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Let's talk about Fiends,...
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)14:18 UTC+1 No.34388061 Report

Let's talk about Fiends, /tg/!

Who are your favorite evil Outsiders? What was the best way you've seen them used? Have you ideas for interesting versions you'd like to share?

I think it's a shame there is so many kinds of fiends that never hold the spotlight.
ThatAnonWhoWritesTG 08/25/14(Mon)14:22 UTC+1 No.34388103 Report


There was a bit of a fiend bloat near the rear half of 3e and 4e. Suddenly you not only had the dozen plus of each type that had been handed down from the first two editions but scores of others, and some of the new ones felt a bit... uninspired?

I mean I like new devils, but the idea that they are all "humanoid with reddish skin, two horns on their forehead and possibly cloven hooves and wings" seems like an excessively narrow constraint considering the variation of the original devils.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)14:29 UTC+1 No.34388180 Report


Yeah, that's true.

On one hand, a lot of fiends that were introduced where really freakish. On the other, even the most peculiar ones had troubles establishing their identities. The large number didn't help: I think that there was at least three demons that competed for the "evil seductress" spot, by the end of 3.5.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)14:34 UTC+1 No.34388220 Report

Not best, but most amusing.
The party was researching demonic and diabolic lore in a library and found a book on Daemonic Possession.
It told one how to possess daemons.

Cue the arrival of the librarian's assistant Jack as a Chain Devil, and a high stake's game of Tag.
ThatAnonWhoWritesTG 08/25/14(Mon)14:35 UTC+1 No.34388235 Report


Yeah, succubi, lilitu and radiant sisters? I think? There was also the devil version.

And some attempts at reinvention were really questionable. I mean the Kalabon, really?
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)14:43 UTC+1 No.34388299 Report

The Radiant Sisters were lilitu, though.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)14:44 UTC+1 No.34388321 Report

I think there was one that was a watered-down version of the succubus called "pleasure demon" or something


What's the Kalabon? I don't remember anything about them
ThatAnonWhoWritesTG 08/25/14(Mon)14:48 UTC+1 No.34388351 Report




Kalabon[41] – Devils spawned from the rotting flesh of the Hag Countess's carcass that can combine their individual bodies into large amalgamations which fights as a single creature.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)14:50 UTC+1 No.34388372 Report

The kind that aren't 'always evil', for one. Absolute evil a shit, outsider businessmen a good.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)14:52 UTC+1 No.34388396 Report

Oh yeah, now I remember them. I thought they were kind of lame.

The Demon Lords and Hell's nobility were very cool, though
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)14:56 UTC+1 No.34388442 Report

That sounds awesome. How did it end?

This, too. Not that they aren't evil, simply that they're individuals with more to them than being evil.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)15:03 UTC+1 No.34388501 Report


I just checked: there was the succubus, the lilitu (who was an upgraded succubus, so it was logical) and the Pleasure Devil.

Anyone else ever thought the Marilith seemed too lawful to be a demon? I like them a lot, but it seems everyone portray them either as the disciplined generals of the Blood War or as submissive eye candy for the greater demons.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)15:04 UTC+1 No.34388512 Report

It ended with the resident bitch of the party caught in a corner.
his nose was booped
And then there were purchases of books.
ThatAnonWhoWritesTG 08/25/14(Mon)15:05 UTC+1 No.34388519 Report


That was the reason they made succubi devils in 4e and Graz'zt a defected baatezu.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)15:23 UTC+1 No.34388688 Report

I thought that was because they decided "demon= bloodthirsty beast, devil=civilised evil"
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)15:24 UTC+1 No.34388695 Report

That too.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)15:30 UTC+1 No.34388753 Report

Speaking of which, I have a question:

Demons are Chaotic Evil. Yet, in Sigil or in other places where they are not the dominant forces, they seems to be perfectly able to function in society. I know Chaotic Evil doesn't mean " Lolrandumb murderhobo", but demons are enbodiment of malevolent chaos, so you'd think it would be more difficult for them to blend in.

So, do we only see the most sociable of them in those places, or is it just that the demons can control themselves given enough incentives?
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)15:30 UTC+1 No.34388758 Report


The baatezu variation was called brachinae, as well
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)15:32 UTC+1 No.34388777 Report

I run Marilith as blenders that happen to have the ability to chase things.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)15:38 UTC+1 No.34388854 Report

Think about it like this. Instead of them being malevolent chaos, they're self-interest without regard to anything else.

