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Tamashii Nations Event? Anonymous 07/13/14(Sun)02:19 UTC+1 No.4282763 Report

I know we got WF summer coming up at the end of the month but, is Bandai also putting on a show this month or next maybe?
Anonymous 07/13/14(Sun)02:37 UTC+1 No.4282784 Report

Tamashii Nations's big event is usually sometime in the fall. Everything else is either SDCC or an event that doesn't really follow a set schedule for the year.
Anonymous 07/13/14(Sun)02:40 UTC+1 No.4282789 Report

Their "Summer" event was two months ago.

WF last winter was their biggest showing yet there though, so maybe they'll do more this time as well.
Anonymous 07/13/14(Sun)03:20 UTC+1 No.4282839 Report

San diego comic con and then new york comic con followed by tamashii nation in nov
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)12:04 UTC+1 No.4285074 Report

They're showings at US events tend to be pretty poor. Expect the same old Sailor Moon and MMPR displays, maybe some Godzilla. I'd be shocked if there's anything new.

WonFes is the big one where we're likely to see new stuff, although probably with more of a focus on their anime stuff like Precure. Kamen Rider had a good showing there last year thanks to Gaim though and if we're getting any ToQGer releases anytime soon, it'll probably be announced there.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)17:17 UTC+1 No.4285451 Report

Sentai isn't good enough to be shown outside it's regular events.

I wouldn't they're poor either because we get DBZ news first and even got news of Zyuranger there first. With that post of a Goldar cosplay on Bluefin's fb, we might be seeing Grifforzer for the first time too Then there's Luigi granted we saw that tiny teaser. Injustice Insurgency Batman too. Daft Punk was also set to appear there first but plans changed.

SDCC gets new announcements for being one of if not the biggest US conventions. Just doesn't get them at the rate of the actual Tamashii Nations event in november, for obvious reasons.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)03:52 UTC+1 No.4286448 Report

Wonderfest and Comic-Con are on the same weekend this year so I actually expect quite a few reveals across both shows, or at least some updates on the existing prototypes that we know exist.

Speaking of which, I hope to see if Bandai actually moves ahead with working on some of these properties they had listed on their premium survey.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)15:10 UTC+1 No.4287119 Report

When did they open this survey? I tried googling to look for this survey but didn't find it, mind posting the link? I wanna vote for Card Captor Sakura or Akazukin Chacha.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)16:10 UTC+1 No.4287181 Report

how are their showings pretty poor

Every year they've announced new properties, like last year Batman Injustice, the Alien/Predator, the other Power Ranger figuarts, etc.
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)04:34 UTC+1 No.4288431 Report

It's the feedback survey for the Cure Heart Figuarts. Usually the japanese releases have these with a URL in the instructions but not all of them specify characters and franchises like this one.

The survey's here if you want to give it a shot.
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)04:47 UTC+1 No.4288454 Report

You know, I'm wondering. They are asking about CCS, Idolmaster, Strike Witches and the like. Isn't GSC doing those? I voted for them all anyway. How can the Precures, DBZ and Sailor Senshi have such good faces when people like Naruto and Luffy have terrible ones?

Wish Queen's Blade was on the list. They wouldn't be cast off but it would be something.
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)04:51 UTC+1 No.4288463 Report


>Risty Figuarts

She deserves something articulated like I deserve a kick in the balls from her..

Why you hate her Japan, afraid of a strong super bandit who don't need no M mode?
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)04:56 UTC+1 No.4288469 Report

Bandai has been doing Strike Witches AGP for a while and they have also sold Idolm@ster statues before. I imagine the license isn't locked down to any one company even though Bamco owns the IM@S license.

> How can the Precures, DBZ and Sailor Senshi have such good faces when people like Naruto and Luffy have terrible ones?
Because those fans actually want articulated figures over statues?
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)05:00 UTC+1 No.4288477 Report

The thing about Strike Witches is that neither GSC or the AGP line have put out more than 4. Shit is frustrating
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)18:46 UTC+1 No.4291297 Report

Thanks for posting the survey link.

If Max Factory won't give me a Card Captor Sakura Figma, I'll just hope Bandai release one.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)18:54 UTC+1 No.4291313 Report

>Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte
All my cum! I mean my money.
Anonymous 07/20/14(Sun)11:00 UTC+1 No.4296315 Report

Did the PC figuarts sell well enough for Bandai to consider more magical girl type figures?
Anonymous 07/20/14(Sun)13:01 UTC+1 No.4296422 Report

They've been doing Precure Figuarts for years, almost as long as the Kamen Rider ones. We don't have sales data for any SHF stuff (despite what certain people keep claiming) but they've done pretty much every Precure season and they always get full team releases, so they must be doing well enough.

They own Precure though, so it's not a very good indication of whether or not they're likely to do other magical girl properties.
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