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Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)10:21 UTC+1 No.34248221 Report

This was Nine Inch Nail's only good album. And I can't really even say album because it only has 7 tracks on it. Pretty Hate Machine is good, but is not a completely perfect album. Many of its songs suck. The Downward Spiral was alright, it had a few good tracks but honestly only Closer and March of the Pigs are good. The Fragile is shit and With Teeth is alright.

Why is NIN so highly revered? I asked /mu/ but they just called me a pleb and I heard you guys discuss anything so I wanted to try my luck.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)10:24 UTC+1 No.34248253 Report

It was highly influential. Had a big impact on electronic/industrial music of the era. Trent Reznor is the reason a lot of that music exists. Remember the 90s were all about angst and he had that in spades.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)10:27 UTC+1 No.34248279 Report

>go to a planetarium
>see a show about space and shit
>it's cool
>"stay around for a nine inch nails light show!"
>o... okay...
Not my kind of music anyway, but that was cool.
Traditional games.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)10:33 UTC+1 No.34248329 Report

Only nin song i like was the Johnny cash cover.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)10:33 UTC+1 No.34248330 Report

This is a largely stupid debate (like much of /mu/'s posts) as it has everything to do with personal opinion.

I for one can't disagree with you more on Broken being his best release. TDS and The Fragile are some seriously good concept albums focusing on mental health and such from a first person perspective.

Trent's work overall is pretty much what >>34248253 said. It's highly influential and pretty much helped establish the 90's angst industrial/electronic scene.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)10:37 UTC+1 No.34248364 Report

>the 90s were all about angst
I hope you're only talking about '90s music, chummer.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)10:38 UTC+1 No.34248369 Report

>I was only pretending to be retarded!

It's all a matter of personal taste, but at the very least you have to recognize their influence on music as a whole.

Edition wars. Bitching about dms.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)10:39 UTC+1 No.34248379 Report

Premillenial tension was the whole thing. I don't see how Space Jam proves otherwise. How about Seven, by way of contrast?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)10:41 UTC+1 No.34248396 Report

Because Space Jam was the furthest thing from angsty. It was fun, entertaining, and merchandising ramped up to eleven. Also, pic related for Western audiences. Not everything '90s was dark and broody.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)10:44 UTC+1 No.34248421 Report

>Not everything '90s was dark and broody.
Well no because it would be a rampart generalization to suggest that. But if you're saying the prevailing mood did not tend towards doubt and nihilism then that's nonsense. They had comedy movies during WW2 as well. The 90s was the age of the anti-hero, conspiracy, doubt, and a lot of movies were everything rained all the time.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)10:52 UTC+1 No.34248496 Report

>he 90s was the age of the anti-hero, conspiracy, doubt, and a lot of movies were everything rained all the time.
And they ruined entertainment for years afterwards since the nostalgiafags from back then never grew out of it

Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)10:52 UTC+1 No.34248506 Report

Apart from Johnny on his death bed, who and what did trent and co influence?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)10:56 UTC+1 No.34248550 Report

>realistic supers is "ruining entertainment"
Go read Ultimate Spider-Man and say that again. Faggot.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)11:00 UTC+1 No.34248582 Report

Point. I suppose it's nostalgia on my part, since most of my memories of the '90s were of more upbeat things--the Simpsons, modern Star Trek, Saturday Night Live, Jurassic Park, the craze surrounding countless technological gadgets, etcetera. I guess I never really experienced much of the pessimism so prevalent in the West and the former Soviet bloc.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)11:10 UTC+1 No.34248671 Report

Everyone getting Mobile phones, general self interest, yugoslavia, cormmercialism, nobody giving a fuck about bric, complete western dominance and no worries for 10 years between the Fall of the soviets and wtc bombing and the war on terror, EXTREME, quilted jackets, plateau shoes, exposed bellies with piercings and the last couple of 80s action movies being made in 1990.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)11:39 UTC+1 No.34248954 Report

The 90's were cool
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)13:59 UTC+1 No.34250234 Report

Capeshit is still shit.
Nothing can change that.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)14:04 UTC+1 No.34250273 Report

>Why is NIN so highly revered?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)14:32 UTC+1 No.34250498 Report

/mu/ on my /tg/? Aight.

What does /tg/ like to listen to?
Here, have some Ceephax:
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