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Anybody know where I can get...
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)14:58 UTC+1 No.4241300 Report

Anybody know where I can get the Tasty Peach Studios Lavender Meowchi, Lavender Zombie Alpaca, Albino Zombie Alpaca, and the Black Zombie Alpaca? They were all limited editions and I couldn't find any on eBay.
Anonymous 06/21/14(Sat)15:02 UTC+1 No.4241303 Report

Odds are this thread won't last long OP, I've seen more than a couple of threads like this removed because it's not actually a "toy".

I would help but I didn't even know about those Alpaca, sorry.
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)03:39 UTC+1 No.4246110 Report

I know nothing about your subject, and I'm sorry no one else replied. Despite /toy/ being a slow board, you probably aren't going to check back after all this time.

Always check completed eBay auctions. It looks like this line doesn't even sell the non-limited editions on eBay, but that black zombie alpaca sold for $30 a while back. Might as well add a eBay search alert that emails you just in case something turns up.
I guess you should look elsewhere though. Try a forum more in line with plushie collecting perhaps.
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)21:50 UTC+1 No.4247458 Report

These are in demand and are pretty rare to find now. The best bet for you is to wait on ebay for one to show up. They do turn up every once and awhile, but you might be waiting a bit.
Kyoryu Rainbow 06/24/14(Tue)22:00 UTC+1 No.4247475 Report
File: SANY4979.jpg-(125x93)
>>4241300Holy shit I...
Holy shit I need this. I love Alpassco and Morreco's Alpaca's plush's and didn't even know of this.
Tasty Peach Studio's is the maker? Try seeing if they have an official store?
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