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Anonymous 05/26/14(Mon)00:24 UTC+1 No.32358649 Report

What does /tg/ think about dungeon world? I was thinking about using it to introduce my group (who normally does sci-fi/modern stuff) to old school fantasy rpgs. Skimming it makes it seem a bit inflexible without some homebrewing, but that was just from skimming.
Anonymous 05/26/14(Mon)00:26 UTC+1 No.32358693 Report

Did you only look at the pictures?
OP 05/26/14(Mon)00:32 UTC+1 No.32358806 Report

Let me word that better. It seems like many of the choices for character development and such are made for you. Like the whole level 11 = character retirement or something akin to it, etc. I get that the system itself is flexible, but it seems like a number of the rules seem a tad limited.

That said, I did only skim it, and I may be completely wrong, hence my asking for opinions. I have no knowledge of it save what was on 1d4chan and my own skimming.
OP 05/26/14(Mon)00:33 UTC+1 No.32358829 Report

>seem a tad limited.
I meant seem a tad limiting.
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