115x125)
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)17:01 UTC+1 No.34252229 Report

And Baldur's Gate 6 person party?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)17:03 UTC+1 No.34252276 Report


Isn't that a video-game? That doesn't count.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)17:07 UTC+1 No.34252327 Report

3 is usually lacking in some department, but is perfectly workable. 5 can handle most encounters, but at least one player is completely vestigial at any one time.

4 covers most bases, and everybody gets an even chance to be important roleplay and utility wise.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)17:13 UTC+1 No.34252414 Report

Depends on the system. D&D and the like? That's a fairly optimal number. Shadowrun? You should at least have the 4 core roles covered, but if you have one or two more, people can specialize a bit more. Call of Cthulhu? It doesn't really matter, you're probably all going to go insane or get eaten by a shoggoth anyway.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)17:14 UTC+1 No.34252427 Report


Because back-up and reserves.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)17:14 UTC+1 No.34252428 Report


If we're talking about the 'classic' DnD party, then yeah, 4 is perfect.
5 -is- doable, but your results may vary depending on the party composition.

In some games slightly larger parties are more useful, things like Traveller, the 40k RPGs, Only War in particular (5 PCs + 5 comrades makes a typical 10 man squad),

Conversely the GW Judge Dredd RP works best with 2-3 players, and Flashing Blades just begs for a 3 man party if only for the Musketeers references inherent within the game.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)17:21 UTC+1 No.34252536 Report

The optimal party must be the size that keeps the balance of being enough for the game and not slowing the game down. For DnD and other games of similar rules-heaviness it's 4. rules-light games it may be five or even six.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)18:10 UTC+1 No.34253157 Report

It's a good size. You can make do with both more and less.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)18:13 UTC+1 No.34253189 Report
File: LETS-GO-994x469.jpg-(124x58)
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)19:00 UTC+1 No.34253848 Report

I like 5, as all decisions made by the group will not end in a tie (as opposed to 4)

also I played Dragon Age: Origins and 4 was sometimes not quite enough for a fun and versatile party - not that I thought the game was too hard, but it would've been nice to have that option.

even worse, I'm used to 5-man parties because I've played WoW for years since WotLK
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)19:06 UTC+1 No.34253927 Report

What is Polneraff, chopped liver?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)19:09 UTC+1 No.34253975 Report

Avdol's second character.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)19:11 UTC+1 No.34254011 Report

I prefer 3 players, but I fucking love Yoshihiko.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)19:11 UTC+1 No.34254016 Report

My current party fluctuates between 7-9, it's the worst thing. Even when we were only 6 there were still people with nothing to do, but that's probably to do with roles.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)19:12 UTC+1 No.34254028 Report

Any number can work, really. As long as it doesn't exceed 6, then things get complicated.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)19:14 UTC+1 No.34254057 Report

What about Iggy?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)19:31 UTC+1 No.34254314 Report

I'm an anime only fag.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)19:45 UTC+1 No.34254535 Report


How does that even happen??
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)19:47 UTC+1 No.34254559 Report
File: I shouldn't have licked it.jpg-(83x125)
Six is better than for. This...
Six is better than for. This is easy to remember. 6 > 4.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)19:50 UTC+1 No.34254594 Report

I hope you like waiting for your turn.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)19:52 UTC+1 No.34254626 Report

5 is optimal.

2 tanks (if you have a Paladin you also get a little healing here too)
1 caster
1 healer
1 ranged
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:00 UTC+1 No.34254721 Report
File: 6 faggots.jpg-(125x93)
>optimal party sizeHelp me...
>optimal party size

Help me pull the trigger /tg/. At least one of them has to go.

I'm nearing the snake queen's liar, btw (Xiamouei?)
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:02 UTC+1 No.34254765 Report
File: Barrels 014.jpg-(110x125)
>everyone's good
You fucked up, enjoy dying when an evil cleric looks your way.

