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I went to /pol/ and someone...
OP 07/12/14(Sat)13:17 UTC+1 No.4281807 Report

I went to /pol/ and someone said I should ask /g/ because its a tech based question. I went to /g/ and they said I should ask /biz/ because its to do with money, but /biz/ recommended I go to /int/ and the /int/ said and I quote, "why the fuck would we know?" and told me to go to /trv/. Although those guys were helpful it was mention that as /mlp/ actually use bitcoin they would more info, they however said to ask /a/ and /jp/ as they have more experience in bitcoin use. On /jp/ somebody said and i quote "go ask /v/, they seem to respond better to off topic things than they do video games." from here I went to /d/ on /v/s advice but /d/ said that /hm/ is quite an intelligent bored and to ask them. I asked and they said toy would know more. i'm an occasional fan so i hope you guys help me. My question goes...

Bitcoin is slowly becoming used through out the world, and more and more popular, see related pic.
Once governments start to regulate and tax it and they will see related article.(http://www.smh.com.au/business/banking-and-finance/calls-on-the-government-to-regulate-bitcoins-20140710-zt221.html)

Will Bitcoin then eventually become a world currency, thus then bringing us one step closer to a one world government?

Another question I have is could you create a currency to be a rival with Bitcoin and to compete with Bitcoin?
Would we have a privatized currency that is free from outside control?
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)13:24 UTC+1 No.4281811 Report

Ask /x/ they're into one world governments
OP 07/12/14(Sat)13:44 UTC+1 No.4281821 Report

>Ask /x/
already have thanks anyway
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)13:45 UTC+1 No.4281824 Report

>Will Bitcoin then eventually become a world currency
Not until I can buy toys with it.
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)13:54 UTC+1 No.4281830 Report

Bitcoin: the only currency backed by comedy gold

Bitcoin will never become a widely accepted currency. There are so many problems at every single level that it can't.
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)13:59 UTC+1 No.4281832 Report

It fluctuates too much and to be honest, I wouldn't risk using something like it at this point. Rather stay safe with the current currency in my country.
Anonymous 07/12/14(Sat)14:01 UTC+1 No.4281835 Report

No, but republic credits will unite us.
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