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New to Customizing Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)01:36 UTC+1 No.4346256 Report

Recently I was shipped a revoltech with a missing hair piece, rather than return it I've decided to customize it and make a different hair style for the figure entirely. A week or two ago I saw a thread with an anon customizing a nendo and they were baking a skirt. Would it be better to go along those lines and bake something entirely new or should I use apoxie clay to add onto a pre-existing piece and make something new that way?

The figure in question is a Sigui 2P I wanted to use your head swapping, I figure I can use the hole in the back of her head that connects to the hat piece to make a ponytail out of the only side extension for her hair they gave me. I also want to make the glasses she has removable but that looks like a pretty easy fix.
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