Ditch the Bard.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:03 UTC+1 No.34254779 Report

Kill the dwarf. Lowest level and most out of place alignment
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:04 UTC+1 No.34254789 Report

>using turns
>not old d&d simultaneous
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:09 UTC+1 No.34254856 Report
File: 1370632392899.jpg-(125x90)
Depends a lot on the game....
Depends a lot on the game. Played a GURPS sci-fi game with 6 people in the not-stargate team and it worked fine due to niche separation.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:21 UTC+1 No.34255014 Report

What game is this?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:25 UTC+1 No.34255058 Report
File: 4342126235747.jpg-(125x70)
Don't trust Sachiel.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:29 UTC+1 No.34255116 Report

Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:37 UTC+1 No.34255239 Report

>Four cardinal directions
>Four classical elements
>Four seasons
>Four suits of cards
>Four limbs on a man
>Simplest Platonic solid has four sides
>Four colors of ink in a printer
>Four letters in the name of God
>Four Gospels
>Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
>Four Noble Truths in Buddhism
>Four rocky planets in the Solar System
>Four gas giants in the Solar System
>Four kinds of nucleotide bases in DNA
>Four chambers to the heart
>Four blood types
>Four Aristotelian Causes
>Four Beatles
>Four blocks in a Tetris piece
>Four races in a Mario Kart cup
>Four cocks OP sucked while he posted this thread

Four is a good number.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:39 UTC+1 No.34255275 Report

I play v.3.5, PF, 5th, and Exalted. My group and I like a group of 3 - 5 characters.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:40 UTC+1 No.34255290 Report

B-but I'm a righteous dude!
I originally started my party with the bard, the dwarf fighter and the 1/2 elf mage. I wanted them to be a minimized Hanna Barbera cartoon mistery solver gang of Winterfell (the slick suave guy as lead, the cute ditz as the magic vagina and the dumb comedy relief with muscle).

This party has too many Scrappy Doos (and a lot of loot to sell). What the heck,going back to the glorious trio.

Icewind Dale
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:41 UTC+1 No.34255301 Report

If we get the same amount of XP per encounter regardless of size I propose we bright along an entire shoah's worth of men and harvest insane amounts of net XP.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:42 UTC+1 No.34255323 Report

4 is everywhere! @_@
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:46 UTC+1 No.34255372 Report

Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:49 UTC+1 No.34255435 Report

No, one is.

A lot less assholes that way.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)20:50 UTC+1 No.34255447 Report

Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:04 UTC+1 No.34255706 Report

Why do they have cheese wheels in their shoulders
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:08 UTC+1 No.34255794 Report

Is it the work of an enemy stand?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:11 UTC+1 No.34255860 Report

5. Tank, Striker, Healer, Caster, Ranged
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:15 UTC+1 No.34255941 Report

In SR, six is optimal unless all you do is infiltrations

In 3.5/PF, five is pretty solid

In 4e, four is good
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:18 UTC+1 No.34256003 Report

Only if the Buddha wills it.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:20 UTC+1 No.34256027 Report

>In 4e, four is good
Although the math supports 2 strikers and one of each other role.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:22 UTC+1 No.34256083 Report

My group is a nebulous cloud of eight people and we can barely get four for 4e so it's probably just my lack of experience.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:24 UTC+1 No.34256106 Report

So who's face?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:24 UTC+1 No.34256116 Report

Three: tank, DPS, healer.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:25 UTC+1 No.34256131 Report

Its all good. My 4e group has a core of 4 people and no Strikers, so I can tell you that we really miss the damage.

Depending on the game, you don't need one. If D&D, wizard can charm everyone. If a later edition, cleric can boost their Charisma or caster is Cha-based.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:25 UTC+1 No.34256133 Report

Everyone who votes below 6 is likely underage.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:26 UTC+1 No.34256143 Report

I'd say 4E has caused people to think combat balance is everything, but hey, at least it's better than eveyone believing caster superiority is okay.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:28 UTC+1 No.34256189 Report

That stuff was going on pre-4e though. A lot of 4e's stuff was an attempt to address all the class-imbalance shitfits going on online. It just went a little far in the other direction, although there are good ideas and seeds of innovative things buried in there. At least the Ranger being the strongest class in the game was kind of novel.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:29 UTC+1 No.34256213 Report

4e is best with five actually. double duty/backup on one of the roles is very useful, and in their dragon article on how to DM for atypical party structures they mentioned five, 4 one role each and an extra, is the ideal
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:30 UTC+1 No.34256227 Report

Well, my three was mostly a MMO reference joke. They've never really been able to expand from the holy trinity. D&D Online attempted to bring classes into the game, but back when I played it a rogue was not necessary. People just bulldozed through dungeon traps because they had ran the place a dozen times already and knew them all. This even had its own term, "rush sports," as people just wanted a quick run and get the loot, to hell with dillydallying at traps.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:30 UTC+1 No.34256231 Report