A demon is perfectly capable of controlling himself, if he's aware that not controlling himself would result in him getting killed/humiliated/whatever he cares about. That's how you have demonic armies marching under one banner - their Lords either buy them off, promising them that they can indulge in whatever they want to do (so the demon is afraid of losing that thing) or they're intimidated into obeying (so the demon is terrified of being destroyed).

Of course, they will break any law and disobey orders if they see fit to or if they think they can get away with it. But if they're afraid that someone will punish them for that disobedience, they'll act perfectly normal and in accord to whatever rules the Lord proclaims.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)15:39 UTC+1 No.34388861 Report


Marilith's are more like perfect waifu material. So many arms for extra hugs
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)15:40 UTC+1 No.34388867 Report

Devils are interesting in most settings with a Hell because their function is redemption of mortals. Sure, they murder some people or steal their souls, but their most basic function is to make people NOT want to be evil.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)15:52 UTC+1 No.34389014 Report

Well, if you go by D&D 3.5 lore, the Devils made a pact with the Gods to punish whoever was LE. Then the Gods realised the Devils actively tempted and manipulated the mortals to make them LE and damn them to Hell, and they couldn't break the pact.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)15:53 UTC+1 No.34389031 Report

They sorta are, but their reasons for fighting and organizing troops are anything but Lawful.

All their wars and strategies have only one goal in the end - bloodshed. They don't fight for the Abyss or out of loyalty to some greater principle, they fight and organize armies because they love killing and the sound of armies clashing against one another. Not to mention that all of them are in some sort of competition on who gets to be the most creative and successful general.

Basically, they fight war for self-aggrandizement and self-satisfaction.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)15:57 UTC+1 No.34389080 Report

>Basically, they fight war for self-aggrandizement and self-satisfaction.

Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)16:12 UTC+1 No.34389284 Report

Favorite archdevil, and why.

Favorite demon lord/prince, and why.

Favorite unique fiend that does not fit in the above categories, and why.

Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)16:46 UTC+1 No.34389767 Report

>Favotite archdevil

Asmodeus. Because he's as powerful, smart, threatening and awe-aspiring than you expect from the Ruler of Hell, and more.
>Favorite demon lord:

Juiblex, with Dagon as close second. While I like Dagon for being the old wise guy of the demons, I simply find the idea of a lazy bum like Juiblex with near-godlike power hilarious.

>Favorite unique fiend that does not fit in the above categories, and why.

Hmm, that one is hard. Does the ones you created for your campaign/background count?

The other demons/devils are great, too.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)17:08 UTC+1 No.34390103 Report

Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)17:35 UTC+1 No.34390557 Report

>Favorite archdevil
Baalphegor, the Archduchess of the Eight. Powerful spellcaster, famed scientist and inventor, and a possible ancient Baatorian which mysteriously disappeared from the Nine Hells without anyone noticing it.

>Favorite demon lord/prince
I'm gonna say Obox-ob, with Pazuzu as the close second. An ancient, furious, giant centipede/scorpion monster that rules the land of nightmarish insects and who wants to exterminate the "vermin" that are the Tanar'ri. Guy's so scary he makes Demogorgon shit his pants.

>Favorite unique fiend that does not fit in the above categories
A'kin the Friendly Fiend. A kind and generous yugoloth (at least he appears so) in the middle of Sigil who owns a magic shop. Also the candidate for the greatest gossip in all the Planes. Great source for information and magic trinkets.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)17:35 UTC+1 No.34390572 Report


>favourite archdevil

Bel. While all the rest are effete schemers who spend all their time trying to one-up the other, Bel's a working man's devil. He rose up from the trenches and he fucking well holds the lines.

>favourite demon lord

Grazzt. I mean, he's dumb as shit but that's why I like him. What other demon would go to the trouble of polymorphing himself to look like a rival and then taking the dick of another rival just to spread bad rumours? He's a huge petty fuck-up and I can't help but root for him.

>favourite unique fiend

Red Shroud. She's just a pretty random succubus but she's got her own town that she runs with an iron fist and... ah fuckit I got nothing. Really once you get rid of the archdevils and the demon lords, none of the others have nearly as much character unless you count NPCs from your own games.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)17:37 UTC+1 No.34390609 Report

Red Shroud is Fall-from-Grace's mom.

Yeah, Grace is Malcanthet's granddaughter, and it apparently pains her dear old grandma that he's a chaste succubus and a disgrace (heh) to the family.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)19:04 UTC+1 No.34391894 Report

fiend bump
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