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/tg/ - Traditional Games - Necromunda General?

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Necromunda General?
Necromunda General? Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)18:53 UTC+1 No.34391768 Report

Recently, I've been looking at old Game Workshop specialty games, and I've always thought that the concept behind Necromunda sounded interesting. So I was wondering /tg/

Is it any good? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? Anything I should know getting into it if it is indeed good enough to get into?
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)18:56 UTC+1 No.34391797 Report

It's great fun, but the game relies heavily on Z-levels which may require a lot of effort for terrain building.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)19:04 UTC+1 No.34391907 Report

Z-levels? Does that mean multi-leveled terrain? Access shafts, gantries, stairwells, what-have you? Sorry, new to wargames in a general sence...

It appears that many of the maps in the rulebook don't have it, but it makes sense that those would be important when fighting in the underhive
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)19:16 UTC+1 No.34392096 Report

use yakromunda (yak tribe) for rules/tools.

necromunda is alright. it's a game where no one knows how to shoot straight, so template/blast weapons are your best friend. the random improvement level up system tend to make it so after 10 games, one guy ends up with a god tier gang (+BS/+W/+perks) and the others end up biting it over and over.

it works great for a few games though, and it is fun. em4 miniatures makes a combat zone game that's much cheaper to get into ($25 +shipping for 30 plastic miniatures, card scenery and rules + free pdf expansion or $40 to add 10 prepainted metal guys).

either way, you can get rules and proxy some guys to decide for yourself. you'll probably have trouble finding other people to play with though, since it's not 40k/WMH/star wars.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)19:20 UTC+1 No.34392159 Report

all the official necromunda scenery is multilevel, and even though it's cardboard and a single type of molded plastic connector wall section, it's stupid expensive used,

without a lot of terrain to make close combat/ movement gangers viable, it's just becomes a bad version of 2e where everyone needs 7+s to hit.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)19:44 UTC+1 No.34392490 Report

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the yakromunda forum, it looks awesome. I was planning on proxying some guys and playing a few rounds with a friend of mine, so player's shouldn't be an issue.

Hrm... so table clutter or short hallways are important to prevent ranged from getting too borked. Makes sense. I also have a bunch of Space Hulk tiles I could use to make a game set in a network of corridors (I stumbled across someone doing this while poking around for general Space Hulk things) Thoughts?
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)19:50 UTC+1 No.34392573 Report

Hrm... I just stumbled upon a version of Necromunda made by the Yakromunda community. Should I start by learning that one as they suggest?
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)19:50 UTC+1 No.34392590 Report

> Necromunda
> Is it any good?

Do you like the recent X-COM vidja, OP? Cos it's basically Necromunda.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)19:53 UTC+1 No.34392642 Report

As in cover-huggsliest overwatchiest fate-of-your-team-hangs-on-one-shot sort of ridiculousness?
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)20:07 UTC+1 No.34392889 Report

To a point, yeah, although because it's not X-Com it's more forgiving. I mainly mean in the sense of the mechanics being essentially 2 action phases (move and shoot, move and attack, or double move), with overwatch, cover being super important, and so forth.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)20:11 UTC+1 No.34392982 Report

Gotcha. It seems rather different in that melee is a viable option however (then again, I'm still playing enemy unknown and I enver went in for multiplayer in X-Com)

That... makes me want to play it more than anything else I've read so far actually. Awesome!
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