>mfw my first party in a game was 6 chaotic good elf rangers with bows
>mfw I lost in my first dungeon and couldn't understand why
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:33 UTC+1 No.34256287 Report

ranger wasn't the strongest class, it was the highest damage class. That may or may not turn out to be the strongest depending on the combat scenario. A wizard will outshine rangers in minion encounters, fighters will outlast rangers in elite/solo encounters, and rogue will outskill ranger in pretty much everything, and have striker damage with controller or even leader options to boot. Really, the ranger's intense focus on dealing damage cripples it in other facets.

"strongest" is a very situational term
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:33 UTC+1 No.34256293 Report

Meatshield to take or prevent damage
Assassin to kill fast one target
Crow-Control to hinder multiple enemies
Backup or Hybrid

Range is a sub-set of any of the above roles, except maybe the meatshield.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:34 UTC+1 No.34256306 Report

3. They play off each other and you get three pairings. That's enough for diverse interactions, yet maximizes the focus of the campaign.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:34 UTC+1 No.34256307 Report

Also, if one of your strikers in 4E is close-ranged (Barbarian, Rogue, Two Weapon Ranger), it can be useful to have a more long ranged one as well. (Warlock, Sorcerer, Archery Ranger.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:36 UTC+1 No.34256331 Report

Agreed. My group is almost totally melee and its annoying as fuck.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:41 UTC+1 No.34256404 Report

And would they be the classic warrior, mage, thief grouping?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:45 UTC+1 No.34256470 Report

Nothing more than 5, nothing lower than 3.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:46 UTC+1 No.34256484 Report

four is good for your standard party base, though I'm currently playing a pathfinder game with three PCs that works well.

Though what do you folks think is the optimal world of darkness group both old and new
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)21:56 UTC+1 No.34256645 Report

If it's D&D-esque, sure. The holy trinity doesn't really exist for Exalted. Even GURPS is pretty good about it.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)22:01 UTC+1 No.34256751 Report

An optimal party could be anywhere from just a tank and a healer to several tanks, a DPS and healer for each tank (at least one of which is a rogue), a bard and sorcerer for utility, a wizard for BBEG one-shots, and any number of team pets.

If you want any kind of a chance to fight without falling asleep, though, 4 or 5 is generally best.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)22:02 UTC+1 No.34256760 Report

Better yet, what is the optimal size for a all paladin adventuring party?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)22:03 UTC+1 No.34256782 Report

In Shadowrun five or six is best because it gives you a chance to diversify your portfolio a bit

My current team is
Street Sam
Face/Driver/Support Sam
Summon Focused Mage/Unreliable Face (Green Man)
Phys Adept/Infiltrator
Technomancer/Drone Rigger/Sniper

we do a lot of wet work, it's pretty pink mohawk but not over the top
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)22:05 UTC+1 No.34256827 Report

>four rocky planets

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Pluto.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)22:06 UTC+1 No.34256860 Report

>Crow-Control to hinder multiple enemies
Don't worry, I know a guy.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)22:11 UTC+1 No.34256938 Report

Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)22:11 UTC+1 No.34256956 Report


>Mace Paladin: the angry asskicking righteous fury one, second most likely to be a girl
>Sword Paladin: the judicial "I want to basically be my god" one
>Bow Paladin: the wimpy one, fuck bow paladin, probably has a horse
>Two Shield Paladin: He's twice as cool as mace paladin. will defend you and probably sacrifice himself to stop the lich king
>Spear Paladin: wants to be a valkyrie, will probably multiclass into something with flashier spells. most likely to be the girl.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)22:13 UTC+1 No.34256992 Report

Almost forgot
>Axe Paladin: the one that falls. still wants to hang with the group but it gets awkward with his aura clashing with everyone else's.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)22:18 UTC+1 No.34257081 Report

3 is the number to which you shall count.
Not 2, for it is one too few.
Not 4, for it is one too many
5 is right out.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)22:20 UTC+1 No.34257110 Report


I have some. . .bad news. . .
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)22:27 UTC+1 No.34257257 Report


There are thirteen 'normal' blood groups
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)22:27 UTC+1 No.34257262 Report

