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Small/Stupid Questions
Small/Stupid Questions Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)11:14 UTC+1 No.34386451 Report

Questions related to RPGs and the like.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)14:26 UTC+1 No.34388145 Report

What are Pathfinder's touch attacks/spells exactly?
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)14:42 UTC+1 No.34388296 Report

Do you mean what do they do? or what
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)14:46 UTC+1 No.34388332 Report

Is it alright to be a bad DM as long as my friends are having fun?

Example: Playing a game unprepared and having to retcon minor facts.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)14:52 UTC+1 No.34388391 Report

I just run all my games randomly, makes everything easier
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)14:59 UTC+1 No.34388473 Report

If everyone is genuinely having fun, it is not bad.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)18:00 UTC+1 No.34390996 Report

Anyone familiar with making "stats" for characters in things such as D&D? Would be I send character name, or image, like arkham batman and you fill in/make up stats and feats and skills/attributes he should have and such based on history of character. Will be some variations on some characters, with lewd/erotic based ones being common. Design of how you do it and all are up to you ^^ Budget is flexible. Any interested? Looking to hire someone. Will pay.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)18:20 UTC+1 No.34391306 Report

This, if everybody's enjoying themselves then you're doing it right.

You really don't have to prepare hardly anything for a game if you don't want to, and retcons are only annoying if somebody cares.
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