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Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)10:25 UTC+1 No.32728383 Report

The Newcron codex is pretty much ''Codex : Sautekh Dynasty''. So If the Necron update finally comes along, what dynasty/faction of the Necrons would you like to receive some focus and love?

Also Necrontyr general.
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)10:26 UTC+1 No.32728395 Report

The Oldcron Dynasty.
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)10:27 UTC+1 No.32728402 Report

I don't think any of us feel attached to any particular dynasty quite as we do to chapters, legions, clans and craftworlds
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)10:28 UTC+1 No.32728404 Report

Then a vote for the Sarkoni Emperor and his Severed Necrons.

Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)10:30 UTC+1 No.32728433 Report

Attachment comes later, all you have to do is pick the Dynasty or faction you find most interesting at the moment.
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)10:32 UTC+1 No.32728455 Report

No, I'm still mad about the changes in fluff.

If any, then: >>32728404
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)10:38 UTC+1 No.32728511 Report

Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)10:41 UTC+1 No.32728538 Report

Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)10:42 UTC+1 No.32728544 Report

Atun Dynasty sounds cool. Imagine the arrogance of a Phaeron whose holdings include their ancient homeworld.
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)11:18 UTC+1 No.32728904 Report

>Imotekh’s steady march across the galactic plane wove its course even now, out in the depthless tracts of interstellar space where necron tomb ships and harvester cruisers travelled at near-light velocities. The Royarch’s grand schema, embedded in the mindframes of every necron in his service from warlord to drone, was to reunite the scattered, sleeping remnants of their species under his sigil. They had come to the Kavir system in search of the Obsidian Moon, and the Dolmen Gate that lay hidden beneath its surface. The Atun, the dynasty that had built it, was weak and scattered, and the Sautekh had claimed it for themselves.

They are on Imotekh's target list. They will bend the knee or he'll destroy them.
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)11:43 UTC+1 No.32729185 Report


The one led by the motherfucking Pirate
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)11:51 UTC+1 No.32729242 Report

> Literally 3 years later
> Still mad
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)11:52 UTC+1 No.32729247 Report

Sarnekh Dynasty, it is arrrr.
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)12:02 UTC+1 No.32729349 Report

>Message reads:
>Ignoble scion of a forgotten dynasty, your awakening disturbs the quiet of space, that stillness to which the necrontyr aspire. Your world will be calmed, your minds quieted, your bodies restored to order. The Tesseract Vault and its transcendent shard shall return to Sarkon, that the c’tan may again purge the stars of disquiet. As it was after the Wars of Secession, so it shall again be. Thus decrees the Emperor of the Severed.
>Message ends.

-Cold Steel

It's speculated that the Sarkoni Emperor is an ally or servant of the C'tan. The wording of his message says that he wants the C'tan to once again purge the galaxy of noise and also he voices his desire for a return to the period after the Wars of Secession. If he is referring to the second Wars of Secession, then he wishes for the return of the C'tan overlords.

Oldcrons might...be canon?
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)12:19 UTC+1 No.32729555 Report

>The Suhbekhar Dynasty gets featured in the new codex
>This guy (picture related) becomes part of the mainstream fluff
>mfw all those Eldar tears

It shall be glorious.
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)18:17 UTC+1 No.32733552 Report

House Atun is a good choice I guess.
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)18:22 UTC+1 No.32733625 Report

Dude will have to be a lord of war to make it work.
Anonymous 06/12/14(Thu)20:17 UTC+1 No.32735231 Report

I'm quite a fan of DIY dynasties. Because, honestly, the rulebook dynasties aren't all that.

I do have a thing for the motherfucking pirate though. Wish his name were Harkon.
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