My party right now is pretty cool.
>Dedicated frontline axe-and-board fighter who fights dirty and has mastered ambush guerrilla tactics.
>Sabre-and-pistol-brace swashbuckler (also fights dirty) who's great with poisons and dabbles in martial arts from some backwards far-off land he ported in for a while. Obviously owns a ship.
>Mage who usually subtly influences the fights but occasionally goes whole-hog to cow potential reinforcements. Magic mustard gas usually discourages baddies from helping their buddies.
>Chemist-merchant turned alchemists. Distills healing potions and makes alchemical napalm, CS flasks, and mustard gas.
Our group really likes mustard gas for some reason. I play the first one.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)23:26 UTC+1 No.34258252 Report

>GW Judge Dredd RP
I just want to let you know that I love you. This is the first time I've ever seen anyone else on /tg/ mention one of my favorite games.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)00:00 UTC+1 No.34258874 Report

The most fun I've ever had playing was with only one other player. Three is great, too. At four, it sort of feels like one person leads, two follow and one tends to just "whatever" along for the ride.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)00:12 UTC+1 No.34259072 Report

I hate playing below 4 people. I always feel there are not enough people around for the task and usually I must cut the challanges down, because enemies could simply zerg over players. When I've got only two players, I don't even bother and leave.

> Or five?
On the other hand, playing above 4 makes me feel overcrowded. And it's hard to simply accomodate so many people.

So yeah, I guess 4 s the best size. In class-less systems (I fucking hate class & level systems) the amount of people is essential, because you need at least four people to create a "secure check" by splitting the party equally (and in class & level system you can't split at all, because classes are so dependent on each other). Having 3 people won't allow you to split, 5 won't make it equal and 6 is a fucking crowd
Forever GM 08/20/14(Wed)00:15 UTC+1 No.34259101 Report

The number of your best friends who want to play your campaign is the optimal size of a party.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)00:16 UTC+1 No.34259125 Report

I prefer seven.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)00:20 UTC+1 No.34259191 Report

Which would mean I had to play with 20 people at once. Nice move, Sherlock
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)00:25 UTC+1 No.34259269 Report

>the casty one
>the helpy one
>the guardy one
>the sneaky one
Hell, you could probably get it down ideally to 2, but they might start fucking at some point regardless of orientation.
Forever GM 08/20/14(Wed)00:26 UTC+1 No.34259287 Report

I don't have that many friends


I'm actually okay with that. I've also seen a dude GM Burning Wheel for 30 people at once. It can be done.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)00:28 UTC+1 No.34259324 Report

Honestly, the number of people and the classes they play, as far as combat/gameplay balance is irrelevant. If you can't tailor a campaign to suit your players, don't DM, because you suck at it.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)00:31 UTC+1 No.34259361 Report

>I don't have that many friends
Want a cookie or beer to feel better? ^^

No, seriously, 5 people are hard to manage, 6 people create a crowd and at 20 people who cares about playing stupid games if we are all together? Or someone would start fucking, regardless of orientation
Forever GM 08/20/14(Wed)00:39 UTC+1 No.34259514 Report

I have beer, I'm good.

I did say -best- friends. I just had a night of Deadlands with 7 people, all bros, shit was fun as hell. I don't find that many people hard to manage. But then again, since we're all friends, no one is trying to steal the spotlight and everyone gets along.

I don't tolerate derisive players at my table and neither do my friends.

I guess my point is I'm happy to GM for my friends no matter the number.

I do find that me, plus my 3 best bros, with me playing a PC as well, creates the greatest group though.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)00:40 UTC+1 No.34259545 Report

Avdol took a rank in Druid.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)00:57 UTC+1 No.34259853 Report


Why thank you.
Here, have these...

Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)01:03 UTC+1 No.34259961 Report

It depends on whether you're using a square or hex based grid. I personally prefer cairo tiling, in which the optimal number would be 5 people.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)01:55 UTC+1 No.34260835 Report

>DMing for seven friends in an upcoming campaign
I brought this upon myself, but still.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)03:14 UTC+1 No.34262116 Report

Eh, I dislike the whole "every base needs to be covered" thing with regards to Shadowrun. I tend to prefer 3-4 person games in SR because the system isn't very rapid to begin with. The one I'm running is with just a shaman, an infiltrator, and a rigger. No hacking means they've gotta rely on other things sometimes, and they're not picked for datasteals very often, but that's half the fun.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)03:21 UTC+1 No.34262220 Report

Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)05:15 UTC+1 No.34264274 Report

split it into two groups. have one paly evil and one play good, an let them play against ech other
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)05:38 UTC+1 No.34264749 Report

Most systems are designed to be ran with a 4 person party, and 5 persons are fun, but I think 3 is the optimal party. The dm can simply gear the game for a 3 person party. The pacing of the game stays pretty even, no one is ever bored or gets ignored and any party decisions or disputes are quickly resolved simply because there are less opinions to be heard.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)05:45 UTC+1 No.34264915 Report

Somehow we got the bright idea to run an evil campaign.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)07:30 UTC+1 No.34267152 Report


If this is IWD we're talking about, I don't understand why you lost, either.

Ranged combat is the bees knees in those games.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)07:47 UTC+1 No.34267461 Report

what is the optimal size for a gaming group?
I'd say 4-to-6, with 3 and 7 on the fence.
with 2 or 8 players, grab an other player or an other GM.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)07:58 UTC+1 No.34267724 Report

I'd say 4 is optimal player-wise, 5 is optimal character/role-wise. With four players: one guy is making plans, one guy is role-playing the party face, one guy is kind of fucking stuff up with a chaotic character, and one guy can be kind of quiet.

Never go over 6 players for almost any system. People get bored and ignored. 2 players can still be really fun if all the people involved are close friends, but I'd try to swing for 3.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)08:20 UTC+1 No.34268135 Report

5 works well for my group, both from a roleplay and a role play perspective.

>Melee Damage dealer (Barbarian)
>Tank (Fighter)
>Spellcaster (Sorcerer)
>Healer/Support (Bard)
>Sneaky Stabby (Rogue)

>Suprisingly cheery and affiable war veteran who somehow always manages to lighten a dark situation.
>Young Serious McHero who exists as a counterpoint to the first and only really has fun when he's drunk. Probably considers himself the main character.
>Girl who is funny and instantly struck a father/daughter relationship with the team dad. Team Sister.
>Dubiously aligned pragmatist who is actually pretty bro if you can see past his occasional broodiness. Team Uncle
>Soft spoken but wise elder who rarely speaks but when he does it's always either incredibly brilliant or fucking hilarious. Team Grandad

Also the "Hero"'s girlfriend but she never does anything unless prompted and has 0 character.

Now try and match the Character to the role.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)08:25 UTC+1 No.34268245 Report

5. Syncs up with the 5 best alignments for a non-evil party

Lawful Good
Neutral Good
Chaotic Good
True Neutral
Lawful Neutral

That way you have a good diversity of world views while still being inherently Heroic.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)09:53 UTC+1 No.34269589 Report

For those wondering:
Bard > Affiable War Vet
Fighter > Young Serious McHero
Barbarian > Girl
Sorcerer > Pragmatist
Rogue > Wise Elder
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)10:07 UTC+1 No.34269791 Report

Depends on the system.

Dark Heresy/Only War? Roughly 10,000-100,000 depending on the mission. And the party will still more than likely be wiped.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)10:12 UTC+1 No.34269856 Report

What are you doing in DH that puts you in that kind of situation
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)10:21 UTC+1 No.34269977 Report

BG plays better with a party of 4.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)10:35 UTC+1 No.34270121 Report

You know Gygax himself GM'd adventures that involved 20 people?

Not all at the same time, but it could certainly fluctuate. This was probably made a good deal of sense given that the majority of his adventures were meatgrinders.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)10:42 UTC+1 No.34270203 Report

Yeah I bet it was hard to DM the 4 currently alive players as the other 16 chargenned for the 30th time that session
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)10:46 UTC+1 No.34270257 Report

But damn wouldn't those last 4 feel like they were unmitigated badasses.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)10:48 UTC+1 No.34270285 Report

That is just propaganda buy groups who refuse to see the legitimacy of the Terra-Lunar dual planet.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)10:50 UTC+1 No.34270299 Report

Depending on how invested each character is in their personal storyline, parties of greater quantity could be difficult for a GM to work with and incorporate them into the greater story.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)10:51 UTC+1 No.34270309 Report

3 is the best group size for actual social roleplaying.
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)13:48 UTC+1 No.34271795 Report


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